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Elecra Uwazuru {wip}

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Character Name: Elecra Uwazuru (hollow sound)

Age: 151 (...and three months), looks 19ish

Gender: Of the child bearing sort

Number: 3


Personality: Elecra retains the renown personality that touches all teens her age (look wise I mean), defiant to the higher powers in her own way, lazy, loves to sleep as long as she can, playing pranks on the other Espada and Arrancar , eating human food, doodling cute and entertaining things across the plain white walls, and scrawling jokes at the expense of the hollows. She tries to spend a large portion of her time hanging out with Número Uno, Saishuu Hane, even if he's not as fun as pranks sometimes. Elecra prefers to help her comrades than to fight, but if she must fight she can hold her own with her incredible speed.


Name: Utahime (songstress ) and Museion (voiceless sound)

Chant: For Utahime: "Sing into the morning, Utahime!" For Museion "Scream into the night, Museion!"

Element: Sound

Description: Utahime is the healing side of Elecra's duel Resurrección. When pulling from power from this side her defense is raised but her strength suffers. She can perform certain abilities only in this form.

Museion is the dark half of the coin. Opposite from Utahime, Museion has more strength but less defense, but also has a set of special abilities for this form only.


Name: Pesquisa
State: Both
Description: the Arrancar equivalent of the Shinigami ability to sense Spiritual Pressure. It functions similar to a sonar. Using pesquisa requires most Espada to enter a meditative state.

Name: Hierro
State: Both
Description: The hardened skin of the Arrancar, which is a result of their compressed spiritual power. While their skin is strong enough to block even released Zanpakutō bare-handed, it is by no means impenetrable. Stronger Arrancar have proportionally stronger skin.

Name: Caja Negación
State: Both
Description: Used to punish Arrancar subordinates by trapping them eternally in an alternate dimension. However, should the Caja Negación be used on an Espada, the Espada will eventually break out of the alternate dimension (usually within a few hours), due to their large amount of Reiatsu.

Name: Cero
State: Both
Description: A dark reiatsu formed into a somewhat oval shape and can be fired, dealing medium damage.

Name: Bala
State: Both
Description: Similar to Cero, but can be fired a lot faster, with a weaker effect.

Name: Sonido
State: Both
Description: Hollow equivalent of the shunpo.

Name: Garganta
State: Both
Description: It creates a portal from where ever she is, to and from Hueco Mundo.

Name: Gran Rey Cero
State: Both
Description: Similar to Cero, but larger and more powerful, by about 2x. However, it takes longer for her to concentrate and shoot it.

Name: Shu Zen Fushi (Mending Melody)
State: Both (stronger in Utahime release)
Description: A minor healing to her self or one other person.

Name: Nibyo Shi (Double Time)
State: Both (stronger in Utahime release)
Description: A pulling of energy to her legs, increaseing her speed.

Name: Jo Heki (Rampart)
State: Utahime release only
Description: Elecra pulls her wing infront of her like a shield. The ability strengthens her wing aswell.

Name: Ninjo Butsuriteki
State: Utahime release only
Description: Her ultimate ability in her Utahime release, Elecra absorbes the wounds from some one else and takes them upon herself to a lesser degree. she can only do this once to a person in their lifetime.

Name: Ibitsu Onsei (Distorted Sound)
State: Both (Stronger in Museion)
Description: Elecra pushes her energy through the wind pipes in her Museion blade causeing a disruption in the reitsu of people in a 50 ft radius. This causes difficulty in charging ablities, flash stepping and any attack kido that is thrown at her is altered in some way.

Name:Fu (Musical Note)
State: Both (Stronger in Museion)
Description: A slash from Museion sends out a sound wave that can bounce off of nonliving surfaces but it causes it to loose power after a few bounces.

Name: So Ko Namikaze (Notes of Discord)
State: Museion release only
Description: The feathers in her wing separate then form eight swords that move in tandum with her hand movements.

Name: Ake Unari (Bloody Howl)
State: Museion release only
Description: Pure raw sound screams forth from her hollow hole causeing massive damage and pain.


Biography: Elecra was always a prankster, even as a hollow. She much preferred pulling pranks on souls and other hollows over killing. Spending most of her time in the human world. As exciting as an entire world of desert and one petrified forest was, the living world seemed to be a bit more lively. The only time she would be seen in Hueco Mundo would be when she was avoiding a nasty encounter with a Shinigami. Unfortunatly Elecra doesn't remember her past as a human or soul, besides, she feels better off not knowing. She was content with her life as a hollow. While walking through a park she came upon an Espada, Saishuu Hane. He was sleeping under the shade of a large tree, she quickly grabbed a marker and started writing on his face. She had brushed over his nose, causing him to sneeze and wake up. "Ooops!" Saishuu's eyes were narrowed and he quickly drew his sword into a slash. To his amazement Elecra dodged. "Whoo! That was a close one!" Saishuu sneered and sheathed his sword, rolling over and scratching his cheek. Taking his hand back he saw the marker that had been brushed onto his hand. He screamed out at Elecra; "Brat!!!" After hearing that Elecra ran off laughing. "You snooze you lose! Hahaha!!!" She was already out of sight of Saishuu, off to see what other pranks she could pull. She happened to come across several souls whom she had pulled pranks on over the course of the day. After she had her fill for the day she found a safe, secluded place to rest. The next day came around, Elecra was never early to rise and slept for a good portion of the day. Waking up in the afternoon to jump right back into her routine of pranks and annoyances. She was scaring a spirit all around Karakura when she ran through the same park she was in yesterday, and Saishuu was there, under the same tree. Elecra ran up to him yet again, but this time he was on guard and he jumped as she approached, landing at the top of the tree. "You again? Give it a rest." Elecra stuck out her tongue and said "Make me." Saishuu sighed and laid at the top of the tree. This pissed her off, in retaliation she picked up a pebble and chucked it at him. He yawned and smacked the pebble away with the back of his wrist, not even bothering to open his eyes. "Beat it kid, I'm trying to rest." Huffing in anger Elcra stalked off. From that day forward Elecra made it a point to stop in and pester Saishuu on a daily basis. After months and months of doing so, despite how boring Saishuu was she slowly grew attached to him. Several months after their first encounter Elecra found herself in a bad situation involving her and three Shinigami. She was fighting back as best she could but it was obvious she wouldn't survive this encounter, she had managed to injure one of the Shinigami quite seriously, but there were still two more. Just as one of the Shinigami was about to administer the killing blow, Elecra closed her eyes. Several seconds passed and she slowly opened her eyes to a towering figure. "You just can't stay out of trouble eh?" She gaped up at Hane then stood up straighter. "I was fine on my own thank you very much." she pouted. Saishuu chuckled "All bloodied like that? I doubt it." With that he spun, knocking away the Zanpakutou and punching a hole through the Shinigami's chest. Tossing him to the side, at this point the other Shinigami was attempting to flee, Saishuu simply charged and fired a bala. He dispatched the Shinigami and turned to the last one. "Looks like she already gave you your fair share, get out of here." The Shinigami screamed and wobbled to his feet, limping away as fast as possible. Elcra giggled then moaned as her injuries reminded her of their presense. "I want to be able to scare that bad too." she whined. Saishuu laughed lightly. "A hundred years too soon." He raised his hand towards Elecra and strands of reiatsu began to come out. They took the shape of phoenix feathers and entered her body, when he did this he temporarily granted her with amazing rate of regeneration."Whoa sweet pancakes! How did you do that?" the newly healed hollow exclaimed. "Just an ability of mine, no big deal." Saishuu let out a long, drawn out yawn. "Well, I should be going now. I'm rather tired." He then proceeded to walk away. "I'll see ya around." With a running leap, Elcra tackled Hane. "I wanna learn to do that too. Teach me prrreeeeaaassseeee." she pleaded. Saishuu landed right on his face with a thud. "Gah! I told you it's one of my abilities, created by my reiatsu. In other words you can't do it. But if you get stronger you will have your own abilities unique to you. Now please get off me..." holding tighter Elcra blurted out "Tell me how to get stronger then!" Saishuu pushed her off of his back and stood up, his eyes narrowed. "Kill and devour your own kind. And try not to lose who you are in the process..." She piped up with a quick response,"Theeen can i scare those nasties?" Saishuu chuckled at her response, not even flinching at what he said. "Yeah, that's about it." Hearing his anwser Elcra did her happy dance then hugged Hane and ran off to find some numnums. After the confrontation Elecra began killing other hollows around Karakura. This went on for weeks, eventually she grew tired of the hollows in Karakura and moved on to Hueco Mundo. Seeking more power Elecra went to the Menos Forest and joined in a battle among several hollows. Some time during the battle something strange happened and all the hollows involved in the battle began to fuse into one being. Elecra's will being the strongest of the hollows, she took control. Immediately after she began attacking other Menos. Due to the rate at which she was devouring them she soon became an Adjuchas. After that she strolled out of the forest, much stronger than when she was a hollow. Feeling refreshed and scary she marched on to the big white towers in the distance. As she got closer to the towers she noticed someone was leaning against one. Getting closer she realized it was Saishuu. With another running leap She tackled him yet again happy to see the bringer of pain and misforturne. Saishuu was knocked through the wall of the tower, landing on his back."Gah! YOu again!?" Elecra sat up and clapped her hands together in glee, "Now I am scary too thanks to you! Oh hey that ryhmed!" Saishuu sighed and stood up, pushing Elecra off. He pulled back his arm "Not quite.." Just as he said that he balled his hand into a fist and punched her straight in the face, shattering her mask. With a searing pain through her face Elcra fell back in `shock. Lifting her hand to her head she relized that her mask had broken from her. "What did you do?" she asked in wonderment. "You're an arrancar now. All of your powers are sealed in your new Zanpakutou. If you release your Zanpakutou your powers will return until you reseal it. You said you wanted to be more powerful, don't say I never gave you anything." Saishuu said while brushing off his uniform. Elecra streched out her arms and looked her self over, shifting and moving her new found body reaching through her inner self trying to find her powers. Pausing, she looked up at Hane and said "whats a zanpacktoe?" Saishuu rolled his eyes and sighed "The weapon that the Shinigami use... I'm not going into detail, you'll learn on your own eventually." As time passed Elecra's power & control over it grew. Landing her a place among the Espada as #3.


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