Matosai Claud's Zanpakuto

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Matosai Claud's Zanpakuto

Post by Matosai Cloud on Mon Nov 19, 2012 12:07 pm

Zanpakuto Template

Zanpakuto Name: Yūrei Aisu Kokuou- Trapped Ice Emporer

Release Phrase:Beg for freedom..

Level: Bankai

Family: Ice/wind

Manifestation: A large snow white lion standing around 5foot 1inch with a dark crimson red mane with dark green eyes with a deep husky voice.

Sealed State Description: A long crimson red handle leading up to a square hand guard with a blade looking as black as charcoal with red splatters along the blade looking as if it had just made a fresh kill

Shikai Form Description: Twin three foot long black staves with a two foot long dual edged blades at the top of each staff each cold to the touch.

Shikai Ability: provides a medium boost in speed along with the ability to fire razor sharp spiritually charged winds And the ability to fire icicles from each blade.

Bankai Name: Ririsu Aisu Kokuou- Released Ice Emporer

Bankai Release Phrase: None.

Bankai Description: A large seven foot long dual sided blade with a two foot long handle below the blade and on the end of the handle there is a small curved cresent moon blade.

Bankai Ability: Provides a huge boost in speed,destructive power, and makes the sword so cold to the touch it would feel like putting your hand on dry ice a burning feeling followed by the loss of skin or the skin to freeze on contact.


-Kaze Messā: A cresent reitsu charged bundle of wind

-Hakuren: A ice bolt fires from the blade of the Zanpakuto each varying in size and speed.

-Kooru Shentai(Bankai only): A aura of reitsu surrounds the user the tempature of this reitsu well below freezing acting like liquid nitrogen to anything it touches.

-Geiru Kizoku(Bankai only):a small twister would form once the Zanpakuto is swung-with the intent to use the technique-and would rush toward the enemy growing in strength and speed and if it hits the enemy would cause anywhere from minor scraps to severe lacerations.

-Also after many years Cloud has trained himself to weild his Bankai in one hand wether it be the right or left hand.

Zanjutsu-Master: Cloud after many years has practiced and perfected his swordplay skills.

Hoho-Master: Years of running and training has enabled him to preform multiple shunpos without growing tired.

Hakuda-Apprentice: Cloud has trained his body to help fend off attackers that can get in close.

Kido-Average: Cloud has always had trouble with kido and tends to stick with using the following kido the most preventing him from growing talented with more kido.

Hado 31:Shukkaho
Hado 33:Sokatsui
Hado 32:Okasen
Hado 4:Byakurai
Bakudo 39:Enkosen

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Re: Matosai Claud's Zanpakuto

Post by Tokuchi Toua on Sun Dec 02, 2012 11:49 pm



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