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Setsuna Kurogawa

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Character Name: Setsuna Kurogawa

Age: 500+/- appears to be 18

Gender: Female


Setsuna is a tall, lean-bodied girl with pale skin that seems to glow when under any light. She suffers from Heterochromia, making her eyes mismatched, her right being blue in color while the left is gray. She usually lets her long hair down, framing her near-perfect face. A long diagonal scar runs down her left eye, a "souvenir" she got from hollow-killing duty long ago. She prefers any black clothes, as long as it keeps her arms are bare, revealing her tribal tattoo on her right arm, and she can freely move about in it.

She is often calm and quiet; never really speaking a word unless asked. She would rather bask in solitude and silence, read a good book or even take a nap if possible. She admits she is lazy but will do her duties industriously when doing it. She is not quick to judge people; she gets to know them first or lets them say their side before she says what is in her mind. She, however, emits a somewhat cold, aloof attitude to those who do not know her well. Despite of her long patience for people, Setsuna can, however, release the sharpness of her tongue whenever she is irritated or angry.



Setsuna's mask has two long main horns and two smaller horns on the front. A gray scar-like mark runs down the left eye hole. But the most striking feature of the mask is its halved color. The right side of the mask is charcoal gray, sometimes, almost black while the left side is bone-white. It gives the mask a "two-faced" impression.

Zanpakuto Information:

Unreleased looks: Standard Issue Zanpakuto - Nodachi sword

Zanpakuto Type: Ice


Shikai Name: Fuyugatsu (Winter Moon) 冬月

"Eliminate the warmth, Fuyugatsu." (暖かさを除去します, 冬月... "Atataka sawo jokyo shimasu, Fuyugatsu...")

Shikai Looks:

The blade transforms into the appearance of a large bluish-white feather-sword. Every edge of the feather-sword is sharp and cold to the touch.

Shikai Abilities:
A slash or hit from Setsuna's zanpakuto causes anything to be wounded (if it were to hit flesh) and/or frozen, making it a double damage.

In this form, Fuyugatsu can form ice needles that fly towards the opponent when Setsuna swings the sword. The ice needles penetrate onto any surface and explode after 7-10 seconds of contact, causing the area affected by the explosion to be covered in ice and become immobile. The ice cannot be melted or broken by anything, only Setsuna controls it, deciding when it will melt or not.

Setsuna can also summon a thick mist from Fuyugatsu, enveloping the area in white and making everything impossble to see.


Fuyugatsu appears as a large silver swan-like bird with black-tipped wing feathers. Also, a round halo floats above her head. She sometimes appears as a human teenage girl with short white hair and pupil-less eyes wearing a gray and white intricately designed skimpy kimono.

Fuyugatsu is a calm Zanpakuto, most of the time. She would have been a little easier to get along with, or talk to if she was not speaking in riddles and candied phrases. She even uses old english terms like ye, thou, and thee when speaking with Setsuna. Fuyugatsu loves to make Setsuna think a lot, answering her wielder's questions with more questions, often leaving the shinigami to figure out things the really hard way.


Bankai Name: Fuyugatsu no Ankokumen (Dark Side of the Winter Moon) 冬月の暗黒面

Bankai Looks:
Setsuna's shikai blade scatters and becomes numerous silver feathers that form into a pair of large silver wings on her back, thus granting her the ability to fly. Her hair also changes color, which becomes completely white. She now also carries a Nodachi sword much like her sealed zanpukuto, only it is made out of tough ice. The ice Nodachi retains its shikai effects but once the ice needles come in contact with skin, it explodes immediately.

Bankai Abilities:
Fuyugatsu no Ankokumen grants Setsuna increased speed when in flight. Also, it has special attacks, they are:

~ Fuyu no Namida (Tears of Winter) 冬の涙 - Using her acquired wings, Setsuna flaps them hard and fast, causing numerous ice needles to rain down on the opponent. Possible pinning to the spot and a considerable damage can be done using this attack.
~ Shingetsu (New Moon) 新月 - Setsuna delivers a strong punch on the opponent (usually on the center of the chest) and tendrils of dark light will start to pour from her fist, covering the opponent completely in a black armor-like suit and rendering him motionless.
~ Gingetsu (Silver Moon) 銀月 - Follow-up move to Shingetsu, from the dark light armor, bright light will suddenly erupt from it then solidifying into large spikes of light, piercing the opponent from every part of his body, causing maximum damage, although not enough to cause immediate death. It acts more like a binding spell, although stronger and harder to break through.

Setsuna has been training long and hard ever since her Gotei days. Due to her determination to become stronger and better than what she is at the moment, she has succeeded in going beyond her limits and thus, having almost no limit in progressing.

Hand-to-Hand Combat Master - Due to her training during her pre-academy days onwards, Setsuna has been proficient in hand-to-hand combat. Her fighting style is described as a combination of streetfighting, karate and jujutsu.

Flash Steps Master - Setsuna has been training herself to become also proficient in flash stepping. She was known to be one of the fastest shinigami in the Gotei. She also trained much in flash steps so as to make up for her somewhat low stamina.

Kido Master - She is well versed in the mastery of Kido and has conjured a number of her own Kido spells. She is also capable of doing Flash Cry (Shunko, 瞬閧), a technique that combines hand-to-hand combat and kido.

Swordsmanship Expert - Setsuna has trained well with her zanpakuto even before she entered the academy and became a member of the Gotei 13. She wields her sword with deadly accuracy whenever she fights and can make multiple hits (either slashes or thrusts) with ease. She is also known to be ambidextrous, switching her zanpakuto from one hand to the other to confuse the enemy.

Master of Stealth and Assasination - As the former leader of the Special Forces, Setsuna is highly trained in staying hidden and unseen. Also, her skill in assasinating any target is excellent.

Enhanced Strength - Said to have the strength of twenty shinigami together, Setsuna is known to be able to land very hard punches, painfully strong kicks and even bone-breaking locks with ease.

Vast Spiritual Power - Setsuna's reiatsu has reached a high level over the time she spent in the Gotei. She can project her reiatsu and cause an almost suffocating atmosphere in an area.

Heightened Sense of Hearing and Smell - Setsuna's ears and nose are designed to detect an enemy even though they are far away. She relies on these two senses especially during the time she was in the Special Forces.

High Tolerance for Pain - Setsuna can withstand blow after painful blow without breaking down. She has somewhat trained to numb her body when it begins to feel pain. She can still go into battle a little longer than others even if she sustained a major injury.


Academy Days
It was hard work and dedication that brought Setsuna to become a student at the Academy. Coming from a poor family in the 70th District of Rukongai, it was not easy to just strut in and declare yourself in front of everyone that you want to become a shinigami. Though it did not show in her, she was already skilled in handling the sword and fighting even before she entered due to the late night solo training she did when she was only a commonfolk and the numerous brawls she got into before. Even though she encountered a few roadblocks in learning kido, she easily overcame these obstacles due to her desire to be a shinigami.

After a few years, she graduated as one of the top shinigami in the Academy and was assigned to become part of the Gotei soon after.

Gotei Days
Setsuna was first assigned as an unseated shinigami in the 9th Division, also due to her skills in writing, which was a must in that Division. She worked her way up until she earned a seat, besting her other division members in their job. Her progress was observed by the Second Division Captain and had her re-assigned to be in the Second.

The sudden promotion gave Setsuna the opportunity to go out more and kill hollows, being a member of the Special Forces. She gave her best when it comes to her duties and when she had enough time, she would train herself even harder, pushing herself to the limit to know her Zanpakuto even more. It was not long before she finally knew what the name of her blade was, Fuyugatsu. After this achievement, she was even more determined to achieve its final stage, its Bankai.

It was years before she achieved Bankai and was recognized by her captain. The timely event was perfect since her captain was now assigned to be in the Royal Guard and he turned over his position to her as the new Second Division Captain.

Setsuna led the Second Division and the Special Forces after her promotion. The job was tough, but very rewarding. She was fair to her subordinates and she was respected all the same, not because of fear, but because of her fair treatment to all.

Becoming a Vizard
Setsuna was on a normal hollow-killing duty with two shinigami when they were suddenly attacked by a group of Adjuchas led by a Vasto Lorde. Despite of being outnumbered, they fought off the hollows until all that was left was Setsuna and the Vasto Lorde. Already weakened and injured because of the slain Adjuchas, she was easily beaten down by the hollow leader and was about to be killed when a bone-like mask starts to form over her face. Everything was a blank to Setsuna after that.

She awoke what seemed like days, finding out she donned a hollow mask from her reflection in a nearby river. Out of fear and confusion, she broke off the mask and ran away from Soul Society, knowing that she had broken one of the laws of the shinigami. She fled to the living world. hoping that no one would come after her.

As of the present, she lives among the humans and tries to lead a normal life, although she still 'holds on' to her past life as a shinigami by always carrying her Zanpakuto on her back. What the futures holds for her is just about to unfold...

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