Matosai Claud's Mask

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Matosai Claud's Mask

Post by Matosai Cloud on Fri Nov 02, 2012 11:08 pm

Vizard Mask Template

Inner Hollow's Name: Hibiki

Personality: Crazed,Bloodthirsty,Sadist

Description: A female standing around 5 ft 1inch her features are pure white. Long white hair that goes down past her shoulders her skin a pale ghost-like white standing around five feet tall,With yellow hollowfied eyes. wearing reversed colored shingami robes.

Mask Description: A white mask covering his face it would have three lines going across each cheek while there'd be two narrow verticall slits where his eyes are,with three red lines going down from the top of the mask one running veritaclly down and stopping at his forehead and two other red stripes would also come down a little to the left and right of the main stripe also meeting at the middle of the forehead though the tips of the stripes don't touch.

Special Characteristics:

Cero: A sphere of grey reiatsu forms in the palm of his hand and fires as a large oval-like beam toward the target dealing medium amount of damage.

Decreased reaction time: His reaction time is reduced by 10% while wearing his mask making movements by enemies seem slower than they actually are.
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Re: Matosai Claud's Mask

Post by Tokuchi Toua on Mon Nov 19, 2012 3:16 am



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