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Qtronix Hanabishi

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Character Name: Qtronix Hanabishi

Age: 216 years old

Physical Age: 15 years Old

Gender: Male

Height: 205 cm

Weight: 169 lbs.

Squad and Seat: Captain of Squad 7

Character Appearance: Jet black spiky hair, Normal build. Wears a normal shinigami outfit and a haori. Green eyes and a scar on his left cheek. He also wears reading glasses. Skin color is Whitish Brown, due to his Japanese descent.

Personality: A very polite boy, who looks like a weak target. But then his spiritual pressure is of Captain level, making him a surprising opponent to other people. He could be rude at times, but that is seen rarely. He is always picked on when he was a normal shinigami, and he never fought back, knowing he will see them as great companions someday.

Zanpakuto: Tsuki
Sealed Form: normal sized Zanpakuto with a crescent-shaped guard

Shikai: A huge blade curved like a Crescent moon with a cross-shaped guard
Spirit: A Moon Priestess, she rather looks like a plain priestess but she has a crescent moon tattoo on her forehead.
Kaze no Kizu (Wind Scar)
Generates wind on the blade of the Zanpakuto and compresses it for pressure then releases it all at once on the moment the user slashes.

Hydro Crush
Using the gravitational effect of the moon on water, this ability allows the user to create a hurricane made out of water either from any water source nearby.

Mangetsu (Full Moon)
The zanpakuto generates a big amount of spirit particles that make the blade razor sharp. It also allows the user to use another ability alongside this one to amplify the power of that ability.

Bankai: Kagayaiteru Tsuki
A long huge sword in a katana shape but has a certain glow to it.
Shiro Kaze no Kizu (White Wind Scar)
As the title says, this ability is the amplified state of the normal Wind Scar. If the user activates bankai, the ability Mangetsu will automatically activate. It turns passive when activated, meaning that it will keep releasing wind blades every slash the user makes.

Hyper Speed
When the moon's phase is full or new, the user becomes highly speedy when activating bankai.

Other Abilities:
Kido Expert - Knows most Kido spells but doesn't have a master-level skill.

Swordsmanship Master - Knows strategies, stances, calculations to make a single strike or more to disable the enemy, not decapitate.

Strategist - Knows good strategies for combat.

Heightened Sense of Sight

Biography: He was a normal person before a grim accident happened to his family. His family was killed by a certain figure that was huge, and he saw it clearly; a Menos Grande. He tried telling his friends about it but no one of them listened. Soon, he went crazy and on an unfortunate day, he was bumped by a speeding bus. He was a peaceful spirit in Soul Society. Then he knew about the Shinigami, and he was very eager to join them. He spent at least 2 years in the Academy, and was soon raised to 3rd seat of the 7th squad. He was promoted to Vice Captain, as the former Vice Captain was K.I.A. He was promoted to Captain by the reccomendation of the past Captain, which was his best friend. Although he was clusmy and usually fails, he managed to get past the Captain qualification exam barely. After that test he never went back to being clumsy. He started going on missions with some of his subordinates, helping other divisions and so on. What they do not know, however, is that he was originally a ryoka, forcing his way into Soul Society. He never told anybody this except his Captain, who understood his need for power and revenge, but he was told it was misplaced. When one of his subordinates heard their conversation, he was started to be treated badly by the squad. Soon, he was forced to admit the fact that he was a ryoka and was stripped of his position of Captain. However, since many other Captains knew that he was a very eager spirit, they passed their reccomendation to Central 46, and the Captain Qualification Exam was held again. Since he has trained all those years, he had experience, but he nearly died because he bypassed one of the exam's requirements; achieving Bankai. He was told to use Bankai and show some of its abilities, but his carelessness led him to actually train his Bankai on the exam. It took a long time, but he managed to activate it by remembering a few steps from his environment. He passed the Exam once again, and raised to position of Captain. On his promotion, he was on a condition. He was not to keep secrets anymore to anybody. He obeyed this, of course, and he continues to be Captain. He is still hated by some of the long-time members of Squad 7, making his Captainship a bit complicated. Even if he is living a complicated life as Captain, he finds peace at the 4th Squad's roofs. He has made friends with other shinigami from other squads, and the shinigami in his squad treats him like a normal friend, but they keep in mind that he is their captain. He spends his free time either on the roof or training his skills to defeat the Menos, now a Vasto Lorde, and avenge his family's death.

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