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Eli Graffborn

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Character Name: Eli Graffborn

Age: Visual age: 26, Actual age: 1000

Gender: Male


Personality: He enjoyed fighting more than anything before his transformation into a Vizard. Ever sense he has enjoyed long walks anywhere, loves drinking tea, and of course listening to the wind. But when he does fight he prefers to be upclose and personal. The only thing that can make him truely angry anymore is a shinigami, he harbors a deep hate towards them for abandoning him after his hollowification. He treats humans with pity and hollows with respect because of his experience in the human world over the years.

Mask duration is limited to 10 posts, after that it will fade. It is possible to use your mask more than once. For example; after your mask fades, you go without it for two posts, you are able to reuse it and it will hold for two posts.


Zanpakuto Information:

Unreleased looks: stuck in shikai

Zanpakuto Type: wood (water,earth)


Shikai Name: Tengokumori (heavenly forest)

Chant: Florish, Tengokumori

Shikai Looks:

Shikai Abilities: see Mass Control below

Spirit: Grandfather Willow


Bankai Name: Chikyuu ne Midori Te (Green Hand of Earth)

Bankai Looks: Shikai weapon stay's but enormous amounts of plant life grow out of every surface and a giant tree grows behind Eli.

Bankai Abilities: see Mass Growth below


Name: Mass Control
Type:Shikai's Power
Description: Tengokumori has the ability to control all things plant based around Eli. This includes Tengokumori's shaft and things such as wooden buildings.

Name: Mass Growth
Type: Bankai's Power
Description:Tengokumori has the ability to control all things plant based around Eli. This includes the Tengokumori's shaft and things such as wooden buildings. Bankai gives Tengokumori the ability of absolute and dominant control over the ability to grow plants. Used in conjunction with Eli's Bojutsu for instance a thrust forward will make plant roots shoot forward and impale the target.

Name: sonido
Description: a very high speed movement ability, similar to shunpo

Name: bala
Description: relatively weak compared to cero, but much faster

Name: cero
Description: a powerful energy blast

Name: Vast Spiritual Power
Description: Eli's reiatsu has reached a high level that is far over what most captains will ever hope to achieve.

Name: Fighting Spirit
Type: Passive
Description: Even though Eli has seemed to have lost his will to fight, when he is in battle or see's any shinigami his old blood is stirred and has a ferociousness matched by only a few chosen people.

Name: Hollows Hunger
Type: passive
Description: Because of Eli's unique Hollowification he has a lesser version of a hollows hunger. Normally he only eats shinigami.


Biography: Eli was found 1000 years ago in the 278th division of Rukongai surrounded by the bodies of at least 34 criminals and with a blade in his hand, this is how a group of patroling Shinigami saw along with Eli seemingly unconscious after killing all of these men. Taking him back to soul society the central 46 desided to put him through the academy, where he spent the next couple years. After being the first in his class and reputedly the most blood thirsty, Eli had made it to his Junior examination of killing a live hollow (this was a long time ago). During this examination his team was attacked in the forest by a adjuchas. This was when Eli unlocked his Shikai and he used it to save his team.

In the next few days The Central 46 decided to put him into division 11 because of his love for battle. Over 200 years he had rose through the ranks and become a Captain. After spending 40 years as Captain he was called to kill a newly risen Vasto lord in the human world. During the battle the Vasto lord used a attack that caused hollowfication the process to start. The Vasto lord left him behind to transform and destroy the city he was in, but didn't expect Eli to defeat the hollow within and become on of the first Vizards in existance. He has been just existing banished from Soul Society.

Over the centuries Eli has noticed that humanity knows not its own suffering. This pity caused him to learn pity towards humans and hollows, seeing as they cannot help there own instincts and desires. Thus his hatred towards shinigami grew ever stronger, because if they would just make themselves known and helped the humans with all of there divisions instead of just a few hundred squads, the humans would be better off in the end of things. Now you can commonly see him drinking tea, sleeping, or destroying shinigami if he comes across them.

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