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Toskyomi App W.I.P

Post by Toskyumi on Fri Nov 05, 2010 3:12 pm

Arrancar Template

Name: Toskyomi

Nickname:The Immortal

Age: 765

Visual Age: 19

Gender: Male

Appearance: Toskyomi has the appearance of a laid back young man most of the time; though he always wears the same uniform he tries to at least make it match his body which gives his hair a Coal like color and his eyes are a Sea Blue tint and strained with black veins around the iris that shoot through the sclera and seem to connect with his face yet no sign of them is given off to his face. He has a single scar on his left shoulder that stretches from the top of the collar bone to right before the elbow on his left arm and ends in a cross shape. His other notable feature are three birthmark like red areas on his back that form a triangle.

(General Look)


  • Fighting - He thinks of himself as a born genius in fighting and takes pride in his victories of many different opponents; He is respectful to all he defeats and carries on their will with his own

  • Reading - He loves most human books and when he can will collect whatever form of literature happens to be available to him.

  • Writing - Though not as much as his previous two likes writing is a pass time for him which serves its function as a hobby.

  • Training - His final like is training his body to the point where it can no longer stand, though this is not as satisfying as a fight it gives him a sense of self-satisfaction that reading and writing cannot give.


Special Characteristics:




RP Sample:

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