Kurohime Kurai, The Fiery Espada (Finished)

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Kurohime Kurai, The Fiery Espada (Finished) Empty Kurohime Kurai, The Fiery Espada (Finished)

Post by Kurai on Fri Nov 09, 2012 3:02 am

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Kurohime Kurai

Kurry, Red


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Kurohime Kurai, The Fiery Espada (Finished) Evilish_kurai_by_kurohimekurai-d5mcyoy

Kurai wears her ebony hair long and flowing, not wishing to tie it up out of her face. Her crimson eyes almost glow against her pale grey flesh. To the left of her hollow hole, which is located on her neck directly below her chin, is the tattooed number six, ranking her as the Sexta Espada. She stands at a height of five feet and eight inches, making her somewhat average in height. Her upper attire consists of a dark cloth that wraps around her upper torso with a hooded jacket, fur rimming the hood. Her lower attire is like that of normal regulations for that of arrancar attire. Her mask fragment can be found on the right side of her face, below her eye. It is the upper jaw of a carnivorous animal.

Kurai is a very bubbly girl, always happy and joking. She doesn’t like to start conflicts with others and does her best to avoid fights that could end up with her blood being shed. However, if she is hungry enough, she will use any means necessary to sate her hunger. She also tends to be lazy, only acting if something will turn out to her benefit. When angered enough, Kurai can be known to act irrationally. When she is forced to fight, Kurai will try her best to talk her way out of things, but when that fails she will fight literally tooth and nail to survive.

Fire, Wolves, Dragons, UNICORNS!, Food, Sleep, and Inniúila(BFF).

People who judge by appearances, fighting unnecessary battles, being awake, feeling hungry, spiders, unnecessary baths(like getting thrown into a swimming pool/lake/body of water), and those that disrespect Inniúila.

Special Characteristics:
Drawing – Kurai has always loved to draw things she thinks is beautiful. This has allowed for her to appreciate even the small things in life.



She was born into a normal family, one that had to work hard to gain a living. Her mother and father always expected the best of their daughters, pushing them to fight just as hard to become successful in life. Kurai didn’t care about what her parents wanted for her or her twin. In fact, she didn’t care at all for them. Her sister was too kind and cheery, too popular and well liked, too different from her own twin even though they shared the same face. Kurai had to suffer through school, while Suki breezed through it.
Kurai hated school. She hated the teachers, the students, the classrooms, everything, minus the one place she could escape, the art room. The art room helped the reclusive girl escape all the drama of being a teen and allowed Kurai to release all the trapped emotions she had hidden away. The pieces of art she had created were one of the rare things that could make her smile.
Her haven was soon destroyed when, what she dubbed, “the day of evil” occurred. A group of classmates had found Kurai alone in the art room, throwing insults and derogatory words at the girl and her unusual self. At first, Kurai did what she did best; ignore the group of boys, but that strategy proved futile when one of the boys had taken one of her newly created art work. Her pale blue eyes locked onto the one who held her precious art, willing him to put it back. Instead, the group of boys sneered and goaded the one with her art, he in turn tearing the paper in half. Kurai’s last nerve snapped as she threw herself at the group, her hands curled into fists. Her first strike had landed on the ring leader of boys, hitting him square in the jaw, as did her second, this punch making contact with the kid’s forehead, before she was yanked up and held back by the three cohorts.
Before any harm could be done to her person, a teacher had happened upon the scene, startled by the sudden, bloody screams. All five were sent to the director to receive punishment, Kurai receiving the highest by being expelled. Once expelled, Kurai’s parents had taken to home-schooling their daughter, leaving Suki in public schooling. Because of being home-schooled, Kurai had more opportunities to go off into the neighborhood and explore the local park. It was on one such day that she had lived her last day as a human.
It was like any other sunny day as Kurai wandered the green fields in the park just a little while from her home. The warmth on her pale skin felt wonderful on her skin, like that of a small campfire warming one’s body to keep the nightly chill at bay. But alas, Kurai’s day was, figuratively, just turning to dusk.
The girl wandered into an area that was thick with trees, making her feel as if she were in her own world, when her reverie was rudely interrupted. The same group of boys that had gotten her expelled appeared from nowhere, every route of escape cut off from her as they surrounded her. Instead of anger, which filled her heart at their first encounter, Kurai stood frozen to her spot in fear. There was no way she would be able to get out of this without being scarred in some manner. Kurai had submitted to her fate, closing her eyes, when she heard the frantic, dying screams of the boys.
When she opened her eyes she was faced with the gruesome scene of each boy torn to shreds, their forms almost unidentifiable. Not thinking about anything more, Kurai bolted through the trees in hopes to make it out of that place, but to no avail. Something slammed into the girl, throwing her off her feet as she hit the nearest tree hard, her vision blurring before going black.
When she had regained consciousness, Kurai found herself propped up against a tree. She tried to get up when the sound of metal clinking against metal caught her attention. Connected to the girl’s chest was a chain and at the end of the chain was the tree she was leaning against. Before she could go into a panic attack, the girl heard her name called out, lights flickering between the trunks of trees. Her sister and father broke out of the darkness, continuing to call out for Kurai, Kurai yelling out to them in response. To her dismay, the two continued their search as if they couldn’t hear the one they were searching for, leaving the scared girl alone once again in the dark.
No matter how hard she tried to go after her family, Kurai could not go no further than a few feet from the tree she was fastened to. Hate soon began to fester in her heart, hate towards the boys, the school, and most of all, her family, for not stopping to help her escape her imprisonment in the dark forest. The hate she held in her heart had started to leave a hole, it even becoming visible on her person as she waited every day and night for someone to help her from the torture of being alone.
Her release from her loneliness never came; however, her release of being stuck to the tree had come. The hole in her chest, in the final steps of decay, had finally dissolved, opening the door to Kurai’s new life. The anger that she held close had engulfed the girl, a flame-like aura spreading over her body as she transformed to fit her hate. What stood in her place was a monster, a white, reptilian-like mask covering its face, crimson eyes glowing ominously as it stretched out its grey, bat-like wings. Never before had she felt so empowered.
The hunger ripped through her violently, pushing her on the move to find a meal that would satisfy the gnawing pain in her belly. She soon found herself outside her home, her parents and sibling seemingly living like Kurai had never existed. It was then that Kurai knew what she wanted to feast upon.
The hollow waited days, weeks, for the right time to strike out against her prey. When the time was right, she struck fast, playing with her prey to just to feed off the fear. Her sister was a wonderful first kill. Unfortunately, Kurai was unable to finish off the rest of her family, due to, something that Kurai came to know as, shinigami finding out about the terror of hollows in the area. With the fear of shinigami new on her mind, the hollow had soon found her way to a new realm of sand and darkness.
Here Kurai spent months searching for more prey to sate the unending hunger that ravaged her belly, but food was scarce. It wouldn’t be long until the hollow had come upon an entrance leading to the Menos Forest. The deathly screams of the giant hollows in the forest had Kurai keeping her distance from them, she worrying about her own life than trying to sate her hunger. Instead she had happened upon a group of lesser hollows like herself.
She fought, using tooth, claws, and tail to maim and destroy her enemies. Several years of this had gone by until, finally, Kurai had felt her form start to shift, as well as the other hollows surrounding her did. Because Kurai had kept most of her intelligence and all of her hatred, her spirit had allowed her to become the dominate thought pattern in the new form of that of a Menos, her bloodlust continuing on to help her towards an even stronger evolution.
Another few months had finally bared the fruits of her labor, her body shedding the gigantic frame of a Menos and gifting her with that close to her former self with slight differences of her person. Her mask became more sleek and triangular, an equal amount of spikes rising from the crest of her brow, bone like armor encased the top of her neck, shoulders, back, hips, and tail, and spikes implanted within the tuft of dark fur that covered the tip of her tail.
The power that rippled through her muscles encouraged the new Adjuchas to take back to the surface of Hueco Mundo, in hopes of finding more like her to give her greater power. Years passed, as did Kurai’s list of hollowed victims, but she had soon grew bored of the killings, not finding fun in taking a life any longer, only killing to remain in her Adjuchas state. It was when she came across a peculiar hollow that changed her mind.
This hollow had the form of a human with bone fragments adorning her face. Instead of jumping into battle, Kurai was soon asked what her purpose was. Disgruntled, the Adjuchas answered with harsh words. Finding it amusing, the Arrancar gave Kurai a proposition; prove that she wanted to continue in her evolution by gaining her one thousandth kill as an Adjuchas or become a meal for the Arrancar.
Liking challenges, Kurai had agreed to add to her list of kills. Every kill the hollow made, the Arrancar was there to watch, approval gleaming in her eyes at each kill. Many years passed when Kurai Had finally gained her one thousandth kill, and with that kill, the hollow began to evolve once more, her body shifting so she stood on her hind legs and physique becoming more sleek and feminine, showing of supple curves. Her mask had formed, like a guard of sorts, over the lower half of her face, leaving her eyes and long dark hair exposed, minus the four horns that spiraled out from her forehead.
This new form didn’t last long, however, for Kurai was confronted once again by the Arrancar, who she learned was called Inniúila, telling the new Vasto Lorde that she had one more step to become stronger. Eager to become even more powerful, Kurai listened to the Arrancar without any doubts. The Vasto Lorde dug her claws under her mask and pried with all her might, gaining herself victory when her body became like Inniúila’s, humanoid with the upper jaw of her dragon-esque mask adorning her right cheek, long dark hair, crimson eyes, and pale skin. After her final transformation, Kurai had felt a flicker of a new emotion, almost like she cared about the Arrancar that helped her, like she finally had found a friend. Even though she was unused to this new emotion, the hollow would forever follow the shorter Arrancar, even unto death if needs be.
More years passed as Kurai and Inniúila traveled through Hueco Mundo together, Kurai avidly following any order the Arrancar gave. Then, word had soon traveled to the two that the Espadas of Las Noches had fallen, the thought of even more power on the minds of the Arrancars. The two fought with others that had also heard the news, refusing to let those become superior. Through much bloodshed, Kurai and Inniúila claimed victory, their reward of becoming one of the Espada. Knowing that she wasn't the strongest of the two, Kurai happily accepted the rank of Sexta.
Today, Kurai still follows the words of her closest friend, wishing only to keep favor in the eyes of the Primera Espada.

RP Sample:
The sand shifted underneath the pale feet of the Sexta Espada as her crimson eyes roamed over the bleak whiteness. She had become hungry and the walls Hueco Mundo had little for her to hunt to her pleasure. Oh, how she would love to quell the gnawing hunger from her belly. If only she could find anything stupid enough to cross her path.

The female had almost given up and was turning back towards Las Noches when something shifted the sand to the left of her merely ten feet away. Finally! She thought to herself. Her hunger would soon be sated.

She would savor this meal like her first: crimson fluids warm as it ran down her throat, soaking up the energy of the kill. It had been easier then, hearing the weak pathetic creature squealing its last dying breath. Kurai would shiver in ecstasy at the remembrance of that kill. A young human girl with faded blonde hair and bright blue eyes. The hollow smiled vilely for that kill was special. That kill had been the death of her own sister, her twin to be exact.

Several Hundred Years Ago

The reptilian hollow roamed the world of the living, searching for an easy target to get her claws on. Unfortunately, a young girl with pale hair and eyes had caught the eyes of the evil spirit. The creature did not know why, but this girl had called out to it, screaming for the monster to eat her. The hollow just had to wait for the right time to make its move.

The pale human the hollow had watched for the past few days had finally changed her usual schedule. It was then that the hollow knew it had to make its move. Tonight would be a night to remember.

The monster crept behind the girl, keeping to the shadows as its prey moved down the alley way, muscles taut in anticipation of a killing pounce. It was time for the feast.

The hollow leaped into the human, knocking her to the ground as she tried to fight off her invisible foe, screaming out for help. The monster’s pulse would quicken at the adrenaline as it flowed through its veins as it placed a clawed foot over the girl’s source of air, screams turning into weak coughs. Oh, how beautiful the scent of fear was.

Once the human girl had stopped fighting, stopped breathing, the dragon-esque beast would step away from the body, wishing to see the true terror on the face of its victim in this plane. A low raspy noise would come from the hollows throat, a mockery of laughter. It would be wonderful to finally taste blood and fill the emptiness that was left in the beast’s chest.

The monster didn’t even flinch when the human girl lurched back into life, or death. A sneer appeared on the reptile’s face when its crimson eyes caught a hold of the chain in the middle of the girl’s chest. Another snort would leave the maw of the dragon, making the girl look directly at the now visible enemy. Her blue eyes widened in shock and terror. The creature would return to the girl, sauntering as the creature showed off its rows of pointed teeth.

“Do you know where you are, human?” The girl cowered in fear as the hollow ran a clawed digit along her cheek.

“I was on my way home. Please, just let me go! My parents are waiting for me.” The hollow’s sneer fell from its face, hatred flashing in its eyes.

“Your parents will be reunited with you shortly, I give you my word. Now tell me, do you know who I am?” The girl shook her head confusion now hinting her eyes. The hollow would let out a sigh as it firmly gripped the human’s chin. “What a shame that my own sister would not recognize her own flesh and blood. No matter, we shall become one soon enough.”

Once it spoke those words, the hollow latched onto the human’s neck, teeth piercing flesh as life-blood flooded the monster’s maw. Even the futile screams of the girl didn’t register in the hollow’s mind, just the wonderful taste of gore.
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Kurohime Kurai, The Fiery Espada (Finished) Empty Re: Kurohime Kurai, The Fiery Espada (Finished)

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Kurohime Kurai, The Fiery Espada (Finished) Sephiroth

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