Fereydun's Zanpakuto

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Fereydun's Zanpakuto

Post by Fereydun Massry on Fri Nov 16, 2012 6:50 pm

Zanpakuto Template
Zanpakuto Name: Mephala

Release Phrase:Infect (感染します Kansen shimasu)

Level: Bankai(2nd stage) to Kyoukyuukukai (Ultimate release)

Family:Unknown, possible poison.

Manifestation:Mephala appears as a beautiful woman with purple, glasslike eyes and has skin as white as snow. She has pitch black hair and wears a traditional edo period kimono which she keeps loosely. Like most female zanpakuto, she has a tendency to tease her male counterpart. She shows a deep amount of care for him, however she might not admit it. she is slightly taller compared to the average female. Fereydun sometimes nicknames her the "spider queen".

Sealed State Description:Fereydun's zanpakuto takes the form of a completely black nodaichi roughly about five and a half feet in length; with a golden teardrop shaped hilt and a red furl at the end. It is unlike most zanpakuto in several ways. For one, it does not break under heavy situations, even if Fereydun were to die it would remain unbroken. Also, it seems to whisper into the consciousness of the wielder constantly. It cannot be strengthened by normal Jinzen. it must "Taste the blood of the traitors" to support its strength.

Shikai Form Description:Its release command is "'Infect!"'( 感染します Kansen shimasu). In its Shikai state, it changes color in both blade and hilt into a silvery color, like Mercury and becomes a Daisho shortsword.

Shikai Ability:Mephala has the power to make smog and dust cloud the opponent's senses. It can get into someones eyes or ears and distort their perception, which can cause change in how someone perceives an object. Fereydun can make quick blows to the opponent while they are distracted. This takes 3 turns to enact.

Bankai Name:Zetsubou no Mugen no Jixyuuryou

Bankai Release Phrase:"Go, and tamper with pure immunity in the thoughtless curs. Quarentine all that is alive and damn them to nothing but dust and bones!"

Bankai Description:In its bankai, His bankai becomes Zetsubou no Mugen no Jixyuuryou(絶望の無限の重量, The Infinite Weight of Despair)In its bankai state, The appearance changes yet again, this time into a black Kyo-gunto with a white furl at the end and a red D-guard supporting the golden hilt.

Bankai Ability:The ability to create parasites that affect the brain and lapse into the cerebral cortex.

Techniques: kiseichuu 'kansen shou. (寄生虫感染症, Parasite Infection) It is able to create a virus that affects the opponent and gets progressively worse, to the point where it infects others and causes loss of motor control, and basic instincts. It takes 7 turns to enact. There are 4 stages to this attack:

1st stage: (Dispersal) The Parasite is spread airborne across the battlefield, affecting that which it comes into contact with. Minor coughs and headaches occur. Takes 5 posts to enact.

2nd stage: (Contamination) The parasite infects faster, and begins to develop and evolve more lethally, festering and replicating itself in the opponent. Severe coughs and slowed reactions are seen, followed with slight stiffness of joints. Takes 8 posts to enacts.

3rd stage: (Eukaryotic modification) The Parasite enters the cells of its victims and alters the genetic code, causing more symptoms and even mutations to occur in the host,causing overproduction in skin or organ tissue similar to a mild case of cancer followed by loss of thought process. Takes 11 posts to enact.

4th stage: (Paralysis/Despair) The Parasite fully develops, and completely takes over the host brain's major lobes, paralyzing the opponent and deactivating the most basic instincts such as movement.If the opponent dies, the corpse later, is used as a major breeding ground to infect even more hosts. It is slow and agonizing. The rate at which it decays is affected by a person's intelligence. One can fully break out of this stage if one has the right reiatsu and brains. takes 15 posts to enact.

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Re: Fereydun's Zanpakuto

Post by Tokuchi Toua on Mon Nov 19, 2012 1:49 am



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