Amaya Ichizen (Fin)

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Amaya Ichizen (Fin)

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Character Name: Amaya Ichizen

Age: 400 +/- [appears to be 18]

Gender: Female

Height: 5'7"

Weight: 119 lbs.

Squad and Seat: 2nd Division - Captain

Character Looks:

Amaya does not look a day older than 18 even though she is over four centuries old. She has long, straight black hair with a few gray streaks and piercing orange-yellow, almost golden, eyes. She can be described by most as 'roughed up' because of her fierce look and scar over her left cheek. Her skin is slightly pale which makes a big contrast against her black shinigami uniform. She often wears it with a captain's haori (with the insignia of the Gotei 13 and the kanji of 二 on the back) although she is sometimes seen wearing the head of the Special Forces uniform or a ninja suit. Her Zanpakuto is seen strapped on her left side along with another katana.


She is very serious when it comes to her job as a shinigami, even more as the captain of the Second Division and the Head of the Special Forces. Amaya would be often seen reading, hidden behind volumes, lost in the pages of the book she held in her hands. She is fair when it comes to her subordinates, she treats them well as long as they respect her. She can sometimes be very sentimental, especially when it comes to some items (Will be elaborated in Biography).

Zanpakuto Information:

Unreleased looks: Standard Issue Zanpakuto - Nagamaki

Zanpakuto Type: Melee / Fire


Shikai Name: Natsuame 夏雨 (Summer Rain)

Chant: "Fall, Natsuame." (倒れ, 夏雨 Taore, Natsuame.)

Shikai Looks:

Her Zanpakuto transforms into a yari (槍, spear) with a golden horse-hair tassel and flame-colored ribbon ending in a weight (also with golden tassel) on the base of the shaft.

Shikai Abilities:

Natsuame can function as a normal spear but can be deadly in Amaya's hands. She wields it with skill and speed, making any fight easy. Despite of its water-related name, Natsuame is a fire-type Zanpakuto. Once pierced by its spearhead, Amaya can use the command "Cry" (泣く , Naku) to send flames that burst from the shaft towards the head (which usually takes 5-10 seconds). She can retain the flames on the spearhead in battle and can only be extinguishable if Amaya tells it to. She can also shoot fireballs from the tip of Natsuame.


Natsuame appears as a majestic wolf of fire. He is proud of his skills and often urges his wielder to release his spirit so she can show his potential. He cannot really tolerate defeat and would often try again and again until he wins. He once got angry at Amaya for mistaking him for a water-type Zanpakuto.


Bankai Name: Natsu Arashi Ame 夏嵐雨 (Summer Storm Rain)

Bankai Looks:

Upon saying the chant "Bankai", Natsuame gets engulfed in flames and grows into a ridiculously large spear. The spearhead is made of flames and burns anything that touches it. She can make the shaft extend to any length she desires. The temperature within 10 feet of Natsu Arashi Ame rises to scorchingly hot degrees.

Bankai Abilities:

Natsu Arashi Ame enables Amaya to change its form into three. The first form is the spear, which is the default form. If ever Amaya wishes to change its form, she has to chant "Henkou" (変更, Change) along with the number of the form she wants it to change to. The spear's chant is "Henkou, Ichi" (変更, いち; Change, One)

Form 2: Bow and Arrow "Henkou, Ni" (変更, に; Change, Two)

The second form of Natsu Arashi Ame is the bow and arrow. It can shoot infinite numbers of arrows, reforming one after another once an arrow has been fired. The arrows are sharp and tipped with flames. Anything it touches or pierces will be burned almost immediately.

Form 3: Scythe "Henkou, San" (変更, さん; Change Three)

Natsu Arashi Ame's third and final form is the scythe. It has four flaming blades which can hack through anything it comes in contact with. Amaya can swing the scythe to send a wave of fire towards an opponent.


Swordsmanship Expert: When she holds the blade, it becomes one with her body and she wields it with grace and skill. It is almost as if she was doing an intricate dance which can confuse the enemy and she can take advantage of.

Flash Steps Master: She has been dubbed Sokudo Megami or "Speed Goddess" because of her uncanny skill in flash stepping. It is said that she is the only shinigami who can overtake the former Second Division Captain, who is also proficient in this skill.

Kido Master: Amaya is well versed in the mastery of Kido and has conjured a number of her own Kido spells, like all the other captains. She is also capable of doing Flash Cry (Shunko, 瞬閧), a technique that combines hand-to-hand combat and kido.

Hand-to-Hand Combat Master: Amaya has greatly improved in this field when she was given the proper education and when she became a part of the Second Division. Her fighting style may seem like the 'soft fist' style, but she can deliver deadly blows with it.

Master of Stealth and Assasination: Being a member of the Special Forces, she is highly skilled in the art of staying hidden and quick assasination.

Strength: Although not really one of the strongest captains in the Gotei, she is still considered very powerful and can land painful hits on an opponent.

Vast Spiritual Power: Amaya's reiatsu has reached a high level overtime in the Gotei. She can project her reiatsu and cause an ordinary soul or undertrained shinigami to feel suffocated and weak.

Cunning Strategist: Considering first the odds on the battlefield and planning out her tactics, Amaya can think out a plan to overcome an opponent. With this trait, her chances of winning in a battle increases and most of the time comes out victorious.


Academy Arc

Amaya came from the noble clan of the Ichizen and she had a hard time entering the shinigami Academy for the fact that her family did not approve such a lifestyle of killing hollows. They were afraid for the girl's safety for she can die from it. It did not stop Amaya from pursuing her dream of becoming a shinigami so she left her home and got into the academy. She showed much potential in kido and hoho and once she graduated, she was assigned immediately as a seated member of the Fifth Division.

Gotei Arc

She had been in the Fifth for quite a long time, although it did not bore her one bit. She had achieved her Zanpakuto's Shikai during that time and was in the process of learning its Bankai. She enjoyed her time with her Division but when the news came that she was to be re-assigned to the Second Division, she became a bit hesitant (which she rarely felt). When she first met up with the Second Division Captain, she learned that she was not the only one who was chosen to be re-assigned. There were others too from other divisions so she relaxed for a bit. She continued to improve her skills until she gradually learned how to activate her Bankai, although it was still not perfected.

When the news came to her that her Captain was promoted to Royal Guard, she wondered who will be the next Captain. When she had learned that the new Captain was the girl from the Ninth, Setsuna, Amaya doubted her skill in leading the Division and the Special Forces. Her doubts were then erased when she saw how Setuna passed the taisho exam and peformed her Bankai in front of the other Captains and herself included (since she was requested by Setsuna to accompany her). The scene urged her to work even harder to perfect her Bankai even more.

Becoming Lieutenant

It was a hard time as she trained by herself with her Zanpakuto. She was almost on the verge of giving up when Setsuna approached her and offered her help to the girl. Amaya was untrusting still at that time, but said yes to her Captain anyway. The Captain trained her hard and well so she can improve. She even taught her other things like Shunko and hand-to-hand combat. Finally, after years of hard work, she had perfected her Bankai and was almost in par with Setsuna.

She was then promoted to Lieutenant after that, since the Captain trusts her enough and knows she can do her job well. She was even given a katana by her Setsuna, as a promotion gift. Amaya was once forced to take the taisho exam but declined, since she wanted to stay by Setsuna's side as her Lieutenant. She was loyal to the Second and would serve under her Captain until her last breath.

Unexpected Twist - Ascendency to Captain

Amaya got the terrible news one day about the 'death' of Setsuna and two other special forces members. Being the Lieutenant, she was to move up as the new Captain. Still in denial of her Captain's death, she got the permission to investigate the area where they were killed. As she assessed, the bodies of the two members were there but Setsuna's body was nowhere to be found. That was then she doubted that her Captain was dead.

Because of the vacancy of Captain seal in the Second, Amaya had no choice but to lead the them since Setsuna was considered killed in action. She vowed to find answers to the former Captain's disappearance and promises to take her back to Soul Society. To remember the 'fallen' Taicho, Amaya wears Setsuna's ninja suit (Special Forces uniform) and always carries around the katana she gave her before. For now, she leads the Second Division and the Special Forces.


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