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Akki Ulhart

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Character Name: Akki Ulhart

Age: Actual: 340 Looks:29


Number: 5


Only a small part of Akki's mask is left on her face but is not visable it is a small part just behind her left ear so unless you know what she is, it is easy to mistake her for a normal human. Akki may look frail but she is lean and quite muscular.

Personality: Akki is cold, hard and ruthless. She lives for the heat of battle and will let no one live if they get in her way she has no mercy and will not stop until everything before her is awash with blood. Akki loves nothing more than to train hard and destroy anything and everything, her face is inpassive and never shows emotion she talks very little unless it is really worth saying or if she is causing fear in her opponents.

When not destroying something Akki can be found training and becoming stronger she aspires to one day become espada number 1.


Name: Fuego

Chant: Immolate Fuego


When released Akki takes the form of a huge demon, her mask reforms as a demons face and large horns. her hands claw as do her feet.

Name:Caja Negación
Type: Unreleased
Description: used to punish Arrancar subordinates by trapping them eternally in an alternate dimension. However, should the Caja Negación be used on an Espada, the Espada will eventually break out of the alternate dimension (usually within a few hours), due to their large amount of Reiatsu.

Description:Like all other hollows, they can use this blast technique. The Espada user fires a laser blast of great, concentrated destruction. While the color of most ceros is red/crimson, several famous members of the Espada appear to have great color variations in their Cero

Description:how arrancar move to and from Hueco Mundo.It literally tears open the dimensional fabric separating the worlds, revealing a tunnel of whirling, torrential energy that must be focused and solidified to create a discernible pathway.

Descripiton:refers to the hardened skin of the Arrancar, which is a result of their compressed spiritual power. While their skin is strong enough to block even released Zanpakutō bare-handed, it is by no means impenetrable. Stronger Arrancar have proportionally stronger skin.

Description:he arrancar equivalent of the Shinigami ability to sense Spiritual Pressure. It functions similar to a sonar. Using pesquisa requires most Espada to enter a meditative state

Description:the Arrancar equivalent of the shinigami Flash Steps and the Quincy Hirenkyaku; it allows the user to travel at incredibly high speeds for short distances. Use of Sonído is punctuated by a brief static sound, in contrast to the "swish" sound used for Flash Steps.

Name:Cero llameante
Descripiton: Akki's own personal Cero like normal Cero this is a powerful blast but unlike anyother is is super heated and instead of causing a great exposion it will burn through anything that it touches.

Name:Bola de fuego
Descripiton: Litrally meaning Fire ball when in her released form Akki can spew for fire ball from her mouth

Descripiton:Akki draws on alot of her reitsu and releases it in the form of a super hot wind that burns and melts anything it touches, if it hits a shinigami, quincy or anything other than human it causes their skin to blister and burn and insome cases it is known for their organs to boil and burst.


Basic Hollow Arc
LAkki cannot remember ever being a human or even a human spirit the only proof she has is the vauge memory her name used to be Rei, The first thing she remembers is opening her eyes and being surrounded by many many monsters in a vast desert then it went black.
When she next awoke a hunger filled her and she had changed in apperance her body was more muscular and a bone like structure covered parts of her face and body. The hunger was insane but she had no idea where she was or what to do that when something approached her and explained it all, she was within the Menos Forest and was know as a Hollow. Menos Forest was situated in Hueco Mundo and Hollows to survive will need to feed on souls and to do so will need to travel from Hueco Mundo to the Human world. She was then warned to beware two thing the first was Shinigami and the second Quincy,The Hollow who was explaining thing looked nothing like her but looked almost Human or what she could remember a human looked like.

Time went on in Hueco Mundo within the forest Akki's hunger was growing and she was told to follow a group of Hollows into the Human world to feed, Akki did just that. The Human world facinated her she could feel and sense things she couldn't in the forest, she could smell something that smelled delicious. Akki crashed through the town devouring any souls she came across becoming stronger, she travelled between the forest and the Human world many times.

On one such visit while chasing down a rather tastey soul she was confronted by a rather strange fellow in a black outfit from what she could gather this was a shinigami and it looked tastey. Akki charged at the Shinigami swinging her claws but it was deflected by a metal object she had never seen before but later found was a sword, this was when she found out what she was capabe of while attacking the Shinigami one of her arms was cleaved off but within afew minutes it had healed and regrown, then came the real power the power of her self without known what she was doing she spat forth a small ball of fire hitting the unsuspecting Shinigami stopping him in his place, he didnt last long but tasted great.

A greater hunger,From nothing to Menos Gillian Class
Trips from Hueco Mundo to the human world became for frequent and Akki had devoured many a Shinigami but these souls were no longer sustaining her hunger this is when she made a choice while within the Meno forest she attacked a fellow Hollow and devoured it, it was good and she felt powerful, after doing this for a while she felt the urge to delve further into the forest and found others of her ilk other cannibals they all managed to work as a group until one day something amazing happened during one mass inter-devouring, Akki and her fellow Cannibals started to fuse and merge the next thing Longmaul could remember was no longer being what she once was but something more a Gillan Class Hollow, From then on Akki no longer left the forest she mulled about still devouring other Hollows and even other Gillan the felt more and more powerful until again a change happened.

Adjuchas, Hollow Followers
After devouring so many Hollows Akki changed once again this time into an Adjuchas, she became a very very powerful and alot of the lower Hollows follwed her from pure fear, She Ventured out of the Forrest once and into the Human realm she was drawn towards a Huge amount of Reitsu, a powerful quincy who was destorying Hollows by the hundreds, In her new powerful form she commanded a small group of Hollows and took down the quincy having his soul to herself, Back in the Menos Forest rumors were going about that some Menos were becoming something other than just Hollows and Akki had to find out how. Her hunger grew and grew and she continued to devour any who got in her way or any Hollows who would oppose her or else she would become a Gillan once again and never reach this state again, she was the all powerful within the forest but she could be more, And it was time again for a change and she could feel it.

Vasto Lorde
The change came without warning she had devoured so much her form had to change to hold her power, she was now the best of any Hollow hunger had subsided slightly but she still needed to feed on other hollow of Gillan class just to sustain it. It is while within this form Akki truley shone, she had a more Human look about her, like the Hollow that had mentored her and she also gain an amazing ability a special kind of Cero an extreamly dangerous version. From time to Time Akki attracted to large Reitsu would still visit the Human world and still destroy any weak Shinigami or Quincy in her way she loved it she reveled in it, her next step was to be rid of her mask and become Arrancar but she had to find out how until then devouring Hollow and destorying Shinigami would be her job.

Espada 9[b]
One day while venturing out of the Forest and into the deserts of Hueco mundo Akki was confronted by a strange being something she had never seen before this thing decided to Attack her but Akki held her own using everything she had learn over the many years or protecting herself in the forest eventually the fight came to a peak and Akki quickly and quietly devoured her opponent it was the most powerful soul she had ever tasted then another being approached her and Akki could tell that this person or thing was very very powerful it told her to follow it and she did so, the next thing she could remember was losing her mask and becoming what was known as an Espada not the most powerful but more than she previously was. Akki was briefed on what she was and her ranking she was Espada number 9 then weakest of the espada but Akki wanted more she wanted to be higher.

[b]Up the ranks to number 5

Many years passed and Akki was slowly working her way up the ranks of the espada she had gone from number 9 all the way to number 6 but it still wasnt good enough she wanted more. Akki hadnt been to the human world in a long time and was longing for battle she spent alot of time training her power and decided instead of waiting she would take what she wanted, she spent a long time waiting for the number six espada to show up but when he did she ambushed him the battle was long and straining she took alot of damage and was near death but she finally defeated him but she had to released her ressurection to do so. Akki lay in the sand on the border of consiousness before she blacked out, when she awoke she was in a small white room then tattoo of 6 that was once on her left shoulder was no longer there in its place a tattoo of a number 5 was in its place. A cold grin crossed her face this wasnt the end of her quest for power but it would do for now for she knew that hard times were ahead and she needed to be more powerful. Darkness took her again but this time it was to rest she would soon restart her training and hopefully have a chance to become something great.


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