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Joining the Covenant. Empty Joining the Covenant.

Post by Fereydun Massry on Sun Dec 16, 2012 2:10 pm

A large, black portal opens inside the valley of screams, an echoing made upon entering its wide canyon-like structure as the area is covered in stones and local foliage. Fereydun's chest piece glows as he steps out of the black, tendril-infested portal and begins to inquire, "Where is've never seen it when I was leading the seireitei in old times....must be new."He said, looking at the vast surroundings before his being. He made a choice between staying in the vaizard "sanctuary" or meeting up with the covenant. He chose the latter, as he hated seeing his soldiers suffer in a degrading and unwanted building they were forced to take shelter in, rather than the tranquil of the open nature and exploration. His right arm navigated through the tunnel-shaped crevices as his other arm lay limp. His left arm was blackened and mangled, as if someone dipped it in ink. His body shone as the natural light made his skin glow healthily, even making his left abnormal arm shine in contrast. He was not sure where to go, as this place was completely unbeknownst to him. He would have to let the others know of his discoveries made here.

While walking, Fereydun stumbles upon a rather unnaturally large tree root, and looks up. There was indeed a tree of near hulking size just looming over him. It blocked the sun whenever he made through the dirt pathways of the valley. Continuing on, he grabs his Eulochar and cuts through the unwanted foliage with ease, as it obstructed his pathway of what seemed to be the basin of where The Covenant made their central point at. He waited for Toua, as told.

Fereydun takes a seat upon a near-symmetrical boulder, almost perfect for sitting as he opens his legs and scratches the granite below him. He mutters to himself, "This area seems like it would be excellent for training. Much more ideal than the fake room we had to go under in the sanctuary." That being said, Fereydun took a deep breath and exhaled. It was a nice change of pace to be out of the smog-like atmosphere of the sanctuary and into a more natural location.
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