Octava Espada Rei Tsukiakari (Completed)

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Octava Espada Rei Tsukiakari (Completed)

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Character Name: Rei Tsukiakari

Age: 283, but looks like 18

Gender: Female

Number: 8


Rei is a short girl, her height only reaching 4'11" (150cm), but her face shows great maturity, for she has seen many things in her lifetime. Her eyes are a dark grey with the sharpness of a hawk. Her hair reaches the middle of her back, partially hiding the 8 tattoo on the nape of her neck. Her broken hollow mask forms a circlet on her forehead, a part of it circling around her left eye.

Personality: Rei is a rather formal person, often using '-san' everytime she addresses someone. She has a high temperance, which allows her to deal with the most obnoxious of people with a calm and cool demeanor. She's also very compassionate, often reluctant when she is required to do battle. However, in battle, she's as fierce as a lioness with the mentality of a strategical genius. Because of her small size, her strength is average compared to her comrades. To compensate for this handicap, her speed is extraordinary. She considers herself to be the fastest of the Espadas, which very much could be true. She is often very quiet, not speaking unless she's spoken to, but when she does speak, she speaks in a distinct accent, equivalent to that of a New Yorker, though more subtle. She stays in the background and watches, feeling as though actions speak louder than words.


Name: Gueparda

Chant: Sprint!

Element: Fire

Description: Rei's hands grow claws as her hair begins to turn a silver color. Her eyes become feline-like and turn yellow, as if the sun has broken through the storm clouds. Her look becomes more feral and her demeanor beings to develop a animalistic aura. Her robe opens, showing Rei's undershirt and her hollow hole located at her abdomen. Black marks begin to form on her face, similar to those of a cheetah, true to her zanpakuto's namesake. In this form, she becomes more of a berserker rather than a strategist.


Name: Sonido
State: Both
Description: Arrancar's equivalent to shunpo. Rei's sonido is roughly twice as fast as those of her peers, having worked on her speed more than anything else.

Name: Pesquisa
State: Both
Description: Rei's ability to sense the spiritual pressure of others

Name: Garganta
State: Both
Description: Rei's ability to travel to and from Hueco Mundo

Name: Cero
State: Both
Description: A blast of dark spiritual energy that Rei fires from her hand

Name: Bala
State: Both
Description: A faster, though weaker version of the Cero. Keeping it true to its name, Rei fires this attack from her finger.

Name: Sonido Zanzou
State: Both
Description: Using her sonido, Rei is able to create afterimages that appear to be equivalent to physical clones.

Name: Sonido Gekijou
State: Resurreccion
Description: Rei uses her speed to inflict a furious attack from all ends.


Human Arc: Rei lived as a normal human throughout her life, however, she was a gifted child in terms of her speed and intellect. Because of her size, she was able to run faster than any of her peers and her mind gave her the ability to strategize flawlessly, winning in games such as chess. In high school. she was captain of both her track team and basketball team. At the time of her death, Rei had just completed her first year of college. She was rollerblading home late one night, having stayed at her college campus late because of a study session. As she sped down the sidewalk, she crossed the street at an intersection to turn to a different street. At that moment, a drunk driver sped out of nowhere and hit her, killing her instantly. She wandered around the streets of Tokyo, saddened that her future was cut short. One day, as she visited her own grave, she was attacked by a hollow, eventually transforming into a hollow herself.

Hollow Arc: Having been saddened by the fact that she could not live out the future she had planned for herself, she began to sate her hunger throughout the busy streets of Tokyo. Even as a Hollow, she was smaller than average. For many years, she devoured souls that she came across, developing her speed and dexterity even more. However, her strategical mind was loss as she entered her berserker mode everytime she was hungry. One day, she encountered a Shinigami who was sent to kill her and end her killing spree. After a long battle with the reaper, Rei was able to defeat him and devour his soul as well. Having tasted the satisfying soul, her hollow mind decided that these reapers satisfying to eat, feeling as though working for her meal was worth it. She began to lure Shinigami and devour them alongside the human souls. Eventually, the souls could not sate her hunger by themselves and she began to feed on other Hollows that she came across. Soon enough, she became a Gillian Menos.

As a Gillian, she regained a bit of her intelligence. Now, feeling as though human souls could not sate her hunger, she began going for primarily other hollows. She had the mindset of hunting them, using basic ambush techniques and getting stronger all the while. She eventually encountered an Adjuchas Menos and began to follow it. As she continued to "live" as a hollow, she became stronger and stronger, eventually evolving into an Adjuchas Menos herself. Rather then have Gillian Menos follow her, Rei became more of a lone wolf and wandered the realm of Hueco Mundo, her compassion still sealed away within her body. Every gillian that sought to follow her, she'd eat. Every other Adjuchas she encountered she fought and devoured as well. Several years of this repeated process had helped her to become faster than she's ever been, enough so that she evolved, once again, into a Vasto Lorde.

Now as a Lorde, Rei regained her humanoid form to some degree, as well as the majority of her intelligence, though some parts were still sealed away, such as her compassion. She felt her power grow exponentially, adding to her strength and already near god-like speed. In no time, she began to test her powers on various Adjuchas Menos. After a few years of enjoying her newfound powers, she encountered an Arrancar. She had only heard of these beings and had never enountered one before. She eyed her warily, seeing that she held something in his hand that looked like a sphere. Her berserker mind decided to test her powers on this Arrancar and she charged. The Arrancar merely smirked and held out the sphere as if to use it. Suddenly, Rei felt a rush go through her body. She stopped her charge as her mask begins to crumble and fall. Collapsing to her knees, she looks at her hands and body and sees that they've return to their normal human form. Then, a set of clothing is dropped in front of her. She looks up to see the smirking Arrancar. "These are you new clothes. Looks like you'd need 'em. If you want, when we get to headquarters, you can get that customized. Otherwise, these will do it for ya," She said, still holding that smirk. Rei put the clothes on and stood up, feeling her power grow from when she was a Lorde. She saw the Arrancar turn and walk off as she says, "Better get back. Unless you want to stay here." Rei nodded and followed the Arrancar, eager so see what her future held now.

Arrancar/Espada Arc: Rei finally regained her full former self, along with her compassion and stragtegic mind and began her role as an Arrancar. Her mask had been reduced to a circlet around her head. She learned that the sphere was a hogyoku, used to combine the shinigami with hollows, combining their powers. Rei understood the power that was given to her and trained hard to gain the position of Octava Espada. Even now, she continues to train and perfect her skills. Because of her size, she trained mainly in speed and dexterity, using them to deal furious attacks to her enemies. Along with her speed, she also worked on her stamina and endurance to enable her to do her attacks for long periods of time and allowed her to withstand the physical impact of those fast movements.

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