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Bounto Template

Name: Sacha Van Sneider

Nickname: The Russian

Age: 1347

Visual Age: 28
Gender: Male

Appearance: The Russians has a very handsome face, which puts him the category of a lady killer. Though not literally all the time, his handsome face does make him a heart breaker. Apart from his face being handsome, Sacha also has an unusually pale white skin. This causes the Russian to resemble a dead person, yet living all the same. Most people at times even associates The Russian with being a Vampire, based on old folklores. This may at times come as a result, due to his ability to suck the life force from others. Though this is not something practiced very often. Sacha has long black spiky shoulder length hair, with blond streaks flowing through it. His eyes are of a piercing blue, so much so that his stare is said to see right through those that he looks at. Others may at times become mesmerized by his stare after making eye contact. The Russian also sports a pair of earrings in the shape of a black cross. Both earrings are about two inches long. The Russian's attire consists of trousers, an overcoat and a shirt. The Russian with the top half of his attire removed, has a tattoo on his right harm. The tattoo is actually what appears to be a modified sawed off mouth shot gun. This is however no ordinary tattoo, as it serves as the Russian's doll. This came about after the Russian managed to fuse with his doll, so long ago. From the feet up, The Russian wears a pair of black man boots, rather stylish ones too. Theses boots are covered up for the most part, by the Russian's trousers. The black leather and suede trousers that he sports, hangs over his boots. The trousers are also buckled by a black belt with a silver buckle in the shape of a cross. Tucked into his trousers in order to give the appearance of a true gentleman. Is a black shirt, with a button loose at the top. Giving the appearance of a very stylish person. Adding even more to his attire is the black leather and suede overcoat that the Russian also sports. The overcoat unlike most, stretches down towards his calves, while kept together at the waist area, by what appears to be a belt meeting a buckle. There are also times when the man will be seen wearing a pair of black leather gloves on his hands.

Personality: The ability to readily describe the Russians personality, based on one definitive persona, is sometime a troublesome task. The Russian is no doubt a very intelligent and cunning person. Appearing to be someone that is also quite cold, unforgiving and merciless at times. He is very calculating and manipulative, knowing when to pick a fight and when not to. He is also not the type of person to let his anger get the better of him. The Russian is type to always remain calm and collected. A tease and a troll most of the time, he will at times appear to be a jester. Indulging himself in certain antics, purely for his own amusement, whether it be out of boredom or otherwise. The aura that he gives off, that comes as a by product of his personality, makes others distrustful of him. This generally affects those around him, which forces them to always be on their toes. No one can ever consider themselves friend or foe around him. To say he is loyal will be an assumption, to say he is entirely fickle would also be an assumption. He stands in between both traits, easily swayed to one side, often for a short amount of time. Even so, if the Russian is to ally with someone for a worthy cause. Then he will try his best to live up to his end of the bargain. The Russian also believes in achieving his goals through whatever means necessary. He is not one to brag, nor is he boastful, he is exactly the opposite. The Russian is a modest being, which adds even more to the mystery of the man.

Sacha doesn't take kindly to those who would outwardly criticize his work. He is a man that doesn't know or want to know the meaning of perfection. It is an idea or rather a myth in the eyes of the Russian, who is constantly seeking to improve himself. Apart from his cruel nature, The Russian shows a certain degree of tolerance, some would say he has the patience of a teacher. Even so, there is only so much that this complex individual is willing to endure. While most things doesn't concern The Russian, he is not one to shy away from a decent battle. Cowardice is not something that this man praises, since one must learn how to be brave at times. Suffice to say, being foolish is also something to be frowned upon. One must know how to choose their battles, and The Russian has taken part in almost every type of battle one could think of. The Russian also respects those who has honor and shows some form of integrity. So complex is the man that he isn't bound to any one individual. However, he knows what it means to be loyal and the importance of it. A fickle being must perish in the eyes of The Russian. A man or woman who has no loyalty, most likely knows not what it means to have honor. Many would deem the Russian to be hypocrite and many would be inclined to agree. In spite of all these wonderful things, The Russian certainly have a few bad traits. One such trait being his addiction to gambling and placing bets. Interestingly enough, The Russian isn't one to bet on something if there is a possibility that he will lose.


Vodka (Liquor on a whole)
Absorbing Souls
Experimenting and Inventing
A Good Fight


Ugly People
Disrespectful People
Loud Mouths

Special Characteristics: Sacha is renowned for his abilities as a scientist and inventor, having been born/created as one of the many reasons behind his existence.

Class: Leader


Child Arc:

Creation Of Sacha.

Sacha was born or rather created as a Bounto for one specific purpose. This purpose revolves around him carrying out the will of the one who created him. Sacha was created like many other generic Bountos. Though instead of a freak accident, he came about in a controlled environment. And from a very young age, he was literally programmed a certain way. Though none of this brought any limits upon him, as far as living was concerned. He was so perfect that he was like any other man, capable of human behavior. Able to thrive in an environment that required integration. The manifestation of Sacha happened when a rogue scientist, a mad one at that sought revenge. A man known as Azuma to the young bount. Azuma was the Captain of the Junibantai before he fled the Soul Society. The man had created a number of serious crimes. And among these crimes were certain experiments, not sanctioned by the court of pure souls. The man was deemed dangerous and had he not fled the Soul Society, it would have been sure death for him. Azuma say his dismal as an act of betrayal and from then on, swore revenge against the Shinigami. His intentions were to destroy the foundations of the Soul Society. Leaving no stone unturned in his pursuit of power, revenge and most of all madness. Even so Azuma was quite the intelligent one, his scientific mind made him even more dangerous. A mind and talent he hoped to instill within his creations, who were modified with his very spirit essence. Using this very unique mind of his, Azuma furthered his research, embarking on something new. Bringing to life something ancient to serve under him as minions only loyal to him. Sacha was created as one of these minions, yet considered to be one of the special ones. Most of the other Bountos created were failed experiments. But Sacha himself was a break through, a being that possessed great potential for extraordinary things.

To put a specific date when all of this took place would be impossible for Sacha. Since to him it all seemed like centuries. His sense of time was shattered, but slowly but surely he found his place in this world. Like most beings are intended to, Sacha grew much like a human would. While honing his abilities at a very tender age, absorbing the souls of other beings. It was his favorite past time, since it meant he was getting stronger and stronger. Day by day, his creator thought him the ways of the world. Sacha however was programmed to be something very akin to a Russian. Even the name given onto the youngster suggested this. As time went by, Sacha took on the simple nickname "The Russian". It was by this title that many lived among him, referred to him as. Sacha was thought the many languages of the world, though each one of them was spoken with a Russian accent. It should also be noted that the man was very fluent with these many languages. Ranging from a Russian, German, Japanese, English, Spanish and many more. If he was to be the perfect weapon, then Sacha needed to be efficient in every way. During his younger days, his daily routine consisted of studying, training, among various other activities. There were also time when the Bounto would go out hunting,seeking out souls of absorb. Having an appetite for the stronger ones for empowerment. That doesn't mean he wasn't smart enough to know when and when not to fight.

Growing up Arc:

The Mission

Overtime Sacha got a lot stronger and worthy of being given the task of the adventure. With his weapon, his "Doll" along with a multitude of other Bounto. Sacha was instructed to cause nothing but trouble for the Shinigami. Luring them to the material world, where several slaughters would commence. However, not everything went as smooth as they were meant to be. Both the Bounto and the Shinigami lost comrades on both sides. Sacha on the other hand however kept moving forward. Fighting a war that he doesn't even remember how it even started. He was nothing more than a mindless killer, no matter how one looked at it. A being created and lead down the wrong path, made to fight for the ideals of another man. Some would say the mistake Azuma made was creating these Bounts. Not to mention using them for his own personal gain. The man hadn't taken into consideration, the Bounto's ability to think, perhaps feel. Sacha's intelligence and abilities, surpassed many of his comrades. He was no ordinary creature, something Azuma knew all too well. Time went by, years, at least centuries, more and more Bounts were manufactured. And the foolish war ensued, without any signs of either side giving up. The Bounto however were at a grave disadvantage. Dealing with the Shinigami would prove to be a very difficult thing. The Russian was a teenager when the Bounto forces, along with Azuma made their way to the Soul Society. A war immediately broke out with the Shinigami responding to the threat. The Shinigami turned out to be rather merciless and unforgiving with the response. The battle took place in the Rukongai districts.

Lives were lost as the battles were fought, but the Bounto was outnumbered. Not to mention they were fighting on the enemies turf. Sacha saw the dangers of this, but followed his master's wishes nonetheless. It was only a matter of time, before Sacha would amass enough strength to go off on his own. Nevertheless The Russian carried on fighting a losing battle. But even as this happened, he was getting stronger, able to hold his own against the so called elites. The man lived without fear, not knowing what it even meant to have fear. What good was such a thing to him anyway? It was pointless to demonstrate anything of the sorts. Azuma's forces were broken, but the clever little scientist always had a plan. The man was very tactical indeed, allying himself with the Arrancar. This way the man gained the ability to use a certain ability of the Menos. This ability came in the form of a Negacion, used to extract their comrades. Sacha was among those still surviving, and still possessed the will to fight. Most of the Russian's comrades worshiped Azuma their creator. Sacha on the other hand only showed a fair amount of admiration for the man. Never once did he sing his praise too much, apart from a compliment here and there. Though created, the Russian had a mind of his own, able to think for himself. This was also one of the things that made him very dangerous. His partly rebellious attitude at the time, made others quite wary of him. There was also the fear that most felt when in his presence. That too was only natural when dealing with a being that was almost perfect. Yes almost perfect, since as the saying goes, no man is perfect.

With the remainder of their forces, Sacha ended up in Hueco Mundo, where a deal was to be made between the Bounto and the Arrancar. Sacha on the other hand, only saw the Arrancar as a meal for him further enhance his abilities. The Russian knew very well that by munching on the beings, he'd be able to gain even more abilities. The Russian was on a mission to get stronger and even break away from Azuma. Once he was able to do this, he'd be free to do as he so pleased. In the mean time The Russian stuck together with his immediate comrades. The Arrancar were nothing more than pawns in Azuma's plans. As such The Russian saw no need to even get to know them. There would be no bonds formed between Sacha and these Hollows. More and more plans were put together with Azuma, feeding off the hatred that the Hollows held for the Shinigami. Sacha took notice of this, further evaluating the skills of prowess of his soon to be opponent. Azuma had managed to grow rather powerful, such a meal would be the perfect boost for Sacha. It took years after their defeat in Soul Society, for Azuma to resurface again, During that time, The Russian was busy gathering strength. Growing stronger at every opportunity, killing without prejudice. The Bounto turned out to be a very cunning person. Very much like the one who created him in the first place. It was then that Sacha, realized part of the reason why he was created. The man was simply there to carry on the work of Azuma should he fail. The Russian however had no intentions of waging a war, that had nothing to do with him in the first place. The time had finally come and another showdown was to take place. This time The Bounto along with the Arrancar moved to crush the Shinigami.

Power Arc:

Betrayal and a New Beginning

The Bounto seemed set for battle, in which the plan was to move into material world. There they'd be able to take on the Shinigami, whilst hoping they'd be too cautious of their surroundings. It was always thought that the Shinigami didn't want to influence the material world too much. The Reiatsu of the Gotei 13 Captains woould be enough to cause a catastrophe. The Shinigami knew this all too well and so took the fight to the Bounto instead. The invasion of Hueco Mundo took place. And the Shinigami showed that they were not to be underestimated, even when on the enemy's turf. More and more battles took place, comrades and enemies died. And for every soul that presented themselves to The Russian. They were absorbed in order to add even more to his abilities. Azuma sensed that his time was near, and so attempted to entrust his mission to Sacha. The Russian as hinted before had no intentions of carrying on once Azuma was out of the picture. Azuma found himself battle worn and seriously injured. The man called forth Sacha, hoping to entrust Sacha with his ambitions. The Russian on the other hand, saw this as the perfect opportunity to kill the man. And so he did without a second thought, the Russian would have absorbed his soul too. Except the Bounto was interrupted and so the opportunity was lost. This happened much to the Russian's dismay, but the man was finally free. This freedom meant that he no longer had any ties to anyone or anything. It was just him and his trusty companion in battle. His "Doll" and the abilities that he had gained throughout the time spent among Azuma. The Russian managed to find a way to get to the material world, where he decided to let the dust settle for a while. The man Bounto was now left to his own devices, and as such he began living a life among the humans. Sacha began living life among the humans, fully integrating himself in their societies. The man did so while staying through to the way of the Bounto. Years passed and those past events seemed more like a distant memories, etched into the back of his mind. For the Bounto, life had only just begun.

RP Sample:

Snort bubble came into view and the general sound of a beast snoring was heard. The snoring echoed throughout the empty warehouse, amplifying the noise that could possibly draw some unwanted attention. Sacha aka the Russian must have had a wild night a few hours ago. The hand of the pale skinned man slipped down towards his crotch. Scratching away for a few moments, before releasing a deadly odor that filled the warehouse with a nasty stench. The fart managed to find a few open windows that allowed it to mingle with the outside world. The handsome mask that covered the skeletal structure relating to his face. Formed a smile as the Bounto began talking in his sleep. "Yeah baby you know the Russian likes it like that". The Bounto must have been dreaming about the previous night. Perhaps his memories manifested themselves in a dream to him. Rolling over the Bounto yawned before being jerked awake by a passing train. Who would have thought the warehouse was close to the tracks? That didn't matter to him anymore, he was now awake and ready to move on. It was a daily routine for him. Get up, find another get rich scheme plan, get laid and maybe cause some trouble. It has been a while since he had to run away from the cops. In fact he managed to rob a grocery store the past night, or in the last few hours. The Russian didn't seem to take anything that worth much. A mere tray of eggs, some butter and bread, along with a bottle of lemonade. He's what most would refer to as a small time crook. The fact of the matter is, he didn't need the money. He was more concerned about what to eat when he woke up. Oh and please don't forget that he also stole a tooth brush and a tube of toothpaste.

Sniffing his arm pits just to make sure he wasn't smelly. The Russian grinned a little before doing a Breathalyzer test. Breathing into the palm of his hand, a frown formed upon his face as he sat there. His breath smelled of liquor that mingled with his morning breath. Sacha could not start off his day like this. With that in mind the Russian picked himself up and gathered his toothbrush and toothpaste. The Bounto managed to find a little pipe that provided water for him. There he cleaned himself up, smelling ever so fresh and so clean, clean. Taking the time to walk around the warehouse, the Russian managed to come across an empty cheese pan. It was strange to see the cheese pan in the warehouse in such a manner. That and he really didn't care, since it will now serve as his frying pan. Sacha managed to get a fire going somehow, rustling up breakfast for himself. Bread and butter with eggs and a bit of lemonade that would have tasted better had he some ice. Sacha chose not to focus on this minor disappointment and simply enjoyed his meal. After the meal was over with and his breakfast felt as if it was digested. Sacha picked himself up and got dressed before heading outside. The Russian was off to survey the area once again. Just maybe he will come across a few others worth his time. That or he'll simply go to a strip club like a sad old man. The Bounto appeared outside of the warehouse, leaping upwards towards the roof of the building. There he stood and surveyed the area for a few moments. Boom, boom powder in grain form formed in his left hand. They were being toyed with before accumulated into what appeared to be a sweet. Once such a task was done, the Bounto placed it inside his mouth and set off into town.

The Russian appeared into a section of the town that was less busier compared to other areas. His pale skin and handsome face proceeded him. The Russian has long black spiky hair with blond streaks flowing through it. Sacha also has piercing blue eyes that seem to suit him very well. His black earrings in the shape of a crucifix cross dangled as he moved. Sacha came to a stop at a stoplight, his black man boots tapped on the floor. The Russian was also sporting a pair of black leather and suede trousers. These trousers themselves covered his black man boots. A kid came running down the side of the road bumped into him before landing on her backside. The belt around his waist, that was made up of a silver cross buckled glistened somewhat as the light shined on it. The black shirt that was being sported was tucked inside of his trousers. This of course made Sacha out to be a rather slick human being. Human seemed like the correct terminology at his point. For those that knew the truth, they'd beg to differ, since he was so much more. To top it all of for the slick Bounto. Is the black leather and suede overcoat that he was also wearing. Looking down towards the kid that fell, Sacha flashed a smile before crossing the street. He was already beginning to get bored, he now hopes that something will turn up.

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