Saiya's Zanpakutō

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Saiya's Zanpakutō

Post by Kuiaratamenai Saiya on Sun Nov 11, 2012 7:10 am

Zanpakutō Name: Sekai no Kobushi (World Fist)

Release Phrase: Sekai o Kowasu (Break the World)

Level: Bankai

Family: Void

Manifestation: Sekai no Kobushi's spirit takes the form of a large skeletal dragon with swirling chaotic energy housed within its frame. As it speaks, 72 different voices can be heard at once from it.

Sealed State Description: Ōdachi with a golden blade measuring 178 cm, a black cross shaped guard, and a black hilt.

Shikai Form Description: Sekai no Kobushi maintains the same physical form, with the addition of a black ethereal aura emanating from its blade.

Shikai Ability:

Jyuuryoku Ijiru (Gravity Tamper): Sekai no Kobushi can alter and control gravity. This can allow Saiya to manipulate the weight of his opponent or his own, as well as their abilities, causing them to move more easily and lightly, or more difficultly and heavily. It can cause projectile attacks to come crashing down to the ground or prevent weapons from even being wielded. It can even add more force to Saiya's attacks and repel things away from him. This is all due to him altering the gravity in very specific points, changing the amount of force an object is pulled by in a certain direction. There is a limit to this however, as Saiya can only control the gravity in zones as large as five meters in diameter, and he can only create two of these zones to be manipulated at once. In addition, Saiya can also manipulate the gravity to allow him to walk on walls and ceilings.

Bankai Name: Tetsushinno Sekai no Kobushi (Iron God World Fist)

Bankai Description: Saiya's Zanpakutō still maintains its form, with the addition of several other blades manifesting around him. These blades range from more ōdachis to other types such as regular katanas, nodachis, tsurugis, wakizashis, and tantos. The number of blades can only number up to a maximum of 72 blades at once, and must first be manifested within three meters of him.

Bankai Ability:

Raikou Teppou (Lightning Gun): Saiya is able to manipulate the gravitational field around the blades, building up a strong magnetic force. Once released, the blades are launched off with extreme velocity, working similar to a railgun. Due to the immense speed, the blades are nigh impossible to dodge.

Hariboufuuu (Needle Storm): Works the same way as Raikou Teppou, except that it employs all of Saiya's blades by surrounding him first, then being released as an omni-directional attack.

Jūryokutama (Gravity Bullet): Saiya is able to fire small gravitational rifts that work similar to a weakened black hole. They are able to pull in whatever they physically touch (the actual physical matter or energy it contacts only, and not those around it), appearing to tear through objects like a bullet. Due to this, there is no way to stop the "bullets", as they pull in all matter, energy, and Reishi they make contact with. The "bullets" vary in size depending on the rate of fire. In rapid fire mode, the bullets are only about three inches in diameter. In semi-automatic mode, they are about one foot in diameter. Lastly, he can charge a single shot that is about seven feet in diameter.

Chirasutama (Scatter Bullet): Works the same way as Jūryokutama, except Saiya releases several at once. This is done via swinging his Zanpakutō. When he swings, the "bullets" come off the blade and shoot out in an arcing formation.

Tateken Boufuuu (Shield Blade Storm): Saiya controls the blades to spin around him at high speed to from a protective wall. Not only will this defend him from incoming attacks, it'll also damage anyone that is within close proximity. However, as the blades do not form one solid wall due to being separate pieces, there is a chance that some attacks may slip through the gaps.
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Zettai Jyuuryokujou (Absolute Gravitational Field): Quite possibly Saiya's deadliest attack. Using every ounce of power that his Zanpakutō holds, Saiya compresses all of the gravity within a single zone of about 5 meters in diameter. Anything that enters or is caught in this zone is immediately and completely crushed, down to the very last molecule. Though extremely powerful, there are several drawbacks. For one, it takes a significant amount of time to gather the power to initiate the attack, usually about 3 minutes. In the middle of a battle, this can seem as an eternity. Second, the field is highly visible, as the space within it appears extremely distorted. This makes the technique easy to avoid, as opposed to the normal gravitational fields he creates that are invisible. Lastly, the technique severely drains him, and he will exhaust all of his energy for at least a week. Due to this, Saiya only uses it as a last resort escape technique when he is getting overpowered and the opponent won't give up the chase.
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