Miyamoto Kanade (WIP)

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Miyamoto Kanade (WIP)

Post by Miyamoto Kanade on Tue Nov 20, 2012 1:26 am

Name: Miyamoto Kanade

Nickname: Miya; Koto

Age: 462

Visual Age: 23

Gender: Female

Appearance: A relatively short thing standing at only 5'2", 'Koto's appearance is unique to say the least. Her most obvious feature being her seemingly endless indigo colored hair, which stop just short of her hips. While she generally has it tied up, she's been known to let it hang from time to time. Her light pink eyes are quite the sight. While odd, they lend to her ability to easily distinguish herself from others. The colored orbs seemingly glow in the dark, making her look all the more odd at night. While not an absurd size, her bust is incredibly unusual for one her size. Though she uses them to her advantage quite often.

Personality: Generally relaxed and laid back, Miya is known for having personality switches at the drop of dime. She is known for having psychotic tendencies. Violent outbursts can be the norm with her, if caught on a bad day. Other than this, she is generally and easy going person. She really is. DOn't let the devious smile fool you. She's sweet......

Likes: Alcoholic Beverages
A good fight
The night sky
Watching pompous people get put in their place


Special Characteristics:

Previous Division: Eighth Division

Class: Elite


RP Sample:

Miyamoto Kanade

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