Shinku Fuuga (深紅色 優雅), Expedition Force Lt. [Complete]

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Shinku Fuuga (深紅色 優雅), Expedition Force Lt. [Complete]

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Character Name: Shinku Fuuga (Crimson Elegance)

-Visual: 20
-Actual: 1345

Gender: Male

Height: 6'2"

Weight: 239 lbs

Squad and Seat: Expedition Force Lieutenant.

Character Looks:

Aside from wearing a Standard Shinigami Uniform, He also wears a brown cloak and his Lieutenant Badge which hangs from his belt, Making small rattles when he walks. He also wears Bandages on his arms and chest to hide his scars.

This tattoo is on Shinku's back, It spells "Dream". This was the insginia for the most dangerous Criminal Organization.

Personality: Shinku is usually quiet, Not speaking a word, Unless prompted to by other means (ex; Talking, Asking questions, Advice), He has this constant frown on his face, Nor does he express emotion, But deep down, he is kind and respectful, he'll always add prefixes to higher ranking people or others he deems "Reliable and strong". He also shows a great sense of honor, never striking down a downed fighter or never attacking women, Which he takes very seriously, unless provoked to defend himself. He owes a great debt to the Gotei 13 for saving his life, And takes orders obediently, Not questioning anything ordered for him to do. He'll smile occasionally when something is either funny, Or when he fully expresses himself to people he knows, But otherwise, he'll treat friends the same way as he normally would to anybody. His regrets of being a used Criminal in the Slums made him feel like he owed the Shinigami for taking the lives of many of it's men. His main dislike is showing his tattoo on his back, And drinking Sake.

Zanpakuto Information:

Unreleased looks: (Avatar's Zanpakuto)

Zanpakuto Type: Fire


Shikai Name: Amaterasu (Illuminates Heaven)

Chant: "Flames, Show your fury, Amaterasu!"

Shikai Looks:
A 1 meter-long blade with decorated jewels on it. Shinku may easily wield it with one hand but is more effective when two hands are used.

Shikai Abilities: Amaterasu makes use of Shibnku's immense Reiatsu by transforming it into Flames which surround Shinku, Acting as a weak shield from Human-physical attacks, Engulfing the enemy in flames, Shinku may concentrate his Reiatsu flames into his Zanpakuto, Forming a sort of whip for long range competition, Shinku's heavy release of reiatsu prevents him from making sneak-tactic approaches, Which any Reiatsu-sensing entity may track him down.


Only available to Captain's and Lieutenants, all Lieutenants may have Bankai without limitation, it is just naturally weaker.

Bankai Name: Kyouran-Amaterasu (Fury Illuminates Heaven)

Bankai Looks:
No longer a sword, Shinku's zanpakuto becomes a Lance, Which changes his battle style drastically. It's 1 1/2 Meters long.

Bankai Abilities: Shinku's reiatsu forms two wings on his back, Which instead of releasing random spots of reiatsu on his body, Concentrates on his back, Making his ability to draw his reiatsu out much easier. When his Zanpakuto-Lance is thrown, A trail of Flame-like reiatsu disperses from it. Depending on the distance thrown, the lance may leave a giant trail of Reiatsu and make a giant blast upon impact. Shinku is also capable of moving faster in this form, Capable of outpacing some Captains and other beings of the same level, but his inexperience makes him exprience Tunnel-Vision when moving, Making it seem impossible for him to discern friend from foe.

This is where passive traits, kido, and release abilities go

Name: Shakkahō (赤火砲, Shot of Red Fire)
Type: Hado
Number: 31
Description: Fires a ball of red energy at a target. Shinku is forced to say the incantation, Much is more powerful then a normal shot.

Name: Shō (衝, Thrust)
Type: Hado
Number: 1
Description: Pushes the target away from the caster. Shinku combines this with his swordplay.


Shinigami Arc

Shinku's History was lost many years ago, not much is known about him., Other then him being a normal Foot Soldier during Japan's war. After just dying, Shinku found himself in Rukongai, In the lowest parts of the district, Which was the the slums. He was 14 at the time and Shinku had no name at the time, But was named by a street thug there, Calling him "Shinku" which meant Crimson, A referance to his eyes (And later on, His Reiatsu.), Shinku was granted a weak Zanpakuto which was stolen from a Dead Shinigami, Shinku used it briefly as a weapon to work for the Thug, using it just like a Normal Katana, Which he killed many Low ranking Shinigami. The Gotei 13 got serious and sent some higher ranked Shinigami, But no Captain, Shinku was forced to deal with them while his "Boss" fled, stating "Every Man for themselves!", Shinku dispatched of the low ranks, but the Lieutenant overpowered him without a breaking a sweat, On the ground, Shinku was prepeared to die right there, But he was instead taken from the slums, Enrolled into the Academy by the Lieutenant, Who remained unamed to him today. It was later revealed that the person who saved him from a life of crime recognized his skill with the sword, but lacked much in kido use, Which he only learned the 2 Hado that was needed to pass, Shinku made 3rd seat of the 11th squad after the 1000 years of training, Which he was able to unleash his Shikai early, And until his promotion to become Lt. of squad 11, learned his Bankai just as early, But his inexperience allowed himself to be overppowered by Captains.

Returning a Debt

Shinku continued to train with the Zanpakuto, He learned kendo and how to use the Lance, Which his Bankai revealed to be a Lance. he mostly used one hand to wield his Zanpakuto by wielding like a Long Dagger, And rarely used his Shikai, let alone his Bankai. He mostly patrolled outside of Seireitei and into the slums of Rukongai, Keeping it safe and preventing the same thing that happened to him from happening to others who was transported from the living world, To there. Shinku decided to leave the 11th Squad and join the Expedition Squad that was dedicated in patrolling the slums, He immediately made Lieutenant after his transfer and also helps nearby Shinigami that are unfamiliar in the Slums. At this point, Shinku made a vow to protect the weak, And finish his training to surpass "The Lieutenant that defeated me". He currently works independantly and reports when called, He occasionally answers to the Gotei 13 Captains' call for help. He's been known as "The Crimson Flash" in the slums, For his use of the Flast Step and Swordplay combined, And his only use of the "Shakkahō".

(This is just a the view of his Fighting skill and how he's faired as the Lt. of the EF [Expedition Force])

Reports of Shinku were made in documents, Which included many of Shinku's feats while he was stationed in the lower districts. Shinku, as stated before in his biography, Is very skilled in Swordsmanship, Using a unique style which he devoloped alone, This was due to his brief stay in the 11th squad and was easily comparable as a Captain, but his inexperience was the reason for his low ranking in the Squads, Especially his Bankai as he didn't have much time to train with it, Due to his busy patrolling of the slums. His Title as "The Crimson Flash" was due to his use of Flash Steps and color of his reiatsu, he was once offered the Rank of Captain during the shortage of Shinigami, but declined, Settling with Lt. of Squad 11, But once he moved out from the Squad, he was offered the Rank of Lt. and accepted, As the seat was open and he was where he wanted to be. Altough his skill with Kido was much to be desired, Falling behind even most of the lower ranked Shinigami, Like the 5th seat and higher. He continues to stop any criminal activaty at the lower districts, Usually going alone so he could have a chance at getting stronger, He revealed the Shinigami's Gender that defeated him, Who was a woman. (Not the Current Captain of Squad 11). His name "Fuuga" was given to him by the Former Captain of Squad 11, before his replacement, This was due to his elegant slashes with his Zanpakuto. It was also known that he possesses large quantities of reiatsu, Which he's capable of toning down, For some odd reason, Is still unable to use Kido properly.


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