Kurai's Ressurreccion WIP

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Kurai's Ressurreccion WIP

Post by Kurai on Thu Nov 29, 2012 7:55 pm

Resurrección Template

Endriago (Dragon)

In its sealed state Endriago looks like that of a stiletto, the blade being 10¼” in length and the hilt 4¾”. The sheath of Endriago takes on the same crimson hue of Kurai’s eyes while the wrapping on the hilt is a sickly shade of green.



Engulf, Endriago…

Resurrección Appearance:
When released, Endriago allows Kurai to regain her animalistic features. Wings, with a ten foot span, sprout from her back. She also attains a reptilian tail, which is four feet in length. Her mask changes so that four horns adorn her head, two longer ones that rise out of the corners of her forehead, roughly nine inches in length, and two shorter ones, about two and a half inches long, giving some protection to her temples. Her attire changes slightly, the main differences being that she no longer wears a jacket and her lower half is now garbed in a battle-like skirt decorated with bone fragments.

Resurrección Abilities:


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