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Hokuto Sumaru (3rd squad lieutenant) Empty Hokuto Sumaru (3rd squad lieutenant)

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Character Name: Hokuto Sumaru

Age: Actual: 173
Appeared: 19

Gender: Male

Height: 6 foot tall

Weight: 183 pounds

Squad and Seat: Lieutenant of squad 3

Character Looks: Hokuto has black, shoulder length hair which gives off a dark, purple glow and he has light, blue eyes. He is of a lean physical build and he wears the traditional Shingami clothes and he wears the lieutenant badge on his left arm. He wears his zanpakuto in a sheath on his left side. He has a goatee which is black and he wears glasses because of his limited eyesight.

Personality: Hokuto is a caring, selfless individual who has an underlying flaw of going as far as it takes to feed his ambition. Hokuto will try to help others, but somethimes only does it for self gain, which he recognises and is ashamed of himself for but he can't help it, it is who he is but he tries to hide his ambition to become more powerful than everyone else because he fears it may consume him in evil. He is of average intelligence and enjoys relaxing and thinking about anything that comes to him as long as it takes his mind off the evil he knows is begging to come out.

Zanpakuto Information:

Unreleased looks: Normal looking Zanpakuto with a H shaped handguard.

Zanpakuto Type: Wind, I think.


Shikai Name: Kariya

Chant: Defy, Kariya

Shikai Looks: All that is left is the hilt and hanguard, the blade is gone.

Shikai Abilities: When released, the blade disperses into tiny particles that go through the air. When the opponent breathes in the particles, the Zanpakuto's ability begins to take effect, The particles begin to eat away at the opponents insides, at a very slow rate but it it is noticable. The particles can be controlled to eat away at whatever Hokuto chooses, he coud choose them to get someones nerve endings at their left leg or he could direct it to their lungs, the process is slow and if they can't do something about it in enough time, they are probably going to die. It varies from 20 minutes to an hour on how long i takes to destroy something, it varies on the size and the strength of the targeted area. The particles can be spread throughout the body to destroy the entire thing at once but that takes much longer to do and is generally useless to attempt.

Spirit: Hokuto Sumaru (3rd squad lieutenant) WEWY-Kariya1--article_image

Only available to Captain's and Lieutenants, all Lieutenants may have Bankai without limitation, it is just naturally weaker.

Bankai Name: FuutonKariya

Bankai Looks: The sword looks the same as it does in Shikai.

Bankai Abilities: When released, the sword disperses and becomes a tornado of particles and can be controlled by using the hilt of the sword. If the tornado hits the oponent, their skin will be attacked and eaten away instantly, it will take time to get through, about 5 minutes, but they will be filled with a sharp, burning sensation. If they breath anyin or if any gets in through any orofice, it will begin to eat at their insides, like in Shikai, but at a more fierce rate, the most time it take to eaat through something is 15 minutes and it does not need that long to cause damage to the part and move on to the next part. The tornado is not too fast and can be avoided with effort.


Shinigami academy arc: Hokuto enrolled at the academy and succeeded in most of the lessons, however, he could not perfrom any Kido which got him a lot of embarrassment and hassle. He did, however, excel at sword fighting and Shunpo, he was one of the earliest people around to have his Zanpakuto speak to him and he had achieved Shikai before he graduated, which more than made up for his lack of Kido. He graduated a few months later and was assigned to 3rd squad.

3rd squad arc: Hokuto was placed in 3rd squad at 7th seat but made his way to 5th seat very fast after impressing other members by defeating the lieutenant in a sword fight. He worked hard to make his way up in the ranks, he would take any available missions and would help others around so that the higher powers would take notice and promote him, he knew he was of worthy skill. He went on one mission which changed a lot of his life, he was sent to the world of the living to defeat a strong Arrancar that had shown up. When Hokuto arrived, he saw that it was more than one arrancar, he was about to have to face 3. He faced them well, and took one down with a well timed slash to the throat before he began to feel pressure and faced trouble, even while using Shikai. He requested backup and had to face the two remaining arrancar for over half an hour before others showed up and helped him beat them. He was promoted to 3rd seat for doing so well, considering the situation. He then challenged the lieutenant for the position of lieutenant and it was allowed and it would be official if he won the fight, neither man could use Shikai or Bankai. They had 3 days to prepare and during that time, Hokuto trained intensely, he was not going to lose. The 2 met in front of a crowd of many shinigami and began their fight. Hokuto gained the early advantage by forcing the lieutenant back with his superior sword skills and it went more evenly for 10 minutes of intense sword fighting, they were both giving it their all and neither were backing down. The fight ended abruptly when the world of the living was attacked by a large force of Hollows. The officials decided that it would be turned into a competition, whoever killed more Hollows won the position. They headed out and began to kill the hollows, they were going through the hollows fast but the lieutenant was going through more. Hokuto was about to catch up to him when he noticed the lieutenant was being taken down by Hollows and he ran in and saved the lieutenant. They headed back to Sereitei and the lieutenant announced that Hokuto was now the new lieutenant, he had saved his life and this was the reward. Hokuto thanked the now ex-lieutenant and gave him a party to thank him for his hard work and dedication.

Current day arc: Hokuto is now in his 35th year as lieutenant and is quite happy where he is, he achieved Bankai early in his lieutenant position, but he kept it hidden because he knew they would try and move him away from 3rd squad which he did not want, he loves 3rd squad and all in it. He is currently probably asleep in the 3rd squad barracks and that is Hokuto Sumaru's story so far.


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