Akira Takayanagi (Espada)

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Akira Takayanagi (Espada)

Post by Hiko Seijuro on Sat May 02, 2009 2:15 pm


Character Name: Akira Takayanagi

Age: Visual Age: 19 Actual Age: 6907

Gender: Male

Number: 2nd Espada


Personality: Akira is an ageless soul, and his personality reflects the passive and observant nature that he assumed through all his time of existence. He has lost his sense of purpose somewhat, and instead walks a path of neutrality and disinterest. He is very calm and collected in every matter, and his entire purpose is to achieve more power.


Name: Lycannus

Chant: Annihilate

Element: Darkness

Description: Akira extends his blade forward facing down towards the Earth and states his release call "Annihilate" while dropping his blade into his shadow. A black reiatsu would then explode from the shadow enveloping him within, then dispersing and revealing his released form. In his released state, Akira's strength and speed increases dramatically. His abilities are all enhanced in potency, and his reflexes are heightened further. Akira's senses are also heightened in his released state, especially his hearing and sense of smell. While released his body creates a toxin which can be released from his claws, or as a poisonous cloud from his mouth. Due to the toxins in his body Akira has an incredibly high tolerance to other poisons entering his body as his immune system is almost entirely comprised of a deadly poison. Akira can produce an antibody for his toxin through his blood, allowing others to sustain his poisonous cloud for a time, although extended exposures even after having the antibody given could still result in serious injuries.


Name: Cero
State: Both
Description: Cero is a form of attack used by Menos, Arrancar and Vizard's. It consists of firing a blast of concentrated spirit energy at the target. While in most cases it is fired from the mouth, some Arrancar and Vizard are capable of firing Cero from their hands, fingers and other parts of their bodies.

Name: Pesquisa
State: Both
Description: the Arrancar equivalent of the Shinigami ability to sense Spiritual Pressure. It functions similar to sonar. Akira has developed the ability to smell reiatsu and approximate it’s location and relative level of power. The memory of his scent is great enough that subsequent detections can be identified as certain individuals he has encountered before.

Name: Hierro
State: Both
Description: The hardened skin of the Arrancar, which is a result of their compressed spiritual power. While their skin is strong enough to block even released Zanpakutō bare-handed, it is by no means impenetrable. Stronger Arrancar have proportionally stronger skin.

Name: Caja Negación
State: Both
Description: Used to punish Arrancar subordinates by trapping them eternally in an alternate dimension. However, should the Caja Negación be used on an Espada, the Espada will eventually break out of the alternate dimension (usually within a few hours), due to their large amount of Reiatsu.

Name: Bala
State: Both
Description: Bala is an Arrancar technique that hardens the user's reiatsu, and releases it from their hand like a powerful bullet. This technique is not as powerful as a Cero, but is about 20 times faster. Its power also varies with the Arrancar and Espada. The more powerful the Arrancar, the more enhanced Bala becomes.

Name: Sonido
State: Both
Description: Sonido is a technique used by Arrancar which lets them move at extreme speeds, thus being similar to the form of Hohō (or flash steps as they are called in the English Dub) which only Shinigami can use. While somewhat similar to Hohō, Sonido seems more instinctual than Hohō, requiring no previous knowledge to perform.

Name: Garganta
State: Both
Description: Garganta is how Arrancar move to and from Hueco Mundo. It literally tears open the dimensional fabric separating the worlds, revealing a tunnel of whirling, torrential energy that must be focused and solidified to create a discernible pathway.

Name: Gran Rey Cero
Type: Both
Description: Gran Rey Cero is an Espada-exclusive Cero. It is performed by mixing an Arrancar's own blood with the Cero. The result is a Cero with a much greater attack power and speed as well as a change of color unique to the Espada. It is also many times more powerful than a normal Cero, capable of disturbing the fabric of space, it also seems to spin like a razor upon release as compress and decompress due to the sheer speed and raw power. It is a drastically potent Cero, used only by the Espada themselves.

Name: Cero Oscuras
Type: Released
Description: Cero Oscuras is a black Cero, used only by an Espada in their released form. So far, Ulquiorra Cifer is the only Arrancar to utilize this attack. He compares it to Ichigo's black Getsuga Tenshō. It covers any exposed light into pitch darkness. Though the only Espada shown to utilize this technique so far, Ulquiorra told Ichigo "This is an Espada's fully powered Black Cero." This likely means that, similar to Gran Ray Cero, Cero Oscuras is an Espada specific attack. However because only Gran Rey Cero coupled with any Espada above Cuatro releasing their power are forbidden under Las Noches.

Name: Shinsoku (God Speed)
Type: Passive
Description: This applies to Akira’s abilities as a swordsman, particularly his ability to call upon godlike speed when utilizing techniques with his Zanpakuto. His reflexes and dexterity with his sword are impeccable.

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Re: Akira Takayanagi (Espada)

Post by Hiko Seijuro on Sat May 02, 2009 2:17 pm

History/Background: Human Arc – Akira Takayanagi was born in the Kyoto area hundreds of years ago when the Takayanagi Clan was a well respected clan of swordsmen and samurai. The exact year of his birth is unknown, but he is an ancient soul. As a child he began learning the art of the sword, considered a prodigy among the family and throughout the area. He won every tournament and contest that he entered, and although his skill was great his attitude caused many of his peers to despise him. Akira was a prideful individual, the eldest son of the 3rd house of the Takayanagi Clan, his father the 13th Grandmaster of the Takayanagi Style of swordsmanship. Akira’s younger brother Suzaku was extremely jealous of Akira, wanting to take control of the Takayanagi after their father passed away. Akira was nearing his 18th birthday, and his initiation into the family hierarchy. On the day of his 18th birthday, his brother lured him into a trap set by him and a few spiteful individuals whom Akira had embarrassed. Akira was caught off guard and was killed, his promising future cut short by jealousy and rage. He began to wander as a soul, confused and extremely disappointed in his own brother’s betrayal. He remained this way until a Hollow devoured him, causing him to become a Hollow as well, his sorrow too great to allow him to continue to live as he was.

Hollow Arc- Akira was extremely sorrowful and resentful of his brother for ending his life so prematurely, and as a Hollow he became increasingly violent. He roamed the streets of Kyoto and the surrounding provinces for years devouring the souls of anyone he could find. He devoured Human and Shinigami souls alike, growing quickly into a Strong Hollow. As a Strong Hollow, Akira was now driven even more by his hunger for souls, the desire to feast often clouding his intelligent mind and causing a bloodlust and rage which would last for weeks on end until satisfied. He began to lose his taste for Human souls and began to feed exclusively on Shinigami that strayed into his territory. He also began to feed on other Hollows weaker than himself, and as a group of Hollows he was around began to consume one another, they melded into a giant Hollow known as a Menos Grande. Akira lost his sense of self for a while, but shortly overpowered the other Hollows who made up the Menos and ascended to Gillian class.

Gillian Arc – After Akira regained his intelligence and control over his own body, he began feeding on Strong Hollows and even other Menos Grande, feeling that Human souls didn’t cure his appetite. He continually roamed the sands of Hueco Mundo in search of stronger Hollows to devour, coming to a point where he fed exclusively on other Menos Grande and Gillian class. Akira had to continue to devour other Hollows, if he fought the urge he would surely allow his body to be taken over and his conscious intelligence to regress into the multitude within the Gillian form. Akira followed an Adjuchas class Menos while he was a Gillian, the difference in power caused him to gravitate to the serpent-like Hollow. He deceived many Gillians as Akira watched on, devouring them to satisfy his own hunger. As Akira grew closer to the one he followed in power, he too transformed into an Adjuchas class Hollow. As the transformation occurred, he was enveloped in a flame so hot that it was black in color. When he began to emerge from the flames, his eyes were a bright violet and he took the form of a Panther with jet-black fur.

Adjuchas Arc - Akira was now one of the most powerful Hollows in the area of Hueco Mundo in which he resided. Known in the Human world as well as Hueco Mundo as a Phantom, he began to strike fear into whoever he came across. He continued to hunt and work with the Adjuchas he had once followed as a Gillian, now sharing command of the small group he was once an underling in. They feasted where and when they pleased, with nothing opposing their power or will. Although Akira continued to follow the serpent-like Hollow, he couldn’t help but wonder what another Adjuchas class tasted like. The question was consuming his thoughts of late and one day he acted upon those thoughts attacking the other Adjuchas. It was a hard fought battle but in the end Akira defeated and consumed him. The satisfaction that an Adjuchas offered caused Akira to seek out other Adjuchas and devour them as well, sparking another transformation after a short while had passed. Black flames surrounded Akira once more and extended extremely high into the skies over Hueco Mundo, a spectacle for all Hollows in the vacinity to witness. It wasn’t often that a new Lorde was born.

Vasto Lorde Arc – Akira returned to somewhat of a Human size and frame of body, retaining the violet eyes that he had gained through the Adjuchas transformation. His power had increased exponentially from when he was an Adjuchas, the two powers comparable to the difference between the strength of a baby kitten and a fully matured Lion. Although he still fed on other Hollows, the frequency had slowed somewhat and he only devoured Adjuchas class. He began to wander deeper into Hueco Mundo, eventually coming to a large palace that he had never seen or heard of before. He decided to enter, and drove the other weaker Hollows away from the place. As he walked into a large chamber, something drew him up a large staircase to a throne. Once he had reached the top of the throne he sat upon it and looked out across the room, suddenly feeling a strange shock to his body.

Rebirth Arc – Akira felt a stone of medium size begin to dig into his back and interfere with the flow of reishi within his body. It was as if the very makeup and nature of his reiatsu was being changed, and he was indeed changing. He stood slowly, almost forcefully, to his feet and began to howl as he felt wave after wave of energy radiate from the stone into his body. As more of the stones energy was released, Akira felt more and more of his energy begin to change. His howls were bloodcurdling and piercing to the ear of any within a mile of the palace, and his form began to change yet again. He felt his mask begin to regress until it was nothing but a band across his forehead with a diamond extending in the middle. He regained his Human form, and went in search of clothes as the stone ceased to radiate energy, his transformation now complete. He had forgotten what it was like to need clothes, not having worn them in centuries. He carried the stone with him and wandered around the palace, coming to a room that looked to be a library, filled with historical records and luckily an outfit consisting of a white robe, black sash, and white Hakama. He found out that the stone he now held in his hand was called the Hougyoku, which has the power to erase the boundary between Hollow and Shinigami allowing for powers to exceed the limit set by nature. He also found out that what he had become was called an Arrancar, and that there were once legendary Arrancar known as Espada. These Espada were comprised of the ten strongest Arrancar in existence and were feared by Hollow and Shinigami alike for their raw power. Akira then set out to find others like himself and begin his journey towards power.

Role play Sample: (This is basically the last post I made on the old site but I guess it will work…I just wrote the entire history in one sitting off the top of my head so I’m kinda dead when it comes to creative juices at the moment. If I absolutely need to write a new RP just for this I guess I can replace it later..)

Kei stepped through the portal that he had created to Hueco Mundo, having studied Hollows for quite some time and being himself part Hollow it was no large task to imitate their method of travel to this place. He stepped onto the seemingly pure white sand of an endless desert, no visible tracks of any kind whatsoever disturbed the sand. He had been to this place before, many years ago during a war long since forgotten by most. His stride was confident yet he kept his presence to himself for the time being. He continued in a single direction for what seemed an eternity before coming to the place he had intended. Many years ago when he had come to the great white desert of Hueco Mundo he erected a structure with his comrades, which served as their base of operations during the conflict. The palace was still there; in fact it had never been damage in the battles that ensued, Kei having issued orders to never engage an enemy within the proximity. As he approached the large row of pillars that marked the path to the gate, he noted that the sand had shifted slightly as the pillars were now blocked from view by the surrounding dunes. He stopped short of the massive front gate and entrance, sensing and seeing a congregation of Hollows wandering the grounds. His vision scanned the area from left to right as he observed their appearance and gauged their general level of power, noting two powers that he could not see coming from inside the palace. As he stepped forward towards the Hollows they all spotted him and began walking towards him with hunger in their eyes, the prospect of a fresh meal was too enticing to pass up.

"If you would kindly step aside, I’m here to reclaim what is rightfully mine." Kei spoke in an authoritative and stern voice, quite contrary to his normally calm and uninterested tone. The Hollows continued to approach him as he stopped abruptly, placing his hands deep into the pockets of his overcoat and sighing.

"Still as unintelligent as before I see, so be it. If you will not step aside then I will be forced to move you." Kei spoke with a distinct sound of annoyance on his voice as the Hollows continued to press forward.

Kei turned his head towards the sky and exhaled, then bringing his gaze down to meet that of the horde of Hollows which was coming in his direction. He began to slowly release excess reishi that would build up in him; the spiritual pressure seemed to seep from every pore in his body. He then released a mere fraction of his power, which was enough to cause the weak group of Hollows to flee in terror. As he stepped through the doors to the palace, he noticed a Hollow that seemed to be of Adjuchas class sitting on the throne atop the large staircase. At his side was another Adjuchas class which was certainly weaker than the first.

"Excuse me, what exactly do you think you are doing here?" The Adjuchas on the throne asked as he tilted his head to the side.

Kei simply stared up at the Adjuchas and released a great deal more of his power than he had before, causing the weaker of the Adjuchas to fall to his knees, the other feeling visible discomfort. His presence alone was enough to cause discomfort in these Hollows, and he figured they were not of the same league as the ones he had fought before. He then allowed even more of his reishi to spill out, still not even half of his potential due to the seal he had placed on himself.

"What....what are you?!?" The Adjuchas said as he fled down the stairs and out the door of the palace, his lackey close behind. Kei slowly ascended the staircase to the throne and sat lazily in it looking out across the grand hall that led to it sighing once more.

"It's good to be home."
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