Primera Espada Toskyumi

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Primera Espada Toskyumi

Post by Toskyumi on Mon Feb 16, 2009 7:45 pm

Basic Information

Name: Toskyumi Orekami

Age: 203

Gender: Male

Rank: Espada

Number: 1


Personality: Toskyumi has a strong humor but sadistic mind as he loves mayhem and despair, his taste in music can also help to aid this as certain mental scars dement and torment him unrelentlessly. He loves to fight but also likes to keep people with him as he is very paranoid alone. He hates rascist and ignorance the most.

Resurrecion Information

Name: kuchikukan of yochi Supa Shinsei

Represent: The item which is made by the stars

Family: Dark


Description: Toskyumis Ressurection has 6 Bonetails which are like daggertails, His Bonetails can wrap around his mouth and spike forward as he forms a cero and molds it with his own bone to make it a shinsei cero, His ressurecion makes him very slow so his sonido only makes him run faster instead of teleport basically. His ressurecion though is much more defensive and in it he can take a massive amount of damage before falling. It also increases his power so he can destroy with sweeps of his claws. His right claw is the bigger of his 2 and it is mainly used like a shield while his other has 2-4 bonetails wrap around it so it can stab and slash more effectivly.


Name: Shinsei Cero
State: Ressurecion
Description: A cero that has been molded by my ressurecions bone armor and it its black and red color causes a large explosion on contact with an enemy

Name: Sonido
State: Both
Description: Lets me move between areas extremly quickly

Name: Gran Rey Cero
State: Both
Description: A extremly strong cero that is made of highly concentrated energy

Name: Shinsei Wave
State: Both
Description: When I swing my sword I infuse my reiatsu in it and it unleashes a wave of dark energy at my opponent

Name: Bala
State: Both
Description: A small and very fast cero

Name: Shinsei Bala
State: Both
Description: Same as shinsei cero just small and very fast

History and RP Sample

History: Toskyumi was alive as a human up to the age of 19 where he was killed in a alley by a robber. He was shot once in the shoulder and his stomach was cut open when he tried to retaliate. Toskyumi's time as a spirit was also short lived as he became frustrated with the hollow chasing him and he ripped out his own soul chain to become one himself, When he did that he became a small hollow with bone around him. As the ages pasted he grew bored of eating human souls and began to attack fellow hollow, his first though as an adjuchas was \"This power!\" He soon came to realize the power of his foes as his bone armor was weakened each fight but restored along with more power with each feast. When he became a vastro lorde he gained a new power of bonetails the came from his back, this way of life went on for him for 2 years until he went mad one night and ripped his own mask off. As a arrancar he found las noches and became the Primera espada, he is one of the eldest espada alive.

Toskyumi had removed his mask on the eve of his birthday, He had been moping around for his lack of food had been killing him inside. Toskyumi eventually stumbled upon A arrancar by the name of sorati. Toskyumi walks up to him and in a strange tone asks "What are you? Hollow or shinigami?!" The arrancar looked at Toskyumi and answered "I am sorati, I am an arrancar and i will kill you now" Toskyumi laughed at the strange figure and in that instant sorati's blade went across his chest only scratching it. Toskyumi roared and grabbed the arrancars arm he then thought This man might be different but he is no stronger then a adjuchas Toskyumi then raises the man and stabs him through the stomach, as sorati coughs up blood Toskyumi bites his neck and begin to savour his new feast This man is delicious full of power, maybe being an arrancar wont be bad Toskyumi then looks at the broken mask on soratis face and he touches his own and then starts to drill his claw into it, Soon his mask cracks and he grips one side and begins to pull. He screams and after a night he rises as a new arrancar.

RP Sample: Toskyumi silently walked the streets of karakura, He kept his eyes on the small children and tall women alike, He ruffled under his shirt as each person passing him felt a chill up there spine. Toskyumi then ducked around the corner of a alley and ran down the twists and turns until he came upon a group of 4 highschool students, 1 of them male and 3 female. Toskyumi silently approached the male and grabbed him by the throat, All 4 looked suprised as to them the man was just floating in air. Toskyumi choked him for some time until the man gave a last kick then Toskyumi instinctivly bit into he mans throat ripping it out. Toskyumi chewed on the meat and swallowed the blood as he grabbed the next female and rammed her against a wall to knock her out, when the 2 approached their friend still stunned he pulled ones hair back and stabbed her through the bottom of her mouth. He then grabbed her eye and took it out. Swallowing it he looked to the last girl and sliced up with a claw slicing her from her crotch to her neck, as the blood spurted out he licked his face and his eyes still wild he look to the last girl, \"My my what a cute young girl, that means you will taste all the better\" Toskyumi then stabbed her stomach and lifted her up as he sliced it open and grabbed her small intestine and he bit one end then wrapped it around her throat and with one pull snapped her neck, He then walked away taking and eye with him as a souvenier.

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