Hyo Yaiba ex-capitan of squad 2

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Hyo Yaiba ex-capitan of squad 2

Post by Guest on Wed May 13, 2009 6:32 pm

Basic Information

Name: Yaiba; Hyo

Age: Physical age about 20 Actual about 150

Gender: Male

Division: 2nd

Seat: Rouge Vaizard (ex Capitan)

Looks: Short white hair spiked out in place of a normal haori Hyo's is a blood red coat and has the kanji symbol for dragon in white on his back. Underneath his Haori he wears a shihakksho that has had its sleeves ripped off. His skin is a tannish color and his eyes are gray. Hyo is muscular yet not bulky. He is about six feet tall and weighs approximately 145 lbs His Gigai has the same coat but it wears a black tank top underneath it with a pair of black jeans and black combat boots.

Personality Hyo is sarcastic and cynical and completely despises heroics though from time to time he does play the hero. Though he despises heroics his hate for them pales in comparison to his hate for hollows and hate of himself for being part hollow. Hyo is for the most part level headed though he does have a short fuse at times though he has learned to keep himself in check and not lose his temper at the drop of a hat though he is not the guy you want to bug right after a long day of doing paperwork.

Mask Information

Name: Shirou

Manifestation: Short brown spikey hair, Shirou is about 5'9" 125lbs he has red eyes a similar build to Hyo and he wears the same outfit as Hyo's gigai but its colors are reversed (where it is red it is black and where it is black it is red)

Unique Ability: Reavivamiento: This is an ability that only activates when Hyo is on the Brink of death and Shirou's will to survive overpowers Hyo's control over him. Hyo's body changes slightly as his massive increase in spiritual pressure destroys his clothes including the armor from his Bankai leaving with nothing but his pants from waist to mid calf. His mask changes to engulf his whole head and his hair turns black and grows to be down to the back of his knees. The ears on his mask become more pronounced, The mask also gains a mouth complete with a set of fangs. The nails on his toes and fingers sharpen to a point and His flesh gets covered in a bone white material that is harder than that of the hollow mask he grows a fully manuverable tail that is pointed and barbed on the end and his wings lose their feathers and become Skeletal. A huge hole opens up in his chest showing now that he is more hollow than Shinigami

While this power is activated his speed doubles yet again and he gains all of the cannon powers of the Espada added on to his own which increase in strength by a factor of 1.5. Hyo also gains an almost instantanious regeneration capability though it cuts his speed in half during the turn that it regenerates using the extra reitsu that goes towards boosting his speed to healing himself

Personality wise he changes into a fighting machine only caring about killing and destroying everyone around him. During the time that this skill is active Hyo is in his Zanpakuto Spirit world with Shashu trying to beat Shirou again to regain control over his body just like he was during his Hollowfication process.

Hollow Mask Appearance:

Duration: 10 Posts .5 post per post used cool down

Zanpakuto Information

Zanpakuto Name: Shashu

Zanpakuto Looks: Shashu is a regular Katana approximately 73 centimeters in length with a hilt wrapped in red. Its guard is shaped like a pentagram.

Zanpakuto Description: has no abilities before it is released though it does have a salve in the hilt that stops bleeding similar to Ikkakus.

Released Zanpakuto Description: Shashu is a dual wield Zanpakuto with an assortment of abilities and They are:
Return: As long as Yomiko has her hand on at least one of her blades the other one will return to the opposite hand
Homing: Shashu has the ability to be thrown like a boomerang and while it is in the air it homes in on what ever target Yomiko wishes.
Copy: When Yomiko is disarmed completely whether it be by having her blades knocked away or her throwing them both she can just make two more copies in her hands
Explosive strike: This is a barrage of sorts that involves Yomiko throwing and creating her blades at least two times when she does so they just spin around in the air over her target of choice and when she throws the last ones they all just swarm down on her target and explode on contact with them
Over-edge: Shashu's blades grow to almost twice there original length and take on the appearance of tattered feathers when they hit they shatter into hundreds of little blades that then grow into full grow copies of Shashu and swarm in for a high powered Explosive strike.

Zanpakuto Release Phrase: “Shashu you are my shield and my sword Come forth and protect me”

Released Zanpakuto Looks: Hyo's Zanpakuto splits into two adorned pair of Kan-Dao chinese falchions each blade representing the contrasting forces of Yin and Yang. One blade is pure white and at its base is the Yin Yang symbol with a black triangle pointing out towards its tip the other one is pure black with a yin yang symbol at its base and a white triangle pointing towards its tip. The guard is bronze in color and does not extend beyond the blade, Its handle is leather wrapped around wood and its pommel looks kind of like a walnut

Zanpakuto Spirit: Shashu is what is known as a Weapon Master style of Zanpakuto whose abilities varie based on the weapon she picks up in her field.


Zanpakuto Realm: an open, barren field, littered with countless weapons anchored in the ground like grave markers. Monolithic black gears gyrate in the distance, and illumination from the sun is obstructed by thick haze obscuring the horizon. Sparks from iron forging rise from the ground like bubbles from water.

Bankai Information

Bankai Name: Soudai-Teishu Shashu

Bankai Description: Hyo's shikai completely disappears and any remaining clothes turnes blue and a set of Angel wings sprout on his back and he gets covered in a silver armor. (see pic of Zanpakuto spirit)

Mugen no Kensei: An open, barren field, littered with countless weapons anchored in the ground like grave markers. Monolithic black gears gyrate in the distance, and illumination from the sun is obstructed by thick haze obscuring the horizon. Sparks from iron forging rise from the ground like bubbles from water is manifested and while in this field Hyo's Speed, and Reflexes triple.

One of the other abilities of Mugen no Kensei is the fact that each weapon is aligned with of 5 elements those are. Earth, Fire, Wind, Water, and Lightning. What element the weapon is aligned with is easily identifiable through the weapons design whether it be their shape, any designs, Color, Gemstones and just to make it simple I will just say what it is when Hyo picks it up. Anyone in the field can pick up the Weapon but only Hyo can use its elements due to his spiritual energy being combined with that of Shashu who is the true master of all of the weapons there

Fire: Engulfs weapon in flames and can fire fireballs and waves of flames
Water: the weapon has water follow its trail and can cause geysers to errupt and can freeze what ever is attacked by this weapon
Wind: Weapons have a vortex surrounding the weapon that painfully sucks any blood out of open wounds, knock back opponents, and fire small cyclones
Earth: can create prisons out of the earth, and Controls plants
Lightning: Weapons get surrounded by electricity, shoot lightning bolts that paralyze their target for a post

Recreation: Hyo creates copies of her shikai that on top of their abilities they get an element.
The black blade obtains darkness with which it sends out a slash of pure black energy (similar to Tensa Zangetsu's Getsuga Tensho), while the white one gains the abilities of light and fires out a slash of pure white energy. Inplace of explosive strike though they each get a different ability in which the black one can surround one enemy in pure blackness while the white sends out a blinding light
The over edge is a bit different in the fact that it fires the other blades fire an energy burst instead of exploding

Bankai Looks: N/A

Alterations: Hyo's shikai completely disappears and any remaining clothes turnes blue and a set of Angel wings sprout on his back and he gets covered in a silver armor. (see pic of Zanpakuto spirit)

Kido Information

Name: Shunko
Type: Hand to Hand + Kido
Number: None
Element: N/A
Incantation: N/A
Description: A technique that combines hand-to-hand combat and Kidō. It concentrates high-pressure Kidō energy around the body, allowing it to be fired at opponents. It can also be used to instantly neutralize an opponent's movement.

Name: Shunpo
Type: Hoho
Number: N/A
Element: N/A
Incantation: N/A
Description: a high speed movement ability. Though this is by no means a unique skill, as most seated officers are capable of performing it to various degrees

Name: Cero
Type: Hadou
Number: N/A
Element: N/A
Incantation: None
Description: It consists of firing a blast of concentrated spirit energy at the target. While in most cases it is fired from the mouth, some Arrancar and Vizard are capable of firing Cero from their hands, fingers and other parts of their bodies.

Name: Geki
Type: (Bakudo-Binding
Number: 9
Element: N/A
Incantation: Disintegrate, you black dog of Rodanini! Look upon yourself with horror and then claw out your own throat (Not Necessary)
Description: Engulfs target in red light completely paralyzing them

Name: Kin and Bankin
Type: (Bakudo-Binding
Number: 99
Element: N/A
Incantation: First song: Halting Fabric. Second song: hundred linked bolts Final song: Great seal of 10,000 forbiddings.
Description: Binds the arm with spirtual fabric and iron shafts, Second song) covers the target from head to toe in spiritual fabric stabbing them with hundreds of metal blades, and Final Song) smashes them with an immense metal cube

Name: Byakurai
Type: Hadou-Destruction Healing)
Number: 4
Element: Lightning
Incantation: Unknown
Description: The user fires a concentrated powerful lightning bolt from their finger that can pierce through flesh.

Name: Shakkahou
Type: Hadou-Destruction Healing)
Number: 31
Element: Fire
Incantation: Ye lord! Mask of flesh and blood, all creation, ye who bears the name of man! Inferno and pandemonium, the sea barrier surges, march onto the south
Description: Fires a ball of fire at the target

Name: Soren Soukatsui
Type: Hadou-Destruction Healing)
Number: 63 in manga 73 in anime
Element: Fire
Incantation: Ye lord! Mask of blood and flesh, all creation, flutter of wings, ye who bears the name of Man! On the wall of blue flame, inscribe a twin lotus. In the abyss of conflagration, wait at the far heavens.
Description: Essentially a double version of Soukatsui that fires two shots of Blue fire with greater potency than the single shot version.

Name:Reverse Demon
Number: Unknown
Element: Unknown
Incantation: None
Description: This technique nullifies an opponent's kidō by hitting them with a perfectly opposite surge of energy. Yoruichi uses this against Soifon's shunkō

Name: Firuta
Type: Barrier
Number: Not numbered though its power is comparable to 70
Element: N/A
Incantation: Lord of the masks lend me your power I need to keep myself secret from the world conceal my presence. I beg of thee Conceal this area
Description: This kido requires the caster to spread his blood around the perimeter of the area in which he places the barrier while chanting the first sentence of the incantation. Not just any user can cast this kido it requires the being to have both a shinigami’s Reitsu and a Hollows reitsu. This kido then creates a prism around the area that it is in about 300 to 400 feet high and completely filters out both types of reitsu eminating from inside of it making it appear as if they have become human. It also breaks down any attack (ie a missed kido) that is escaping it this barrier is self sustaining by siphoning off small amounts of energy from any one or anything in the area while also absorbing the Reitsu that it is filtering. As for protection it provides nothing but secrecy which means basically anyone can walk in.

Name: Jueri Firuta
Type: Barrier
Number: Not numbered though its power is bout 50
Element: None
Incantation: Lord of the masks lend me your power I need to keep a secret from the world conceal that part of me and help me keep the secret. I beg of thee conceal the secret
Description: This kido solidfyes the caster Reitsu into a piece of jewelry that works similar to Firuta but only blocks the Hollow Reitsu of the wearer by feeding off of it as long as the mask is not released or Resureccion is activated for as the bracelet attempts to feed off of the increased reitsu it shuts itself down and will not activate again till the end of the topic causing the reitsu to release at a higher rate than normal. This kido can only be used by a being with both a Hollow’s and Shinigami’s Reishi. The piece of jewelry starts off as a simple silver bracelet but it reads its wearers reitsu and changes its appearance to fit their style for example Hyo's became shaped like a serpentine dragon that wrapped around his arm up to his elbow.

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Re: Hyo Yaiba ex-capitan of squad 2

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History and RP sample

History: Hyo was born in Karakura town and just was able to see spirits though they were not solid and Hyo would just walk right through them thinking they were nothing more than his over active imagination working double time. He had what most considered to be an imaginary friend well into his teen years that he called Shashu she was a blond angel who wore silver armor and carried a gold sword (look at Zanpakuto spirit picture) one day he was saw a monster though it was not as clear as the ghosts so he just continued to think that it was nothing more than a figment of his imagination. The creature knocked Hyo down in the middle of the street pulling out his soul in the process a car ran over Hyo's body crushing his head and as the monster who was now clear grabbed up Hyo and tried to eat him a Shinigami appeared killing the hollow with a single stroke catching Hyo and Performing Konso. Hyo was assigned to North Rukon District 1 where he was adopted by a relatively rich family all of this has happened before his sixteenth birthday. Hyo had above average spiritual powers and one night while he was dreaming that he was in a clearing with lake in the middle and a golden sword lodged into a stone with three interocking rings etched into the stone. His blonde angel was there by the stone as he approached and she went to say something he was awakened by a shinigami. The side of his house was blown off as if a cyclone was formed in his room. The shinigami brought him to he academy where he in theory he was the best though in practice he was about third amongst his class. In his final year he was already accepted into squad 2 where the liutennant at the time took special interest in him and with her help he quickly moved up to the third seat and mastered shikai within two years after graduation. About that time their captain died in a battle against an espada so upon proving her mastery of Bankai the liutennant took the place of captain and Hyo became her liutennant. After years of working under her she took him to the same hidden training facility under neath the Soukyoku that Ichigo was trained at and with a similar training dummy she had Hyo materialize Shashu. Shashu's task though it sounds simple was not for it involved Removing the sword that was lodged in the stone from it. Hyo tried and failed so often that his hands bled. On his last try he pulled until the blood from his hand flowed like a stream as the gash in the palm reached almost halfway The sword the started to budge and as it started to become free Shashu reached around him and grasped the sword through his hands. The sword finally came free and with a bright flash of light and when the light faded Hyo looked almost as if he fused with Shashu. Then for the next week Hyo and his captain trained and with the help of Shashu and his captain He was able to Master Bankai. About a month later the captain vanished and Hyo became captain of squad 2. A couple years later an Arrancar appeared in Karakura town and Captain comander Karasu sent Hyo there to kill it. Hyo did as he was ordered amazingly kept it in a remote unpopulated area and thought that he was going to win when the battle appeared to turn in his favor after releasing his bankai. Though in response the Arrancar released his zanpakuto and took control again and after a while the Arrancar went to strike a fatal blow a red blast of energy blew off the arrancars arm as Hyo's old Captain appeared out from behind some trees and in a blink of an eye Hyo's old captain decapitated the Arrancar. She picked up Hyo and took him to her safehouse where after Hyo regained conciousness she explained everything including why she favored him and why she left. She had was a vaizard since just before she became captain and she was having trouble keeping her hollow half hidden. She also explained that when she saved him from the hollow while Hyo first died a piece of the hollow was integrated into his soul and could not be removed feeding off of his spirit energy and soon would make itself known to him. She offered to help him put it under control as long as he would keep her presence a secret. He agreed and called up Captain Karasu and told him that he was going to stand guard against Arrancar because the one that was killed mentioned something about being a scout. After about a week his Ex captain Rin had awakened his hollow half and Upon defeating it in the world of his Zanpakuto with the help of Shashu Hyo was able to beat and absorb his hollow half. A month later He had gotten his length up to about 10 hours and mastered Cero. As Hyo was about to head back to the soul society an Espada to be more specific the one that killed his first captain appeared and with the help of Rin was killed. Hyo returned for a while setting up his own disapearance or atleast trying to plan it. Hyo's opportunity came when Hyo was sent to take care of the fifth espada who was leaving a trail of destruction in his wake. Hyo went and was able to disarm the Espada before he got a chance to use his ressureccion but in exchange for his life Hyo told him that he was to leave and not return spreading a rumor of obliterating Hyo. Now Hyo travels with the rest of the Vaizards.

RP Sample: Tsk Tsk Tsk. I would think that one that I trained myself would do a bit better against someone as weak as him a disembodied womans voice said as a red beam came so close to Hyo's white hair that bits came off as it blew off the arm of an Arrancar. Hyo barely blinked before the Arrancars body started to fall down behind it was a woman who held the arrancar's head in her bare hands. Hyo's vision then went black.

When Hyo awoke his wounds were already patched up and as his vision cleared he looked up and saw a woman with pale skin, ebony hair, and grey eyes. He thought he was dreaming but he wasnt leaning over him tending to his wounds was none other than Rin his ex-Captain. Rin I thought you were dead

I am sorry about that but it was necessary because you see I am what is known as a Vaizard to explain it to you clearly I am a Shinigami who through one way or another gained the powers of a hollow and unfortunately you are to even though it hasn't shown itself yet. You were pierced with the claw of the hollow i killed that day I saved you so many years ago and its claw infused itself with your soul. I kept that a secret from the others as I brought you there because at that time I was starting to emit a Hollows Reitsu and it took a lot of effort to hide the reitsu. Your hollow half has not finished gathering power though if you want to master its power I can awaken it for you and in order to stay in control you must kill it before it kills you for if it does you shall become a being whose powers are not limited to those of the other shinigami but you will in mentality be a hollow. If you succeed your powers will also lose the limits that Shinigami have though beyond that and the hollow reitsu you will be normal so what do you wish to do. Rin explained and looked at Hyo while his face looked at her puzzled.

Is it because I was in a same boat you were in that you favored me Rin Knodded her head and Hyo continued thinking on how the situation was damned if you did damned if you don't. Well I would rather have her kill me if I lose control than some one else I will go through with it


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