Pecado Cervantes' Resurrección

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Pecado Cervantes' Resurrección

Post by Pecado Cervantes on Sun Nov 11, 2012 9:27 am

Resurrección Template

Name: Cigarra


Cigarra's sealed form resembles a katana. The handle is more of a pole than than the standard hilt of a katana. Around the hilt are black rings that encompass it. At the very bottom there is a small piece that juts out, something like a stinger. The back of the blade has multiple thorn-like spike protruding from it coming from an unknown black substance. Coming from the guard is an appendage made of the same substance as the back of the blade. It curves up in a short loop adorned with spikes of it's own, except they're facing the blade unlike the others. The sheath for the blade is made of a hardly, shell like substance. The blade itself starts to become a darker grey when Pecado is in his Resurrección.

Represent: Cicada

Family: Unknown

Incantation: Sing!

Resurrección Appearance: Generally, Pecado's appearance doesn't change much in his Resurrección. His skin becomes more pale and the remnant of his Hollow mask grows, encompassing his entire left ear as well as the other. His eyes, instead of a cool green become black with a yellow iris, a common trait of Hollows. The veins in his body bulge out slightly, more predominant in his back. His teeth and fingernails become sharper, resembling claws and fangs. His hair becomes longer, more shoulder length and takes a slightly darker shade of green. He also has the ability to create giant, insect like wings which protrude from his back and fold them back inside himself at any time. In his Resurrección, Pecado's Zanpakuto grows in length, most of it going towards the blade. In length the blade is increased by roughly six inches, and due to this it adds more spikes at the back of the blade. The thorns on the back of the blade grow in size as well as numbers

Resurrección Abilities: When his Resurrección is activated, Pecado has the ability to manipulate microwave radiation. When in this state he is surrounded by an inch thick coat of radiation, similar in strength to the waves that he's capable of releasing. Swinging his Zanpakuto, Pecado would release a small wave of radiation identified by the distortion and blurring of the air. The radiation is at a frequency of 3040 GHz, which would heat the skin of someone up to around 2,000 °F at 1/64 of an inch at the starting point, slowly escalating as it affects the core of the victim's body. The waves are in the shape of a crescent, approximately ten feet in length and five feet wide. Other than the waves, Pecado can hold out the Zanpakuto to send out a torrent of radiation for a continuous effect, however it's much slower and more easily avoidable than the wave version. The torrent is like a beam, and unlike the second or two (the seconds being initiated if contact were made, either ending just before the enemy's next move or the end of the post, depending when contact was made in the enemy's post) it would take the wave to pass through, the torrent would last at least ten seconds (one post). If the opponent made contact with the radioactive waves, the heating would only last one post or so for every second of contact. Pecado could also unfold his insect wings, and cause them to vibrate at intense speeds. In doing this, his wings would disrupt the wind currents and strengthen the ones surrounding the microwave radiation. Doing this would expand the waves themselves and make them move faster without hindering their damage at all. This can multiply the length and width of the pattern of the radiation by up to three times. The microwave radiation will slowly absorb the moisture in it's affected area including the victim's body. In addition, mid term exposure due to a few seconds of contact can leave an enemy drowsy and disoriented. Long term exposure to these waves have been known to leave hindering carcinogenic effects in the future as well as cataracts and potential blindness.

Techniques: Bala, Cero, Gran Rey Cero, Cero Oscuras (Resu only), Descorrer, Garganta Broadcast, advanced Hierro, expert Pesquisa, master Sonido.
Pecado Cervantes
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Re: Pecado Cervantes' Resurrección

Post by Tokuchi Toua on Mon Dec 03, 2012 8:12 am



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