Saiya's Hybrid Abilities

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Saiya's Hybrid Abilities

Post by Kuiaratamenai Saiya on Wed Nov 14, 2012 7:25 pm

Vizard Mask Abilities




Mask Description:

Special Characteristics:

Fullbring Abilities


Fullbring Object: Zanpakutō

Fullbring Object Appearance:

Fullbring Type: Free Form

Fullbring Appearance:

Fullbring Ability:


Enhanced Fullbring Appearance:

Enhanced Fullbring Ability:


Quincy Bow Abilities

Catalyst: Saiya's Quincy catalyst is a silver Templar cross
with a skull icon emblazoned in the center.

Bow Description: When activated, Saiya's Quincy bow appears as a large, glowing red biohazard symbol. It fires red bolts of Reishi that are four feet in length. The abnormal color is due to attributes of his Hollow and Togabito power intermixing with his Quincy power.

Bow Capabilities: Saiya's bow has three standard rates of fire and power. Technically each rate fires at the same speed, but the more he fires at once the weaker and less accurate they are.
Rapid Fire: At rapid fire, he is capable of firing up to 850 bolts per minute. Though they are far weaker than the slower rates, they make up for this by being able to produce a wall of fire. They are also far less accurate due to not taking as much time to aim.
Semi-automatic: At semi-automatic, he is capable of firing up to 45 bolts per minute. They are far more powerful than the rapid fire bolts due to the Reishi gathered to create them not having to be distributed across as many. The accuracy is also raised due to being able to take more time to aim each shot.
Single Shot: For the final single shot rate of fire, Saiya is capable of firing up to 4 bolts per minute. They are far more powerful than any of the other rates, more akin to that of firing an artillery cannon. They take much longer to charge up due to focusing most of the gathered Reishi into them. However, their accuracy is almost guaranteed due to the charge time allowing for Saiya to take more variables into account.
Velocity: Due to each of Saiya's racial abilities mixing, there is an overflow of Saiya's Zanpakutō ability into his Quincy bow. Gravity compresses around each bolt before being launched and allows them to be fired off at extreme velocity, similar to the magnetic effects of a railgun.
Explosive: Saiya's bolts have the added effect of being highly explosive. After piercing into a target, they violently explode for added damage. The explosive power varies with the rate of fire. At their weakest they hold the explosive power of a weak grenade, while at their strongest they hold the power of a large bomb.

Limit Break Description: Saiya's limiter is the skull icon on his cross. By forcefully pushing down, the skull is crushed, and the four legs of the cross separate from each other. Saiya is then engulfed in a bright red light as his full Quincy power is released. Once the light settles down, Saiya is seen in a garment that resembles the standard Quincy tunic, but is black in color. The collar is also not as high, and he wears a ragged crimson scarf around his neck that flows in the wind. The metallic sleeves along his arms now extend up to and wrap around his neck, chest, and upper back. Two large wings of red Reishi also protrude from his back, but hang at a downward angle. There also appears to be a halo of red light above his head, though it appears more like a crown of thorns. This overall appearance seems to be a mixture between Vollständig and Letzt Stil. As for his bow, it appears as almost the same as before, though it appears slightly larger and slowly spins for some odd reason.

Limit Break Enhancements: With his limiter released, Saiya's ability to gather Reishi is immensely increased. This allows him to quickly pour more Reishi into his arrows, therefore significantly increasing their power. His rapid fire shots are now more akin to an artillery barrage, while his semi-automatic shots now appear as large balls of light about 6 feet in diameter and can level a 2-story building with one shot. His single shot arrows now appear as massive beams of energy about 20 feet wide, similar in appearance to a large laser that is continuously active. While this shot is being used, his bow tends to spin very rapidly. Also while in this form, Saiya is able to successfully use both forms of Blut simultaneously, though it is not as powerful than if he only uses one form at a time. Saiya can also use his Reishi wings for either offensive or defensive maneuvers, using them to shield himself from attacks or strike at opponents like another blade. Finally, he is able to compress his bow into a single blade of red Reishi and use it as a melee weapon. While in this form, if Saiya points the blade at a target he is able to fire arrows in the form of 7-foot long lances at a rate of once every 4 seconds.

Blut Vene
Blut Arterie
Sprenger (Uses arrows instead of Seele Schneiders)
Ransōtengai (Knows the technique but doesn't use it)
Kirchenlied: Sankt Zwinger (Has never put the technique into practice)
Variation of Letzt Stil and Vollständig

Togabito Abilities



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