Ottracosas - Superhuman abilities ^^

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Ottracosas - Superhuman abilities ^^

Post by Ottracosas on Fri Nov 09, 2012 10:41 pm

Superhuman Template

Name: Ultra Chef

Level:First level

Release Phrase: Banzai!


First Form Manifestation: His hair takes on a tousled bed head look like static electricity made it stand on end, His concentration and awareness of his surroundings intensifies ten times a normal person

First Form Ability: Can easily manipulate objects weighing 20 lbs or less. Able to lift them, throw them, move them, at will. Often lifting several at once though if he lifts more than one at a time he is limited to nothing over 4 lbs, or in excess of ten items at once.

Second Form Manifestation: His hands and feet seem to be humming with energy. If he is running smoke will be smelled from his Nike's as the soles heat up from the intensity.

Second Form Ability: Ottra gains ultra speed and flexibility! His chopping ability kicks into hyper-speed as does his speed at running, moving, agility with dodging and he is able to dice a ten pound bag of onions before a single tear falls from anyone's eyes!

Techniques:The lift it till it hurts! - He concentrates on a single object or stack of objects and lifts them all as high as possible before his head starts to ache. Then throws them at a target or person, creature, etc.

The chopsuey frenzy! - Both hands at once move in a concerted effort at high speed to chop, dice, slice, parry, stab, jab, slash, you name it he does it!


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Re: Ottracosas - Superhuman abilities ^^

Post by Tokuchi Toua on Thu Nov 22, 2012 3:55 am



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