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Chishio Saiken

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Character Name: Chishio Saiken

~Visual Age : 17
~Actual Age : 317

Gender: Male

Number: 7th


Chishio apon 1st glance looks like a normal person. He has a fair skin tone, is 6'0 and about 130 pounds. He wears the standard espada; a white jacket, black sash, and a white hakama, although his jacket seems to have longer coattails than others. Chishio's Hollow Hole is one the right side of his chest, opposite where a regular human heart would be. The Number 7 is one the left side of his chest.

Chishio zanpakuto seems to be a regular katana. To enter his ressurected state Chishio would scratch the side of his Katana and its release phrase is "Bleed, Akaotome". When this is done it would seem the blade actually bleeds as a single drop of blood falls from the side of the blade and then the blade disappears.

Personality: Aloof, Intellegent, Calm. Can be known for being stoic at times. His cold demeanor is adamant and he can be very disparaging when his calm demeanor is gone.


Name: Akaotome

Chant: "Bleed, Akaotome"

Element: Blood


After the blood falls from the blade it falls to the ground and then the ground under Chishio ripples as if a pebble was thrown into a glass smooth lake. An explosion of red reaitsu then occurs and when it died down he is in his Chishio Rebirth state. In this form all of Chishio's techniques and skills increase in strenght, durability and the distance it can go for doubles. The armor is very durable but extremely light-weight. Chishio's speed increases 125% when the armor is on and if its destroyed it increases to 175%. Chishio's physical strength almost triples in this state as well.


Name: Sonido
State: Both
Description: An Arrancars version of Shunpo.

Name: Pesquisa
State: Both
Description: An Arrancars ability to sense spiritual pressure and detect the source.

Name: Garganta
State: Both
Description: Garganta is how Arrancar move to and from Hueco Mundo.

Name: Garganta Broadcast
State: Both
Description: Chishio's ability to create a visual broadcast , similar to a television screen, using individual Garganta portals. He is able to create up to 3 portals at once showing what is happening in 3 different locations.

Name: Gran Rey Cero
State: Both
Description: A extremly strong cero that is made by the mixture of highly concentrated energy and the blood of a powerful Espada.

Name: Chishio Cero
State: Resurrected
Description: Similar to a Gran Rey Cero this Cero is formed by the mixture of highly concentrated energy and the blood of a powerful Espada. Chishio's ability to use blood as his weapon increasing the strength of his Cero causing it to be a dark crimson red in color. Around the cero there are red sparkles from the reaitsu infused in the attack. This Cero surpasses the strength of a Gran Rey Cero drastically.

Name: Hierro
State: Both
Description: An Arrancar's Iron Skin. Chishio's Hierro is extremely powerful similar to that of Ulquiorras.

Name: Bala
State: Both
Description: A cero that is cut drastically in size and power but move much faster than a regular one.

Name: Blood Manipluation
State: Both
Description: Chishio has a unique ability to manipluate blood (not inside of people). With this he is able to do many things like create shield with over adamant density and the techniques below.

Name: Chishio Fountain
State: Both
Description: Chishio will cut himself on the finger and then slam his hand down on the ground. At 1st this technique does nothing but as time passes on (post have this initial one) blood will start to pour from the ground and flood the area and after about 8 turns it would completely flood the area becoming a lake of blood.

Name: Chishio Souran - Blood Control
State: Both
Description: This skill allows the Chishio to have full control of all the blood in his body. This skill can come in handy if Chishio is bleeding for then he can stop himself from losing blood. With this skill Chishio can also breathe in blood like how a fish would breathe in water. The user would breathe regularly but the blood will be filters and then evened out in the body while the oxygen in brought where its needed regularly for breathing.

Name: Chishio Seisaku
State: Both
Description: This is a skill that Chishio trained that allows his body to produce any amount of blood to replace the amount the body lost near instantly making sure he doesnt have to much or little blood in their body at all times.

Name: Chishio Kiri - Blood Mist
State: Normal
Description: An entire area of 300meters is covered in a thick crimison mist made of blood. This technique causing a low visibility allowing for silent kills and those weak to the heart can faint just from relizing the mist is blood.

Name: Chishio Ame - Blood Rain
State: Ressurected
Description: Red clouds will form overhead and it will begin to rain blood. This blood is hardened above diamond density making it able to pierce anything that it rains over for a 50m radius. This rain lasts for 2 turns.

Name: Chishio Buki - Blood Weapons
State: Both
Description: Chishio will cut himself a draw blood, or an opponents blood. Then with reaitsu he will mold the blood the form any weapon he desires that has the durability of a regular katana or zanpakuto.

Name: Chishio Bushin - Blood Clone
State: Both
Description: From a large source of blood Chishio is able to make a clone of him or basically anything he wants to out of blood to serve him (example an animal or something). The object formed is filled with blood so if limbs are lost they can be replaced. These clones or creations are semi-permitable so things can go inside of it and be trapped inside. These clones are as hard as adamant on the outside but inside its just liquid blood.

Name: Chishio Bakuha - Blood Explosion
State: Both
Description: The Chishio Bushin explodes causing an explosion of blood and reaitsu capable of greatly damaging anyone that gets caught in it.

Name: Chishio Rebirth
State: Ressurected
Description: When in his released Chishio is covered in a crimson armor that is twice as strong as his hierro. He gets a sword created from blood with a zanpakuto density. He has access to a new series of attacks. His lower jaw is covered in a red bone from his former mask.



Human Arc : Chishio's past is all a blur to him. He doesnt recall his human life at all. Before the accident Chishio was known as Chiro. A 17 year old boy who was quite talented. He was a child genius and was very insightful. He seemed to have a perfect life but he didnt act like he did. He didnt act like the normal 17 year old at all as a matter of fact. He was very mature and didnt show his emotions to most people. He didnt have many friends and because of the way he acted he was very distant from his family.

It was a few days before Chiro was going to graduate high school when the accident happened. He was in the library until closing time doing research on mythology for a research paper and when he left, it was quite late. He walked home in the dead of night, around 11p.m and thats when it happened. He was attacked by a hollow and when he awoke he ended up being a hollow himself. His memory gone the last thing he remembered was being attacked and the longer he stayed a hollow even that memory faded.

Hollow Arc : Because Chishio wasnt truely put to rest, his soul was unable to move on and thus he became a hollow. Chishio found his way to Hueco Mundo eventually and there he spent about half a century roaming the lands training is abilities. He couldnt recall his human life anymore...he was now 100% hollow. Chishio roamed the land killing many other hollow and eventually even finding his way back to the human realm and then killed many humans and Shinigami.

Chishio constantly roared both the human realm and Hueco Mundo killing anything in his path. Soon he kept residence in the human realm and he feasted on the souls of humans at the dead of night..he seemed to attack the most around 11p.m, the time when he was attacked. He seemed to be satisfiyed with staying in the human realm...this way he got to feast on souls and because he was unusually strong he was able to kill any Shinigami that he came into contact with and escape those who he couldnt kill. Chishio seemed to like to kill, but not for sadistic or vengeful purposes, but because it was all he thought he could do.

It was in the human realm that Chishio rose above the ranks of hollows going from a weak Gillian Class to a Vastro Lorde. Chishio had stopped feasting on human souls, now he just killed however he came into contact with. Chishio did consume a soul every now and then but he seemed to be obessed with blood.As he grew in powerful his attacks became less frequent, yet his connection and need for blood seemed to increase. He didnt have the need for human blood or souls anymore..he wanted something richer and more deserving. Chishio then began to draw out more and more Shinigami which he started feasting on as well as massacring for the blood.

Arrancar/Espada Arc : As time passed Chishio fought many others to improve on his strenght. He killed many Shinigami and Hollows alike and soon he grew powerful enough to rip his hollow mask off. When he was ressurected Chishio looked at himself. He couldnt remember anything about his human life and he could only recall the last few moments of his hollow life before he became an arrancar. It was then he went to Hueco Mundo and stayed there for about 20 years. He trained slowly learning his abilities. His ties with what seemed to be blood led him into adopting the name Chishio Saiken.

Chishio began wandering Hueco reason, just wandering seeming to be looking for something. During his roaming he found Las Noches and he learnt about the Espada. He was then confronted by a member and when they learnt of his strength Chishio became a member of the Espada and then worked his way up to the 7th Espada.

Chishio has seemed to have lost his blood-lust and need to kill for when he became an arrancar his personality changed completely. He went from a hollow killing in search of a purpose to an emotionless arrancar not seeming to care for anything anymore. After his transformation, Chishio honed his skills mastering the abilities the normal arrancar possessed as well as the blood techniques he seemed to create.

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