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Character Name: Ember "Shiroshii" Delacroix ('Shiroshii' means 'White Death' "Delacroix" means "of the cross")

Age: Looks to be around 19, though is actually 616

Gender: Female

Description: Standing at 5'4'' Ember refuses to wear the standard shinigami garb, preferring to wear a sleeveless black tank top and tight fitting black jeans with a pale blue chain as a belt. She remains shoeless, having taken a dislike to anything that hinders her footwork. Ember wears a pale blue lace choker with a white sapphire in the shape of an upside down cross hanging from it (her last great insult to her family name). She has this tattoo Ember "Shiroshii" Delacroix Wolf on her right shoulder and this tattoo Ember "Shiroshii" Delacroix Tiger-Web on her left shoulder. Her long black hair falls over her left eye, concealing the fact that the iris is faded grey wile her right eye is blue-grey. Ember also has an animal friend that follows her around: Akira Ember "Shiroshii" Delacroix __A_wolf_with_two_tails___by_WingOfWind

Personality: Ember is confident in herself and in her abilities to the point where those that don't know her usually mistake it for being arrogant. Sadistic and caustic, she loves to make her adversary as furious as she can get them before actually engaging them in battle. She tends to view most people with a form of contempt unless they manage to earn her respect. She is a fierce protector when it comes to those she cares for and/or admires, hunting down those that wrong them and not stopping until the insult/injury has been fully avenged. She is cautious at times, given her nearly shark-like reaction to blood.

Mask duration is limited to 10 posts, after that it will fade. It is possible to use your mask more than once. For example; after your mask fades, you go without it for two posts, you are able to reuse it and it will hold for two posts.

Looks: It looks like the skull of some ancient wolf with pale blue (almost white) crescents under the eyeholes.

Zanpakuto Information:

Unreleased looks: Nodachi with a longer than normal blade and flowing runes along the sword's spine. The hilt curves as if blown by the wind. The sheathe is covered in tiny blades, making the sheathe as much of a weapon as the sword itself.

Zanpakuto Type: Wind and Darkness


Shikai Name: Yokaze

Chant: Roar

Shikai Looks: The blade itself curves slightly, the hilt curving more to form slight dagger-like protrusions that run parallel to the blade and are 1/4 of the blade's length.

Shikai Abilities: Can create and control wind gusts up to 50 mph and create near total darkness that lasts for up to 4 posts.

Spirit: Ember "Shiroshii" Delacroix Werewolf_by_JLoneWolf


Bankai Name: Yokaze Henji

Bankai Looks: Ember "Shiroshii" Delacroix 1140303998__huskie666 (except the wolves are pure black)

Bankai Abilities: Can create and control wind gusts up to 100 mph and create near total darkness that lasts for up to 8 post

This is where passive traits, kido, and release abilities go

Fancy Fencing - Centuries of honing her sword fighting skills has made her into a fierce fighter with plenty of attacks that are solely meant to dazzle and/or distract an opponent.

Reckless Persistence - Due to her hatred of failure, once she starts something, she will keep going until it's finished, regardless of the danger to herself.

Cloak of Night - Because of her training, she can fight just as well in darkness as in light.

Stealth - She has perfected the art of being nearly soundless, though it is not perfect and she messes up often.

Flexibility, Dislocation, Numb Nerves - She can bend and twist into any variety of shapes, dislocating her bones pretty much at will. Her nerve endings are numb so she can take a lot of pain before reacting to it.


Cero Viento - a type of cero she invented by concentrating pure wind reiatsu


Cerberus's Prayer - An attack that Ember created by combining the forming of her mask with the release of either her Shilkai or her Bankai, though the timing has to be exact. A massive black tornado forms around Ember, capable of reaching speeds of up to 150 mph. The tornado functions as both offense (by hurling whatever it picks up at the opponent) and defense (by concealing Ember within the Tornado) and stays for five posts or until it's sent away.


Biography: Growing up as the only daughter of a wealthy family in France had it's perks, she got whatever she wanted. Despite this, Ember was still the "Black Sheep" of the family learning Fencing instead of sewing, spending time in the forest with the animals instead of learning to cook & clean. This didn't change when her little brother was born. What did change was her parents attitude. They didn't like her little brother, her father had been infertile at the time of her conception and right away the arguments between Mother and Father were loud and offensive.

Ember was often left to take care of her brother. The two children relying on the house staff to care for and feed them. This too, however, changed soon. The fights at home left their father tired and dejected when he went to work, and the wealthy, well-known family soon found themselves drowning in debt. The house staff stay on as volunteers, but they left after a year. The fire killed both parents, leaving orphans with debt and no money or place to stay.

Ember took odd jobs, primarily manual labor and once as a servant, begging on the streets as well, anything to feed her brother. An old couple took them in later. Ember was 19 and her brother 8.

Ember died trying to make sure her brother was safe from a tornado that came under the cloak of night. After shutting the door to the underground shelter, Ember was picked up by the tornado and thrown to be impaled through both the chest and through her left eye by tree branches.

For two years after her death, Ember followed her younger brother around, protecting him and leading others to believe that her brother had special powers. But she was no help when the hollow attacked. It murdered her 10 year old brother and in her rage, she attacked when she thought was a strange monster with nothing but her hands. It brushed her off as if she was nothing but an annoying fly, but she kept attacking it. She had been trying to rip its head off for the better part of an hour when the shinigami arrived, though she blames herself for the deaths caused while she was trying to stall the hollow.

She joined the shinigami under a false name "Shiroshii" but lingered only long enough to gain basic knowledge: what she was now, what that monster had been, how to achieve Shikai; and to briefly be part of the 11th Squad...then used a hollow hunting expedition to fake her death and flee.

Ember simply vanished for about a century, surfacing again as a Viazard, with the companions Akira and Ishta. She now works as a mercenary of sorts, traveling freely and eagerly learning all she can.

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