Rai Keskei Captain of the 9th

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Rai Keskei Captain of the 9th

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Basic Information

Name: Rai Keskei

Visual age:25

Age: 1052

Gender: male

Division: 9th

Seat: Captain

Looks: Rai could be attractive, with his full mouth and 7-feet of well-toned muscle, if his expression didn't look permanently annoyed. His hair is a deep mahogany and stands up in all directions like a spiky halo, framing pronounced features set in a proportioned face. His eyebrows are straight and serious, his nose prominent and narrow. His green eyes are hard, solidified by years of exposure to the bitter side of life. His body tells the same story; numerous close shaves with hollows and the like have left scars in gashes across his back and torso. His ominous look is intensified by the tribal tattoos painting his arms with intricate patterns and shapes.
Rai wears a sleeveless black shinigami uniform and a sleeveless captains jacket over it with black sandals and socks. His twin zanpakuto are hung across his back, hilts facing downwards, so that their lengths bisect each other.

Personality: Rai wears a hard outer mask, put in place after years of reclusiveness and lack of social interaction while he was alive. However, he has a soft core that turns fiery in battle. He avoids social interaction unless it is a necessity, and people generally perceive him as strange and intimidating, possibly dangerous - someone you should not cross, and they don't.
Rai is incredibly intelligent - intuitive and incisive. He has the ability to think on his feet and make split-second decisions on which he can act immediately. He spends most of his free time in the library, reading and re-reading the thick leather-bound books that line its many shelves. When he's not paging through old books, he spends hours training with his zanpakuto on scolding roofs under the blazing sun.

Zanpakuto Information

Zanpakuto Name: Kari Tori Ryuu (Reaper Dragon)

Zanpakuto Looks: Rai’s zanpakuto resemble two normal katana from afar but the blades are pitch black and are a bit longer than average. They are also completly straight and double edged. The ends of the handles have grooves so that they can be locked together to form a sword staff. The sheaths are made from shadow particles and disperse when he draws his zanpakuto. The particles will gather around his forearms where they solidify into armored plates allowing him to block attacks with his arms as well as his sword

Zanpakuto unreleased minor abilities: Being able to connect at the ends to create a staff weapon, Rai has practiced for two centuries in order to do this change in weapons in a matter of split seconds, being able to connect and disconnect in mid attack. The ability to split an reconnect stays with him in his zanpakuto shikai and Bankai forms. The sheaths are able to form armored plats on his arms.

Zanpakuto Release Phrase: Todoroke! Kari Tori Ryuu(Roar! Reaper Dragon)

Released Zanpakuto Looks: The scyth is two meters long

Released Zanpakuto abilities:

Shattered silence: Rai flicks one of the blades of his zanpakuto it will then start to resonate a high frequencies. It shatter any delicate things(like glass) in an area of 20 meters. It also disturbs the ear and inner ear and damages it causing nerve damage and as well as making people lose their balance. The attack has a decibel range of 150 decibels. The attack can be blocked by covering ones ears with some kind of protection. Lasts two of Rai's posts

Dragon's Cry: Rai cuts the air with his zanpakuto and a black shockwave shoots forward in an arch. It can be vertical, horizontal or diagonal, it all depends on the angle of the slice. The attack can blow back weak opponents and can easily go through a wall. The attacks is the equivalent of a level 43 hado. Rai is able to double the attack by disconneting his scyth and cutting with both blades at the same time.

Zanpakuto Spirit:

Bankai Information

Bankai Abilities:

Black Fog: His zanpakuto emits a mist when in Bankai which is a powerful sleep inducing agent which slows his opponents and eventually knock them out. People who are below vice captain level in terms of power( This applies to every body, so powerful quincy/ Bount won’t be knocked out, as well as powerful arrancar(espada mainly) etc.)are knocked out after five posts. Vice captains have a 15 post timer before they are knocked out and after 10 posts they can no longer use high speed moves. Poeple of captain power level will not be knocked out but they will be unable to use any high speed moves like shunpo etc. after fifteen posts. The fog is also heavier than normal fog so it can't be blown away and it clings to people. Since the mist is shadow based strong light will diminish the power. This could either be from the sun direct sunlight or a light based kido spell level 45+. A person who has inhaled the mist will be relieved from all symptoms once they enter sunlight or another source of strong light(this resets the timer becuase once they inhale tha mist it will begin putting them to sleep or slowing them down). Whearing a gas mask will also help slow down the process by 5 posts.

This mist is very similar to the mist that Link encounters in the Twilight world(The legend of Zelda:The Twilight Princess), where sunlight destroys the mist and is affects

Deafening Silence: Similar to Shattered silence except more powerful activated in the same way as shattered silence. Instead of a high pitched and frequency. It is low pitched with a low frequency. It does more damage than harming the inner ear and shattering things like glass. It does damage to ones internal organs and bones. The attack has a sound volume range of 200+ Decibels in an area of 45 meters. Unlike Shattered silence covering ones ears will not protect you from this attack the only way to block is to get out of the blast range. Lasts two of Rai's posts

Dragon’s Roar:(Similar to Dragons Cry) Rai cuts the air with his zanpakuto and two black shockwave shoots forward in an arch. It can be vertical, horizontal or diagonal, it all depends on the angle of the slice. The attack explodes upon impact. The attack is equivalent of a level 95-100 hado. Same as in his shikai he can double the attack by disconnecting his blade and striking at the same time.

Bankai Looks: blade till looks like the shikai, but it no emits a black mist known as Black Fog and it has grown a meter in length

Rai’s clothing resembles a black robe that is slightly torn to give it an ominous/dark look. The armor on his arms that he gains when drawing his sword now cover his whole body and they resemble dragon scales. He grows two black bat-like wings and this give him the ability of flight, his flight speed is a bit slower than Shunpo. His temperament changes as well and he becomes merciless in a fight.

History and RP sample


Rai has always been able to see mysterious, ghost-like things that other people couldn't. He was conceived out of wed-lock, and his birth would of been a blown-out scandal had its details not been well concealed and distorted so that it no longer resembled the truth. His mother had been a low-ranked maid working in a rich family's villa. She had served under the striking son of a well-known Count; a proud and arrogant man whose lustful nature drew him to fancy the pretty girl who cleaned his suite. One fateful night he trapped her in his room and fought with her, until forcefully deflowering the helpless women. Nine months later she died giving birth to Rai in the servants quarters. He grew up as a servant's boy in the villa. No one except his father knew he still had a living parent, and he never showed him any special kindness. To the rich son of a Count, Rai was a symbol of his shame.

Just before his 13th birthday, he escapes the villa with a small bag containing his belongings and a few provisions. He runs all the way to the Great Library in the city. There he befriends the librarian, who allows him to sleep in the Library's spacious basement and gives him two square meals a day. Over the next four years, Rai developed an intense fascination for books, poring over ancient texts by lamplight every evening until the early hours of the morning. He was deeply unsettled, and longed to know who he really was; where he came from and what his purpose was in the world. Since he had no one to question, he turned to his books. In his 25th year, 11 years after the old librarian took him in, he died in a freak accident. He was searching for a specific book at the top of a huge bookshelf, still in the vain hope of discovering some answers to his questions. When he reached the top rung of his ladder, he spotted the book he was looking for. At the same time he lost his balance and grabbed hold of the shelf opposite, bringing the entire thing down on top of him. His end was quick and painful.

He wandered around the library for a few years as a ghost eventually becoming earth bound unable to leave the library. One day a hollow attacked the library killing the old librarian. The hollow was following the trail of a very abnormally high reiatsu. Rai felt the hollow trespass on his territory and attacked, enraged by the death of the librarian. The hollow didn’t stand a chance. When the fight was over, Rai searched for the spirit of the old librarian but couldn’t for the life of him find the old man. A few days later a shinigami appeared and took Rai to the soul society against his will because he hadn’t found the librarian yet.

The Soul Society from a nobody to a captain

Rukongai Arc

Rai didn’t like the soul society at first. He found the majority of the population boring, simple minded even. He became a recluse and lived by himself in 78th district on the south side. The reputation for that area was that it was disruptive and criminal. Since Rai’s arrival in that area that changed. For a radius of a hundred meters around the house where Rai lived it was peaceful and quite. He broke up fights when they occurred and always caught thieves when they stole. He made the people involved very, very sorry. Eventually the just gave up fighting and stealing. The normal residence of the area liked Rai, to them, he was their peacekeeper. Which was why they were all very sad. When he got accepted in the shinigami academy, but they were also very happy for him.

Academy Arc

Rai arrived at the shinigami academy a day late. This was the first, but certainly not the last time he would be late for something. He was nearly kicked out because he was late. This showed disrespect and disobedience to the rules. Rai apologized many times over and they decided to give him one more chance. They were glad they did. Rai excelled greatly. He mastered all the required Kido weeks before his peers, he had excellent sword skills and he exhibited a strong sense of right and wrong. It was one night before the end exams that Rai’s latent ability emerged. When he died his brain started filtering information in a different way and became bottomless it never forgot anything and stored everything, it slowly started to release information to Rai during his time at the shinigami academy , but now it awakened. The experience was quite painful like having every cell in his brain stabbed with a needle. He fell on his back his pupils became dilated and his body began to shake violently as his brain released the tidal wave of information. When Rai wrote the exam the next morning. He passed with flying colors he was the first shinigami in history to have a near perfect score (it is impossible to get 100%). What had happened to him the night before enabled him to remember everything he had learnt the past years at the academy. His memory had become photographic, but more than just remembering the things he see, but also the things he can smell, touch, and the experiences he has had. He could recall every single thing that had happened to him as if it had just occurred.

Shinigami Arc:

Rai graduated from the academy. A few weeks later after he had acquired his zanpakuto. It amazed everybody that he had a twin style zanpakuto. A style only a handful of shinigami acquired. Rai was placed in the 5th squad at first because of his exceptional kido ability. He later moved to the ninth squad a place where he was surrounded by information especially classified information that had to be safeguarded. From the day Rai graduated he had one goal and that was to become captain of the squad he is in. He train for hundred years to acquire and perfect his shikai, which he used to take the second seat of his squad. This was also the first time Rai took a life. The previous vice captain was going to give up easily and it ended up being a death match to the end. He then trained for another two hundred years to master his Bankai.

The fight between him and his captain was epic. Almost all shinigami in the thirteen squads came to watch. Rai kept the fact that he had acquired Bankai a secret . He wanted to have his captain think he had an advantage over him . The first part of the fight was more like a warm up. Both had released their zanpakuto to shikai form. Rai captain was foolish and came to close to Rai when he used Shattered Silence. His captains balance was compromised and left the captain only one choice and that was to use his Bankai an end the fight. He did and that was what Rai had been waiting for. Thanks to Rai’s photographic memory he remembered ever time he had seen his captain use his Bankai and he new all the weaknesses.

Since the day that Rai took the position of Captain, the work the ninth squad did was exceptional well done and thorough. They kept everything quite that had to be kept quite and everything moved flawlessly when there was a leak of information. For the next 700+ years this has been the status quo in the ninth squad and this is how it was going to stay. Though Rai scared his squad officers he didn’t at any point intimidate them or threaten them on purpose. He was liked by most of his squad. Others still resented him for killing their old captain but he paid them no attention. He didn’t care what they thought as long as they did their job.

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Re: Rai Keskei Captain of the 9th

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Kido Information
Rai has gone to great lengths to master every kido he has read about these are the canon kido he has mastered


Name: Restrain
#: 1
Description: Locks a target's arms in place behind their back.

Name: Crawling Rope
#: 4
Description: An energy rope entangles a target's arms.

Name: Seki
Description: An invisible barrier of reiatsu forms around the user’s hand that can repel weak attacks.

Name: Strike
#: 9
Description: Engulfs a target in red light, completely paralyzing them.
Incantation: Disintegrate, you black dog of Rondanini! Look upon yourself with horror and then claw out your own throat!

Kyakko (Curving Light)
Description: Hides the target from sight, presumably by bending light.

Name: Beak Stab Triple Flash
#: 30
Description: User draws a triangle in the air and fangs of reiatsu form at each point. The user then speaks the name of the incantaion and the fangs fly at the target and open at the tip to clamp down on the targets arms and waist, pinning them to the wall or floor.

Description: The user creates a solid sheet of reatsu that extends arms to latch on to surrounding structure.

Name: Arc Shield
#: 39
Description: Summons a shield of condensed reiatsu to block opponents' attacks.

Name:Summoning of the Tracking Sparrows
#: 58
Description: Tracks and locates any spiritual force the user focuses on. To activate it, the user must draw a circle on the ground, cut into four parts with a specific character in each. The incantation animates the circle, causing various numbers to appear within until the specific set is found. The number set seems to be a variation on longitude and latitude.
Incantation: Heart of the south, eye of the north, finger of the west, foot of the east, arrive with the wind and depart with the rain!

Name: Six Rods Prison of Light
#: 61
Description: Summons six thin, but wide, beams of light that slam into a target's midsection, holding them in place
Incantation: Carriage of Thunder! Bridge of a spinning wheel! With light, divide this into six!

Name: Hundred Steps Fence
#: 62
Description: A rod formed of energy is thrown towards the target before it disintegrates into numerous short rods which are used to pin the target to the surroundings and render them immobile.

Name: Locking Bondage Stripes
#: 63
Description: Binds the arms of a target. Physical strength alone cannot break the spell

Name: Tozansho
#: 73
Description: Creates a huge pyramid-shaped barrier around the caster and hold multiple people in it.. Useful for protecting against attackers and for buying a bit of time in battle. As well it is only stationary because of how big it is and cannot be moved.

Name: Quintet of 1 kan Iron Pillars
#: 75
Description: Summons five incredibly tall and thick pillars to pin a target to the ground.
Incantation: Wall of steel sand, tower of pious form, distant glimmer of heated steel as a sincere prayer, this final silence.

Name: Heavenly Rickshaws in Silken Air
#: 77
Description: Transmits messages to anyone within a specific area. In addition to reciting the incantaion, the user must draw specific markings on their arms, which are animated by the spell to convey the messages.

Name: Splitting Void
#: 81
Description: Creates an energy barrier in the form of a rectangular wall. It is capable of stopping destructive spells up to #89.


Name: Shō (Thrust)
Description: Pushes the target away from the caster.
Incantation: N/A

Byakurai (White Lightning)
The user fires a concentrated, powerful lightning bolt from their finger.
Incantation: N/A

#:11. Tsuzuri Raiden (Bound Lightning) - Electric current flows through any object the user touches and is able to lead electricity, damaging any target that is in contact with the object the current runs through.
Incantation: N/A

#:31. Shakkahō (Shot of Red Fire)
Description: Fires a ball of red energy at a target.
Incantation: "Ye lord! Mask of blood and flesh, all creation, flutter of wings, ye who bears the name of Man! Inferno and pandemonium, the sea barrier surges, march on to the south!"

Sōkatsui ( Blue Fire, Crash Down)
Description: Fires a burst of blue spiritual energy at a target in a similar manner to 31, but over a wider area and with more power.
Incantation: "Ye lord! Mask of flesh and bone, flutter of wings, ye who bears the name of Man! Truth and temperance, upon this sinless wall of dreams unleash but slightly the wrath of your claws."

#:54. Haien (Abolishing Flames)

Description: Fires a blast of purple spiritual energy that will incinerate a target completely when it makes contact.
Incantation: n/a.

#:58. Tenran ( Orchid Sky)

Description: A widening tornado-like blast is fired towards the target.
Incantation: n/a

#:63. Raikōhō ( Thunder Roar Cannon)

Description:Fires a massive wave of yellow energy at a target.
Incantation: "Sprinkled on the bones of the beast! Sharp tower, red crystal, steel ring. Move and become the wind, stop and become the calm. The sound of warring spears fills the empty castle!"

Sōren Sōkatsui (Twin Lotus Blue Fire, Crash Down)
Description:Essentially a doubled version of #33 this spell fires two shots of blue fire with greater potency than the single-shot variety.
Incantation: "Ye lord! Mask of blood and flesh, all creation, flutter of wings, ye who bears the name of Man! On the wall of blue flame, inscribe a twin lotus. In the abyss of conflagration, wait at the far heavens."

Hiryugekizokushintenraiho (Flying Dragon-Striking Heaven-Shaking Thunder Cannon)
Description: Fires a gigantic blast of spiritual energy resulting in an truly enormous explosion.
Incantation: n/a.

Kurohitsugi ( Black Coffin)
Description: Forms a box of black energy around a target, which is then pierced by dozens of energy "spears", lacerating the one inside from head to toe. Its appearance and function is reminiscent of a common magician's trick, as well as certain torture devices used during the Spanish Inquisition.
Incantation: n/a.

Custom Kidou

Name: Twin lightning bird
Type: hadō
Number: 14
Description: Double version of hadō # 4 Byakuria

Name: Heavenly Thunder
Type: Hadō
Number: 28
Description: Calls down a blot of lightning from a storm cloud that appears 10 meters above the targets head.

Name: Hornets Nest
Type: Hadō
Number: 45
Description: The air around the target begins to hum as if there was a swarm of hornets. Then hundreds of hair thin needles shoot at the target from all sides.

Name: Ring of Fire
Type: Bakudō
Number: 890
Description: Creates a circle of flames(50 meters in diameter) around two opponents. One cannot escape the circle of fire because it incinerates anything that touches it and if you try to go over it the flames grow taller so that you can’t escape. Lasts ten of the casters posts

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