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Tathar Naga

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Character Name: Tathar Naga

Age: 17307, looks around 23.

Gender: Male

Number: 2

Description: Has messy brown hair and deep blue eyes. There is pale skin over his left eye, a terrible burn mark. What is left of his mask resembles a snakes jaw, fitting snugly with his own jawline and across his upper lip, it moves with his own jaw, when he speaks for example, and has two fangs sticking down from the upper jaw. His hollow hole is quite low on his chest, more so on the abdominal area. Wears a flowing white coat and black gloves with the thumb, forefinger and little finger missing on each one, although these cannot be seen due to his long ragged sleeves. The middle of his coat is cut in a way as to just show his hollow hole. His tattoo, the number 2, is on the outside bicep of his left arm, and is barely visible due to a small cut in the sleeve from a previous fight., even with his mid-length baggy sleeves.

Personality: A usually laid back and tired member of the Espada, but will jump at the chance for a good fight. Usually will hang around and might possibly do something when asked, although usually must be threatened by someone more powerful for such tasks. Likes to mess with his opponents head in a fight, usually laughing maniacally even when seriously wounded.


Name: Serpiente

Chant: Shed your skin, Serpiente!

Element: Poison

Description: Changes practically into a large snake, retaining his upper body (particularly his arms), yet it is still covered in similar scales, surrounding his face much like a helmet. His tongue also changes to that of a snake, he begins to speak with a hiss. Despite the lack of legs he becomes slightly faster, sliding over terrain much easier. Will occasionally walk on his hands, tail poised in a scorpion like manner. The addition of his fangs and large claws replace the need for a sharp weapon like the sword he is normally used to fighting with.


Name: Cero
Type: Active, Both
Description: A concentrated ball of energy and destruction, usually fired from an open hand or mouth.

Name: Gran Rey Cero
Type: Active, Unreleased
Description: A much more powerful and destructive form of cero, much stronger and faster than a normal cero.

Name: Bala
Type: Active, Both
Description: Much faster but also much slower than a cero. Can be fired like a bullet, and in much faster succession.

Name: Sonido
Type: Active, Both
Description: Arrancar equivalent of the Shinigami Flash Steps and the Quincy Hirenkyaku; it allows me user to travel at incredibly high speeds for short distances.

Name: Hierro
Type: Passive, Both
Description: Hardened skin due to compressed spiritual pressure. Can block released zanpakuto bare handed. When in released form the effect is increased because of his scales.

Name: Veneno
Type: Passive, Released
Description: Contact with any part of the released forms scales will inject a small ammount of poison into who or what ever touched it. The poison will gradually gather strength from the victims spiritual pressure and spread through their body. It will slowly paralyse the victim.

Name: Alongar
Type: Active, Released
Description: Speed increases slightly and the snake like part of his body can extend great distances, usually used for constricting the target.

Name: Marca Sierpe
Type: Active, Released
Description: Can pull of one of his scales and, pushing energy into it, can change it into a snake. When the snake is defeated, the scale returns but the same scale cannot be used again until the next release. The more scales and energy used, the larger and more powerful the snake will be. Could theoretically be used to make 'clones'.


Biography: Was born under a common name to a poor mother and father of a Nomadic tribe. When 8 years old he was taught to fight, and by age 12 was out hunting and protecting the tribe. He rose to an important position as head hunter of the tribe. During a the first great tribal war, he slew many enemies, and acquired a certain blood-lust. It changed him. He eventually grew, started a family, despite his lust for blood causing concern among the tribal elders. In the next tribal war, he was unfortunately slain, but not in battle. An opposing tribe captured and tortured him, before finally burning him to death. His soul wandered the land, watching the people, watching his family. Eventually, after wandering alone for a long while... he was confronted by a beast... mostly white, strange markings and eyes like hell. He fought back against the ensuing onslaught, but lost and was consumed, himself becoming like the beast.... a hollow. Feeling this new power he sought out the decendants of the tribe that killed him... he devoured them all. After this he adopted a new name, Tathar Naga. After many weeks of wandering and feeding on human souls... he grew bored. He found a way into Hueco Mundo and began to fight and eat other hollows. Loving the thrill of a battle he joined a mass brawl between these hollows, longing again to be victorious. Following on the same way for many a while, he managed to evolve into an Vasto Lorde, once again in a human-like form. In a battle with another large hollow, he came to a disadvantage,the other hollow had grabbed onto his face, his mask. In order to escape and fight back, he sacrificed his mask, ripping himself free from it. He began to glow, and much to the awe of the other hollow, changed into a humanoid shape, now holding a blade. He quickly sle this hollow out of rage, and began to realize his new found power. After wandering a while longer, experimenting with his new abilities, he became recognized, and was branded as the Second Espada.

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