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The Beginning of the End...

It has been hundreds of years since the war of the worlds has come to an end, Aizen has been imprisoned in a unique seal and is under watchful eye. The hero of Gotei; Ichigo, has retired from his duties and has returned to being a typical human, albeit one that seems to defy time.. The Espada were reduced to nothing, and the Shinigami began to repopulate their ranks. During the final battle, Ichigo struck a crushing blow to Aizen, that of which not even the Hougyoku could withstand. The result of this attack caused the Hougyoku, the worlds' most powerful artifact, to shatter into 12 pieces which scattered across the human world. The winter battle had cataclysmic effects on the world, tsunamis, tornadoes, earthquakes, and other natural disasters shook the face of the Earth for weeks after the war had ended. In some areas, entire cities were reduced to nothing. This sudden chain of events caused certain races that had been thought to be extinct to come out of hiding. Quincy, Bount, and Vaizards alike began to surface around the world. Among this destruction, a new organization was given birth. With their intentions shrouded in mystery, the Arrancar begin to stir and new Espada rise up. The Gotei militarizes their ranks to prepare for large scale conflict once again. What lies in store for these three factions? You decide.
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