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Nakamura Daisuke

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Character Name: Daisuke Nakamura

Age: 347 years (appears as 22)



Weight: 195 lbs

Squad and Seat: 9th Squad 3rd Seat

Character Looks:



In combat, Daisuke remains focused, never moving his concentration from his enemy until his enemy is defeated. It is best that weaker allies not get involved in his fights, because if they do he will be unable to help them, because he will not realize their status until the battle is over. He firmly believes that one should only involve themselves in a fight if they are prepared to die. He can operate as a team mate, but only in a limited sense. He will keep up his end of progress, but will not pull up someone else’s slack.

Outside of battle he is a friendly and polite individual. Among equals he tends to be casual and doesn’t add to conversation unless his opinion is asked for. If an equal or stranger insults or teases him Daisuke will tend to be witty and have a comeback for said insult or tease. To his superiors, he is submissive and always follows his orders without question. Daisuke is respectable to his subordinates, but he makes his position clear to them.

Daisuke himself is a creative soul. His hobbies include cooking, sketching, and writing in his journal.

Zanpakuto Information:

Unreleased looks:



The blade is on the reverse side, symbolizing Daisuke’s peaceful tendency outside of battle.

Zanpakuto Type: Twin Blade/Kido Type


Shikai Name:Shinchintaisha (The Renewal)

Chant:Light the Way, Shinchintaisha.

Shikai Looks:



Shikai Effects:

Shinchintaisha can teleport Daisuke ¾ of the distance near an enemy as long as he is standing within sight of the enemy. Shinchintaisha can also teleport Daisuke directly above or below his current position equal to a distance of twice his height. There is a 0.5 second delay before he can teleport again.

Shinchintaisha's Attacks

Slash Dimension: Using his own body as Slash Dimension’s central point and a swift motion of the blade, Shinchintaisha unleashes a 360 degree spherical dimension of destruction using the length of Daisuke’s arm plus the length of Shinchintaisha’s blade length as a radius. The attack lasts 2 seconds and is a series of lightning quick blade strikes striking all points within the sphere's influence.

Aerial Rave: It’s a lightning quick two hit combo that creates two projectile 180 degree arcs of compressed Reiatsu that fly at the enemy. The approximate range is eqaul to about 50 meters.

Daisuke has made it his intention to focus mostly on BaKudo (The way of Binding):


Name: Restrain
#: 1
Description: Locks a target's arms in place behind their back.

Name: Crawling Rope
#: 4
Description: An energy rope entangles a target's arms.

Name: Seki
Description: An invisible barrier of reiatsu forms around the user’s hand that can repel weak attacks.

Name: Strike
#: 9
Description: Engulfs a target in red light, completely paralyzing them.
Incantation: Disintegrate, you black dog of Rondanini! Look upon yourself with horror and then claw out your own throat!

Name: Beak Stab Triple Flash
#: 30
Description: User draws a triangle in the air and fangs of reiatsu form at each point. The user then speaks the name of the incantaion and the fangs fly at the target and open at the tip to clamp down on the targets arms and waist, pinning them to the wall or floor.

Description: The user creates a solid sheet of reatsu that extends arms to latch on to surrounding structure

Daisuke knows only one Hadou (Way of Destruction)


Name: Sōkatsui
Description: Fires a burst of blue spiritual energy at a target in a similar manner to #31, but over a wider area and with more power.
Incantation': "Ye lord! Mask of flesh and bone, flutter of wings, ye who bears the name of Man! Truth and temperance, upon this sinless wall of dreams unleash but slightly the wrath of your claws."


Shunpo (Flash Steps) Expert.

Extra Info: Daisuke learns this ability due to Shinchintaisha's reluctance to enter battle. Though Shinchintaisha's ability negates most of the need for Hoho, Daisuke still uses Hoho as a means to help Shinchintaisha to end a battle sooner.


Rukongai Arc:

Daisuke was born inside the Soul Society into the noble Nakamura family. He grew up in the 1st District of the Rukongai. At the age of 50 he began to develop symptoms of hunger. Eventually he became so fatigued he could barely stand. Worried that Daisuke might die, the Nakamura household brought in an elder wise woman. Once it was pointed out that Daisuke was merely hungry he was given some Onigiri. Amazed by the concept of taste Daisuke became more interested in food.

He visited the elder everyday for 75 years, until she passed on, and learned the craft of cooking. At the age of 150 years he was approached by the Shinigami of the Seireitei and invited to join the Shinigami academy.

Academy Arc:

In his first year Daisuke performed poorly. He just couldn’t get a hold on the teachings very well. Then when the teasing started his development suffered more.

One day he was approached by an instructor who asked him why his class ranking was so poor for being a noble with a strong Reiryoku. Daisuke explained that he was unable to concentrate due to the constant teasing. The instructor took Daisuke aside and taught him how to shut out the outside world and focus on only achieving one’s goal in battle. Daisuke took to the training too well.

Daisuke soon soared to the top of the class in sparring session and showed off a natural tendency for Hoho. His combat style became ruthless and uncaring. The instructor that taught him how to focus in battle soon became concerned. He was given a journal to write in and told that he needed to do so to keep his sanity in check. At first Daisuke disregarded this advice. He was too caught up in his own success.

One night Daisuke caught a group of students sneaking out of the barracks. When he confronted them they turned violent and attacked. Daisuke was drawn into the focus of the fight. When one of the other students managed to cut him, Daisuke used a level 33 Hakudo and severely injured the student. If not for Daisuke’s instructor hearing the commotion, Daisuke would have continued the battle until he killed the other students.

Daisuke was shown the error of his ways and became horrified at what he had become. He managed to escape expulsion upon the fact that the other students had survived and they had attacked him first. Due to his ruthlessness in the fight he was demoted to the secondary class. Daisuke’s instructor was ashamed of him and that’s what hurt Daisuke the most.

From that day forward Daisuke began to focus more on a peaceful path. He focused on Bakudou more and wrote in his journal daily.

Shinigami Arc

Daisuke baffled other Shinigami when he received his Zanpakuto. They thought there was something wrong with his Reiryoku, because the Zanpakuto’s blade had been sharpened on the reverse side. Daisuke knew immediately what it meant though. His Zanpakuto served as a reminder of his path in life; a path of peace and wisdom.

Daisuke started out in the 5th Division serving as a messenger, until he was noticed by Captain Rai of the ninth. Rai saw that Daisuke was a good record keeper and knew such skills would prove useful to the 9th Division. Daisuke remained unseated in the 9th Division for some time until his Zanpakuto’s Shikai, Shinchintaisha, revealed itself.

Though it only appeared at first to be just a corrected blade, Daisuke showed his prowess for calculation when using Shinchintaisha. Daisuke now serves as Capitan Rai’s 3rd Seat.

Zanpakuto Spirit Info:

Spirit looks

Spirit Personality

Shinchintaisha is a peaceful warrior. He prefers counsel and mediation over confrontation. Shinchintaisha perfers Daisuke would try and sway an enemy away from fighting before releasing him. At first Shinchintaisha would rarely reveal himself, but over time Shinchintaisha came to trust Daisuke's judgement.

RP Sample:

Daisuke stood directly in front of the towering Hollow. This particular Hollow had been chasing the soul of a young girl for days now and Daisuke was all that stood in between it and the girl. He tasked with leading this little one to the soul society. He would not fail.

The young girl let out a terrified whimper as the she looked at the Hollow. Daisuke looked back at her and smiled.

“There is nothing to fear little one.” Daisuke said, “Could you do me a favor though and take about fifteen to twenty steps back please.” The little girl looked confused. “Don’t be afraid. I won’t let him hurt you.” The girl did as she was told. Daisuke turned back to the hollow. Daisuke grabbed his Zanpakuto; sheath and all.

“Light the way, Shinchintaisha.” Daisuke said. The Zanpakuto began to glow, but when Daisuke unsheathed it he held two blades in his hands. The hollow charged and Daisuke took a ready stance.

“Three…two…” Daisuke counted as the hollow grew closer. Daisuke tightned his grip on Shinchintaisha. The hollow was right on top of him, “one, Slash Dimension!”

BOOM! That was the sound of time being ripped away from a space of about 1.5 meters in all directions around Daisuke. Unfortunately for the hollow, it was within that Sphere. Two Seconds went by and Daisuke was now standing in the middle of a crater. The hollow had stopped directly infront of him, in shock from the amount of pain it was in. It had numerous cuts marking its lower body.

Due to its height it the upper body had avoided most of the attack. Daisuke turned his back to the hollow and disappeared within the next instant. He now stood in front of the young girl. She was terrified. Daisuke had a cold look in his eyes, colder than the look her killer had when the girl’s life was taken. Daisuke turned sharply on his heel facing the hollow once more. Daisuke reverted back to his ready stance and concentrated on the hollows head.

“Aerial Rave” Daisuke breathed.


The hollow froze. It’s head cut clean through in two different spots; before the head could fall apart the Hollow evaporated into thin air. A sigh was heard from Daisuke. Shinchintaisha transformed and Daisuke stood there with a sheath in one hand and a sword in the other. He re-sheathed his Zanpakuto and turned back to the girl a warm smile on his face.

“Now let’s get you on the way to the soul society shall we little miss.” Daisuke said softly. Daisuke prepared to perform a soul burial when he heard something approaching from behind.

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