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Post by Yutaka Sakura on Tue Nov 20, 2012 7:36 pm

Shinigami Template

Name: Matosai, Sakura

Nickname: Saku-chan, Cherry, Blossom, Dear, Love, Sakuwa

Age: 326

Visual Age: 17

Gender: Female

Appearance: Sakura is a walking, talking oddity with unusually natural, pastel pink tresses that descend her back, ending just above her bottom. At the sides of her face, parts of her hair are neatly cropped an inch or so below her chin where the ends curve inward to frame her delicate features with bangs cut to cover her slightly large forehead. She is mostly seen with her hair pulled into a high pony tail with the usual pieces of hair framing her face and her bangs. She has large, doe-like, viridian hues that are shaped with long, luscious eyelashes. Her deep viridian eyes hold regret, sadness, guilt, and pain all jumbled together.

Sakura is a small and petite female, standing at 5'2", below the average height of a female her age, and weighing 105 lbs. Her frame is lithe and agile after years of enduring rigorous training. Her wardrobe ysually consists of form-fitting outfits, which accentuate her subtle curves and toned physique. When she attends school, her figure is clothed in a dark blue, pleated skirt with a sporty edge to it, and a matching dark blue, collared, t-shirt, which is respectively tucked into her skirt with the first two buttons undone at the top.

Personality: Being an orphan in the Rukongai, it was a fight just to live one day, Sakura saw it all. She saw the true horrors of not only life, but near death as well. Life and death. She saw it all. Despite seeing such cruelties that made up life, she was a gentle soul filled with bubbling happiness, always on the look for the peaceful solution to a conflict. Along,with being gentle, she was tempermental, arguing with her superiors and others she found to be wrong. Sakura was quite the opinionated female, but she knew when to admit to her defeats and apologize. She was formerly thought to be bipolar due to the fact her mood could change from hot to cold within a split second.

After being unjustly banished to the World of the Living and entering a local high school, her demeanor changed. She was no long on the look out for peacefulness; she saw there could never be peace in a world filled with ignorant fools. Sakura became even more so opinionated, never standing down to authority whether it be a staff member of the school, a student, or even a random stranger. Nowadays, she finds herself often fighting and struggling to control her emotions. The pinkette became even more so quick to anger; even the smallest nuisances will flip her lid. Despite having changed to a seemingly cold, yet fiery female, she still holds remnants of her previous self. She is still kind-hearted when the time calls, sympathetic and empathetic to others in pain, friendly to a selective few, and passionate in every aspect.

Likes: Children, Candy, Snow, Freedom, Being in control of a situation, and Singing/Music.

Dislikes: Ignorance, Cheese, Idiotic People, Rudeness, Unneccessary killing, Soul Society, and Fighting.

Special Characteristics: Odd as it is, Sakura is capable of feeling the pain of another. When she was just a young orphan, hunting alongside her dear friend, Cloud, she would cringed as she stared at the small, bloodied animal and when it was decapitated, she would hold her hands to her neck as though she could feel the pain herself. From a young age, she has always been able to feel empathy for another she holds dear to her, as well as with animals. She is also very adept at singing, though she only does so when she is alone in the sanctum oh her small home on the outskirts of Karakura.

Division: Fourth Division

Rank: Rogue Shinigami; Ex-Third Seat

History: Sakura, from a young age, was orphaned. To be exact, she was five years old when her parents died and none of her relatives would take her in. She understood why they wouldn't and couldn't though. They had enough on their plates, it was a struggle to support themselves already, they did not need another additiom to support. They would only struggle to strive more. Sakura understood, she was a smart little cookie, and so she did not bother trying any further. Using her wit, she trained herself to discreetly streal from vendors. Seeing an orphan stealing from vendors was common in the Rukongai, 80th District--Zaraki. In general, stealing itself was common, nothing out of the ordinary. Therefore, the small pinkette would steal, just like all the others. In doing so, she never knew that it would lead to her meeting the man she would yearn for in the future.

It was a year or two after she'd become a 'Rukon Scoundrel', and it was then that she met the black-haired, brown-eyed boy who look no more than a year older than her. She had been in the process of stealing when she bumped into his slightly larger frame, promptly introducing herself to the older boy with a cheeky grin. It was the beginning of a perfect relationship. The two of them, Cloud and Sakura, began their childhood together, stealing from vendors together. Using Sakura's brains and his quick speed, they were perfect. They were practically inseparable, glued at the hip. The duo both learning and growing together, gaining a bounty together. Everything.

Eventually, Sakura began to notice the subtle changes of her dear friend, he was strengthening himself, learning how to fight and hunt. Not wanting to be a burden to him, she trained alongside him and taught herself how to fight. She spent many nights meditating, doing push-ups, sit-ups, and many other strengthening exercises. The young pinkette would even just sit there and devise different strategies and approaches on how to capture the small creatures for dinner and breakfast. She would even design small traps to use, then, in the morning, she would pose her new ideas to Cloud and together, they would build the traps and lure the unknowing creatures. Sometimes, when they would gain surplus amounts of game, they would sell it for money.

A few years later, at the age of twelve and thirteen, her and Cloud applied to enter the Soul Reaper Academy. Shortly after applying and passing the tests, they were accepted graciously and Sakura knew that upon entering, it would be a whole new ball game. It was indeed a new experience for the duo, they no longer had to fret about starving to death and so on. Sakura did not care to fight too much; she was more interested in the simpler things in life. She may have passed all the written tests, but physically, she did not fair as well as Cloud did. It was simply not her forteit to fight. She found herself dominating him in Kido and occassionally in Bakudo. It was in the Soul Reaper Academy where Cloud made a new friend, Nazo. Salura did not pay much attention to the older boy, but she did act on fair terms with him. She knew that Cloud and he were always at each other's throats, trying to best one another. It was a rivalry friendship.

During her senior year at the academy, she was proposed with the opportunity to be adopted. Worried that she would have to leave the academy, thus leaving her best friend, Cloud, she declined the proposal. One day, the man who wished to adopt her, Yutaka Hiromasa, approached her and questioned why she chose to decline such an opportunity. She promptly gasped in realization. Yutaka Hiromasa, a wealthy and mighty shinigami, known throughout the Soul Society and Rukongai for his great accomplishments. Hurriedly, she had rambled on about not wanting to leave the academy, and the man merely chuckled, placing a palm upon her shoulder. He assured her that he would let her finish her last year at the academy even if he adopted her. Immediatedly, after his new proposal, she became Yutaka Sakura.

Shortly after being adopted, Sakura trained under not only the Soul Reaper Academy, but by her adoptive father as well. He taught her everything he possible could, and passed along his thoughts on an ideal society, his strife for peace. Her father greatly influenced and shaped her thoughts. She would be just like him and seek peace in the violent world.

Soon, the trio--Nazo, Cloud, and Sakura, all graduated and eventually split off into their own divisions, following their own goals. Except, Sakura did not exactly have any goal or true destination in life. Deciding to join the division that held the least violence, she joined Squad 4, the Healing Kido Corp division where she could better her healing Kido's. Cloud, however, chose t diverge and join a different division, Squad 8. Sakura did not find it too surprising though, she also did not find it a problem at all. Each time her dear friend was injured in combat, she would immediatedly be at his side, she thought of herself as his support beam. That one person who would always be there for him.

A few years afterwards she began ascending in the ranks, reluctantly fighting when the time came and displaying her excellency in healing, Kido's. Eventually, the pinkette had gained the rank of third seat. As she did so, Cloud strengthen himself too and asked her father for help, who readily agreed and took him under his wing. Sakura, having already trained as much as she could under him, would merely watch as they trained, occassionly she would meditate, just like she did when younger, with her Zanpakuto in lap. It was at times like those that she got more in tune not only with her Zanpakuto, but her own self as well.

As the years went on, Sakura became fully aware of her feelings for Cloud. They eventually became a couple, working together, training, sparring, bettering themselves, and sharing their love. It was a time of true peaceful, one that she would never forget. Never. In the due course of events, the duo eventually got married after growing more intimate. Shortly afterwards, they had two twins, a boy and a girl: Zenkai and Haruhi.

One late night, Cloud did not come home. It at first did not worry the pinkette, she was used to him being out late training. It only began to worry her when she awoke and he still hadn't arrived at home. She frantically sought out his spiritual pressure, yet she did not find him. She then also noticed she could not feel her children's spiritual pressure. She grew even more frantic and tore through the house in search for them. While tearing up her house, she froze upon seeing her Squad Captain in from of her. Sakura explained to her what happen, but her Captain only sighed and whispered, "I'm sorry, " then promptly shunpo-ed behind her, hitting the back of her neck, knocking her out.

Upon rising, she attempted to make sense of what had occured, then she recalled all the events. She took in that all her limbs were bound and all the captains were surrounding her. She immediatedly began yelling, cursing, demanding answers, yet she was met with none. As she quieted down, the head captain simply told her she had committed treason and bluntly told her she was banished to the World of the Living for the rest of her life and she was never to see her children again. Before she utter a word, she was knocked out once more.

Waking up once more, she found herself lying in the middle of a flower field, her Zanpakuto carelessly tossed beside her. She continued to lay there, the memories flooding her mind and replaying repeatedly. Tears sprung to her eyes. She had lost everything. Her father, children, and her husband...everything. Sakura found herself lost and alone in the world. The world of violence. Now, she currently resides in the small town of Karakura within a gigai where she lives each day hoping and hoping to find her love, Cloud, and hoping to see her children who had been ripped away from her.

RP Sample: Why? She asked herself, wracking her brain for an answer. She has pondered on the question for almost a year now. Their actions had simply been unjust and unfair. What had she done to commit treason and get exiled? What had her father done to prevent it? Did he even try? He certainly could have done something to prevent them from doing such a thing. Why? She asked once more, only with tinges of resentment, anger, and frustration in her voice. Where was he? Where Cloud? Where did he go that night? Where? "Cloud...where are you?" The pinkette asked aloud, her figure slumped against a large, robust sakura tree in the process of wiltng as the foreboding winter approached steadily. The small, delicate flowers billowing around and on her frame, which sat crunched up, back pressed against the coarse bark of the tree while her bare arms wrapped around her knees, pulling them to rest against her chest.

"What happened..." She expressed her thoughts aloud once up, until eventually her face until they broke off from her chin. Her quiet sobs resonated through the stillness that nighttime brought with it. "W-What...happened t-to y-you..." Her small, timid voice carried on. The memories of all their times together, starting from their childhood, to stealing together, all those joyous memories in the academy, getting married, being blessed with children. Everything came back to her. She then thought of her two children, Zen-kun and Haru-chan. Oh, her sweet, darling children...where were they now? What were they doing? Were they orphans...? How were they? What did they look like? She had so many questions...yet none if them could be answered...none of them would be answered.

"Please c-come b-back to me..." Her frail voice stated quietly in a pleading tone. The pink haired woman refused to believe that she would not see her children again, she simplly out-right refused it. She would encounter them sooner or later...she would, even if her life depended on it. And, Cloud, she would find him sooner or later. She knew nothing could separate them too long. She was going to find him, or he was going to find her. Either way, Sakura knew it would happen.

"Someday...I p-promise..."
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