Sebastian Michaelis [Complete]

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Sebastian Michaelis [Complete]

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Character Name: Sebastian Michaelis

-Visual: 27
-real Age: 16597

Gender: Male

Sebastian once wore a Butler's attire during his contract with a young Master, But after his side of the deal was done, He wore a Black Trenchcoat and white gloves. Sebastian has Purpleish-Pink demonic reiatsu, Due to him being a demon.

Personality: Sebastian acts as any demon would act, Cold-hearted and not caring of anyones safety. He hides this part of himself by acting more gentlemen-like to any he sees, Smirking sinisterly anytime he takes intrest upon something, Other then that, he keeps a calm composure and rarily shows any sign of Anger, Only when pushed to the edge during a battle, But never succombs to insults. He has a unsual liking to Cats, Prefering them over dogs.


Name: Muramasa

Description: A Katana made long ago by a skilled Blacksmith, Muramasa holds the soul of another fallen demon who Sebastian communicates by mind, A sort of imitation to a Shinigami's Zanpakuto. Sebastian infuses his own demoic Reiatsu into this sword and generates Reiatsu blasts that resembles the Crescent Moon, Exploding upon impact and moving at high speeds, making it nearly undodgable. When fully invoked, The very Blade turns blood red and exerts more then usual amount of reiatsu, And makes the Reiatsu blasts larger and more violent in destructive power.


Name: True Form of Demons
Type: Active
Description: Sebastian invokes his true demon Form, An image so repulsive, Any human seeing the form by eliminating obstructions (ex; Black feathers covered around Sebastian.) would go insane, Altough none has seen this form, Not alive anyway, Sebastian resembles a beastly form covered in Black feathers that would be hard to get rid of, Even with a Large Blast of reiatsu or Kido spell cannot rid of the Feathers. His Reiatsu climbs to unbelievable heights, Enough to take a Squad and their Captain at once.

Name: Demon's Air Platform
Type: Support
Description: A platform forms under Sebastian's feet, Generated by Sebastian's own reiatsu and using it as any normal solid surface, This allows Sebastian to move in the air at high speeds without worry of getting hit.

Name: Reiatsu Drill
Type: Attack
Description: By enveloping Sebastian's own hand with his demoic Reiatsu, Sebastian can create a miniature drill on his hand, But it's useless at this state as it does no damage whatsoever, But by creating momentum by charging at the targeted enemy, Sebastian can increase the size of the drill, Enough to even make a shield for Sebastian during his charging attack.


The Black Butler

Long ago, During victorian times at Britain, London, A Demon offered a contract to a Young Boy, Saving his life from certain death and other inhumane conduct. After "Saving" the Young Boy, Who actually turned out to be the last heir to a Family of the Queen's Gaurd Dogs, the Demon assumes the identity of "Sebastian Michealis", A name given to him by the Master, Even imitating the role of a Butler as he did every task given to him with relative ease, After 2 years have passed and the Young Master has fully risen up the ranks by using Sebastian as his Bodygaurd and Hound, Carrying out even darker deeds given to him by not only his Master, But the Queen as well. Sebastian carries out the order of "Elimating Jack the Ripper", A killer famed for mutilating his/her victims, Sebastian and his Master follow leads that would only lead to the Master's very own Aunt, Who had commited the crimes in a act of revenge and hatred, She was accompanied by a Former Shinigami Captain that turned Rogue, After a brief struggle between Sebastian and the Captain, Sebastian had him pinned to the ground and attempted to do away with him as ordered by the Master, But another Captain interferes and takes the Captain away, As he was trialed for commiting evil crimes. Not long after, Sebastian and his Master went on boat to France, Paris, Where he found a more darker plot to the Queen's orders, Left with no choice, The young Master ordered Sebastian to kill the Queen as she was involved in the killing of his Parents, Sebastian obediently lunges at the Queen, But a familiar figure thwarts Sebastian's attempt, Later turning to a battle between an Angel, And a Demon, The battle caused fragments of the Eiffel Tower to fall to civialins down below, Who were sight-seeing, Few accidents occured and the Young Master doesn't allow the fight to continue, Allowing the Queen and the Angel to escape. Disappointed at the Master's choice, Sebastian takes his leave, Leaving the Young Master to fend for himself, Sebastian heads back to London to see the grand plan of the Angel's work, Sebastian was offered a spot in the plan, But declines after the Young Master appears in London, SHocking Sebastian and lleaving the Angel at his own business, The Young Master ordered sebastian to kill all the people he named, The Queen, The Angel, And the Demon Hound. Sebastian smirks as he achknowledges the order, Heading to where the ANgel has created a structure to create a Weapon of channeling Human-changed-Hollows to create a dark Shroud over the Burning City. Set on fire by the ANgel and the Demon Hound. Sebastian leaves the Hound at the Master's own skilled servants, While he went to fight the Angel with the young Master, The Battle ends in only 10 seconds as Sebastian released his Demon form, Loud screams of pain were heard all over the City, But the ordeal leaves the Master unconscious, Not long, The Young Master finds himself in a boat, The sea covered with fog as Sebastian prepared to take the Master's soul away, But orders him to do one thing, To take his soul in the most painful way possible, Dead silence was heard after the Master screamed, Sebastian now satisfied with a powerful dark soul.

Karakura Entry

Sebastian decides to keep the form from long ago, And now wielding a Demon Katana known as "Muramasa", Created by a Blacksmith in Japan and used actual Demon remains. Sebastian obtained the Katana at the town of Karakura, In it's Museum hidden from the publics view, But news got out that someone stole an artifact in the Museum. Sebastian stayed in Karakura to observe strange events that has occured in the town, Using it as a way to cure his boredom. He rarily puts himself into the fighting to intentionaly find strong opponents, The reason is not known.


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