Fereydun's Mask & Hollowform

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Fereydun's Mask & Hollowform

Post by Fereydun Massry on Sat Nov 17, 2012 4:28 pm

Vizard Mask Template

Name:"Tirano Rey Dahaka" or simply "dahaka"

Personality:Dahaka is like most hollows; rude, arrogant, and often bloodthirsty. He has a very distant relationship with Fereydun, as the two are often reminded of the past when they both merge together. Mephala often fights with dahaka and keeps him in check. Dahaka is at his most dangerous when he is silent. He tends to gloom over Fereydun's conscious and alter his perspective of reality. Like all Inner hollows, Dahaka can possess Fereydun to a limited extent before Fereydun takes over again and dahaka is forced to shuttle into the recesses of Fereydun's mind. Mephala and Dahaka share the same inner world inside Fereydun; A nightmarish plane where reality always shifts between Fereydun's unconscious drives.

Description:Dahaka is abnormally tall, much like Fereydun. Whilst Fereydun stands at 7 feet tall, Dahaka stands at almost 11 feet tall. Dahaka has a very grotesque facial appearance; two inverted horns and a torn bottom lip, along with piercing red eyes and a inverted cross branded to the roof of his jaw. Dahaka has a forked tongue, and is very muscular in appearance. His voice is deep and menacing. Dahaka has a habit of inhumanely killing his opponents in the most brutal and grotesque way possible as apposed to Fereydun who lets them live with their humanity still intact. Dahaka simply in general is a very ugly creature both physically and emotionally.

Mask Description:Fereydun's mask takes the form of a sharp, pointy square-like shape that curves at the cheekbones, with additional spikes that cascade along the sides and ridges, along with the forehead and eyebrows. The chin is split into three points, and the jaw has a rectangular shape that connects to the cheek. Fereydun can hold his mask, at the longest, for 37 hours depending on how much reiatsu he puts into his attacks. It doesn't take long for his mask to form. It takes at least 2 turns for his mask to form completely.

Special Characteristics:Fereydun "loses" his Zanpakuto Mephala, but gains a Unnamed weapon reminiscent of a sword. the "sword" is double pronged, and has both sides bladed. It has a horizontal hilt and a spacing of where the two prongblades end all the way to the hilt. It seems to be a ominous version of Fereydun's Eulochar. It glows an electric blue and seems to slice up anything. It seems very advanced, regardless of the age as the spacing produces an ionic bond every few moments, looking like a small little electric bridge.

Vasto Lorde Description:Fereydun can transform into a hollowform that lasts for at least 2 whole hours. His blade again changes as well, it becomes in a "charged" state to which the heat develops to over 1,500 degrees farenheight at the edges of the blade, with the curved hilt and an added a heatguard. The blade changes from electric blue to a searing hot red. His body becomes black and charred with red outlines of his normal tatoos, along with the mask itself changing shape and color. He gains a gauntlet over his left arm along with a claw and chain.

Special Characteristics:Fereydun obtains hollow abilities in his vasto Lorde form. Some of the abilities are strangely unique in attack form however. Most of Fereydun's attacks in this form relate to explosions made after the attack. His sole purpose in this form holds no protective purpose at all, as opposed to Fereydun's personality. The entire point of His Vasto Lorde form is to simply annihilate and utterly destroy everything that stands in his way.
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Re: Fereydun's Mask & Hollowform

Post by Tokuchi Toua on Mon Nov 19, 2012 1:50 am



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