Kyusai Yomura (Feel Free to Approve)

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Kyusai Yomura (Feel Free to Approve)

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Character Name:Kyusai Yomura

Age: 492 appeared:17


Height: 5 foot 8 inches

Weight: 156 lbs.

Squad and Seat: 13th Captain

Character Looks: He has medium length light brown hair,and has green eyes. He wears the normal shinigami robe,but open at the chest. He has a small lightly muscular build,and three scars on his chest. He wears his Zanpakuto on his back. He has a tattoo with the kanji meaning saviour on the right side of his chest.

Personality: He is an easy-going guy,that cares for his comrades. He may joke around a lot,but he is dead serious about his duty. Whenever he goes into battle he gets completely serious. Although he always cares more about others than himself. Kyusai also has a great sense of honor,and is polite to others,unless they provoke him.

Zanpakuto Information:

Unreleased looks: It looks like a normal unreleased Zanpakuto. Just a katana.

Zanpakuto Type: Darkness


Shikai Name:Susanoo

Chant: Storms and seas,awaken Susanoo!!

Shikai Looks: The shikai looks like a katana,with three jagged spikes on the dulled edge. On the tip of the handle is an opening,similar to a gun. The blade is red,and on the dulled edge black.

Shikai Abilities: The shikai can fire spiritual pressure from the gun opening,at the power of a Desert Eagle,the energy is dark purple almost black.

Spirit: He is tall,with long white hair. He has yellow eyes,and a scar across his eye that goes to the bottom of his face. He wears a large white robe,that covers his whole body. His hands look almost skeletal,and have beaded bracelets around his wrists.

Only available to Captain's and Lieutenants, Lieutenants have a 10 post limit.

Bankai Name:Saikyosusanoo

Bankai Looks: The bankai looks like a giant blade,completely red,and dark red on the dulled edge. It's a jagged blade,that shreds up foes when it cuts.

Bankai Abilities: Kyusai can unleash a large burst of energy from the blade,that fires at the power of an AK-47.

This is where passive traits, kido, and release abilities go

Name:Kumori Spear
Type: Kido
Number: 93
Description:Kyusai summons up a dark spear made of darkness energy. He throws the spear,and it can pierce through anything impaling foes,then sending dark energy throughout their body,causing more damage.


Biography: Having been raised to be a samurai in the world of the living,Kyusai made it into the Shinigami Advanced class easily. After passing through the academy with flying colors,he was accepted into the 13th squad. He rose through the ranks quickly,and was 3rd seat for most of his shinigami life so far. He was sent to kill a Hollow in the world of the living. He was accompanied by the Lieutenant. When they found the Hollow,they found he was 22 feet tall. The lieutenant attacked the hollow first. After they fought it for a while the lieutenant was killed. Kyusai then achieved Bankai through anger,he was taken to his Zanpakuto's realm where he fought his spirit and prevailed. He used his bankai to kill the hollow.

When he returned,he was promoted to Lieutenant. As Lieutenant,he trained to master his bankai more thoroughly. After gaining full control over his bankai,he was sent to the world of the living with the Captain. Together they took on three Arrancars,after killing those three another one arrived. The Captain tried to take on the Arrancar,but was killed. Kyusai then released his bankai,and attacked. He sustained intense wounds,but killed the Arrancar with his bankai shot. Upon returning to the Seireitei he was promoted to captain.

As captain,he trained with his subordinates. All of them against him,he only lost twice out of twenty-two times. He was sent to take out three Hollows that were traveling together,devouring souls. When he found one of them,he struck fast and caught it off guard. The other two discovered him as he snuck up on them. One of the Hollows managed to slash him across the chest with his three talons. He then released his bankai and fired at the Hollow who slashed him. After defeating two of them there was one left,their leader. He was a Hollow known by a few shinigami who named him Big Boss. The name came from it's ability to spit out minions from it's mouth. Kyusai took down hundreds of minions,and finally got close enough to slash through Big Boss' face. Finally defeating him. He grew more famous after taking down many infamous Hollows. He was well known,as an elite shinigami.


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