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Name: Redinamus Saiya

Nickname: Kuiaratamenai Saiya, Jigokujouten Saiya, Saiya the Traitor

Age: 1840

Visual Age: Mid-Twenties

Gender: Male

Appearance: Saiya appears as a young man in his mid-twenties. He
stands right at 6 feet tall with an approximate weight of 210 pounds. He possesses a thin and athletic build, possessing a body covered in finely toned muscle, allowing him ease of movement without the strain of bulky muscles. He possesses long shaggy hair that is yet smooth, reaching down his back to his rear. Initially his hair was a light silver color, but due to the many types of powers corrupting his form, it has become a shiny jet black with streaks of gold and silver. His hair flows easily in the wind, appearing healthy and thick. His eyes have undergone transformation as well. Initially a set of pure pearl blue eyes that shined like jewels, they now appear as a mix of red, orange, and yellow, blended uniquely that they appear to be made of fire. When releasing higher amounts of his power, or when he's just irritated, his eyes tend to glow and appear as though they are waving, further giving the appearance that his eyes are made of fire. Saiya possesses a strong, medium jaw line with a semi-pointed chin. His nose is short, narrow, and pointed. His cheeks have a mildly rosy color without appearing feminine.
Saiya's chest, back, and shoulders all appear firm and broad. He flaunts 6-pack abs that are firm enough to grind meat on. He goes topless, showing off his chest and abs. For Saiya's lower half, he wears a pair of loose fitting black trousers that rise up just past his waist. All across his trousers he is equipped with plates, straps, and rings for attaching extra equipment, such as extra storage pouches or holsters for additional weapons. He wears a pair of heavy, black steel boots. These bestow him with denser kicking and stomping power, though he himself is not affected by the weight due to his gravity manipulation.
Saiya also tends to hold numerous trinkets on his person. Along his belt he holds the torn haoris of his three former Shinigami captains that he slayed, serving as a sort of personal trophy to show the capabilities of his power. Likewise, he also holds several Quincy crosses in a pouch, formerly belonging to the many Quincy he "befriended" and then slayed to help secure his trip to Hell.
Saiya's face also has unique markings, which symbolize his Hollow powers due to him not actually possessing a mask. Tracing down from the top of his forehead to the bottom of his cheek along the right side of his face, there appears to be a black line in the shape of a large letter "S". Likewise, the same pattern goes along the left side of his face but inverted horizontally. There also appears to be a thin diamond pattern that extends from the center of his forehead and trails halfway down his nose. While these patterns are usually black in color, they tend to glow a brilliant gold whenever Saiya is excited, agitated, or simply flares his power to high levels.
Finally, Saiya has the remnants of his Togabito chains hanging from  his wrists and arms. Normally he keeps them tied around his arms, but he will occasionally extend them to strike or wrap around an opponent, or even use their nigh indestructibility for defending. He may even wrap them around the hilt of his Zanpakutō in order to swing it around at greater range, cutting at opponents that aren't necessarily within arms reach.

Personality: Saiya is a cold-hearted, remorseless loner. He is obsessed with power and knowledge, doing whatever it takes to increase his own. He has no qualms about striking down innocents to do so. The goal of obtaining more power seems to be solely for personal pleasure, as he has no plans to use it for any other purpose other than obtaining it. He is a quiet, aloof character that shuns personal contact other than to strike someone down, or if it is necessary in the pursuit of more power. Very rarely will he actually develop an interest in an individual, and this is usually only temporary and serves to further his goal somehow. Saiya possesses a genius level intellect that allows him to formulate flawless battle strategies, develop powerful techniques, and closely observe the abilities of others, allowing him the knowhow to replicate these abilities and even improve upon them. An impressive chessmaster, every action and outcome he is involved with serve his higher goals, and even him losing is just another part of the plan leading to his inevitable victory. Saiya possesses a strong aversion to weakness, both physically and mentally. Those that fail to impress him in the slightest will be struck down immediately, being seen as an unforgivable waste of his time that can be spent in the pursuit of his goals. To challenge him with insufficient power is to wish for instant death. Anyone trying to escape from him will be hunted down and slain as well, being seen as cowardice to him. In his eyes, this action is seen as culling the weak to ensure that only the strongest genes are used to populate the world, leaving only strong individuals for him to observe and learn from. Saiya has no desire for family or friendship. He enjoys being alone, using his time to develop his powers or study. He will only venture out into the public from time to time in order to keep updated on current events, or to observe the abilities and strengths of others in order to increase his own knowledge and abilities. Very rarely will he become interested enough in someone to keep irregular contact with them, even rarer will he keep regular contact, and even rarer than that will he actually allow them to keep him company. An individual of this rarity would have to possess a calibre of strength and intellect on par with his own.

Likes: Power, Alcohol, Solitude, Training, Knowledge

Dislikes: Weakness, Noisiness, Cowardice, Ignorance, Reliance

Special Characteristics: Saiya has an immensely strong tolerance to alcohol. He will never get drunk as a result, and even amounts that would kill an exceptionally skilled drinker seem to have no affect on him. He also possesses an incredibly advanced learning ability. Generally it only takes one observation to learn something completely, and one use in practical application to master it. His vast levels of knowledge allow him to easily understand the workings of anything, from the arcane to the mechanical and electronic. Partially due to his Fullbringer abilities, he is able to detect the potential hidden power of his opponent, so holding back does not surprise him. His senses are vastly heightened to the point where he can clearly see a fly miles away and hear the heartbeat of a mouse the same distance. Like a predatory animal, he can detect the exact nature of a being behind him based off its smell alone. His spiritual power never seems to exhaust itself, possibly due to his Quincy abilities to use the energy of everything around him instead. Finally, he is ambidextrous, able to wield a weapon or item in either hand with ease.

Previous Division: 9th, 11th, and 5th

Saiya was first discovered as a child in the 80th District of the Southern Sector of Rukongai, one of the most dangerous and most lawless districts of all. Whether he was born there or arrived there after death in the Living World is not known, and even he cannot remember his circumstances. What IS known is that he possessed high amounts of spiritual power even then. Witnessing all the atrocities committed around him on a daily basis led him to believe that might is right, and without it you have no proper claim to life. He was found by a squad of patrolling Shinigami while defending himself against a group of a dozen armed men, each one giant and powerful by normal standards. He was winning. Impressed by his spirit and ability, they invited him to join the Shinigami Academy. Wishing to gain the strength and abilities of the strongest people in all of Soul Society, he accepted their offer. Unbeknownst to the Shinigami, he had no intention of taking their doctrine as his own, and simply saw them as a stepping stone to becoming stronger.

Saiya moved through the Shinigami Academy at an accelerated pace. While most academy students needed time to grasp their studies, Saiya fully understood each lesson immediately and could put them into practical application. He also tended to study ahead of time, researching lessons far ahead of his class. He made no attempts to make friends in the academy, as he felt they would only detract from his available time to study. His high level of spiritual power and genius intellect allowed him to master the abilities of the four Zankensoki arts way ahead of his time, including high level techniques that weren't even taught in the academy. Saiya also secretly managed to contact his Zanpakutō spirit at this time, unlocking the full powers of his Shikai and even his Bankai, though he kept this to himself. All of these points allowed Saiya to graduate the Shinigami Academy after only three years, as opposed to the usual six.

Saiya was immediately inducted into the 5th Division upon his early graduation. This suited his desires perfectly, as the 5th Division was full of intelligent individuals who were both wise and skilled in martial arts. Joining the 5th Division allowed Saiya to further sharpen his mind and combat skills. However, Saiya eventually found that he was quickly surpassing those of the 5th Division in ability, including the Captain. Feeling that they no longer possessed anything of value to offer him, Saiya requested a transfer to the 11th Division in order to further strengthen his combat ability, as the 11th Division was the one most suited to those seeking to increase their personal strength. After some time the transfer went through, and Saiya found himself as a member of the most combat oriented division. Saiya immediately set about to test his skills, and challenged a large number of the division members at once on his first day. After defeating forty members en masse without being touched once, the Captain ordered for the combatants to desist. Impressed with his combat prowess, the Captain offered to make Saiya his 3rd Seat, which was vacant. However, Saiya declined his offer, giving the excuse that he felt he had not yet put in enough time with the division to gain that honor, citing that the members had not yet had enough time to develop respect for him to follow his orders. In reality, Saiya simply did not wish to lead, feeling that it would take away from his personal time to better himself. He did not wish to waste his time dealing with the problems of others. Eventually Saiya found himself with the same problem he had in the 5th Division. He had grown significantly stronger than any of the members of the division, and thus they served no further usefulness to him in developing his own power. Now wishing to improve his knowledge further, he requested a transfer to the 9th Division, as it was the division that specialized in collecting and processing information. The Captain of the 11th Division was hesitant to allow this, until Saiya demonstrated his high level of proficiency in Kidō, which the members of the 11th Division looked down upon as a weak art. Once in the 9th Division, Saiya kept completely to himself. He spent most of his time in the libraries and data storages of the division, learning as much as he could about the history of Gotei and Soul Society, reading literature, studying battle strategy, and researching the biology and abilities of the different races. It was at this time that he learned of the Quincy and their unique ability to control Reishi. Feeling that he was reaching the end of what he could learn and gain from the Shinigami, he felt it was time to gain the powers of another race. Knowing that the Gotei did not take kindly to deserters and rogues, and that they would relentlessly hunt him down if he chose that path, Saiya devised a way to cover his departure. Volunteering to head out for an extermination mission against a Gillian-class Hollow, he headed out for battle alone before the strike team could finish being formed. However, instead of actually heading to the battle, he simply went his own way and traveled to the living world, leaving the interpretation that the Gillian had devoured him in his foolhardy attempt to solo the beast.

Once in the living world, Saiya immediately set out to find the Quincy. Knowing that their numbers were rare in this age, he spent some time traveling from city to city before he detected high levels of spiritual power that felt different from both Shinigami and Hollows. Having at last found a group of Quincy, and powerful ones at that, he cautiously approached them, knowing full well of the immense hatred the Quincy had for the Shinigami. Offering his servitude and trading knowledge of the inner workings of Gotei and Soul Society, Saiya somehow managed to gain an apprenticeship to the Quincy, though their full trust he had not yet gained. Saiya quickly learned how to use the surrounding Reishi of an area as his weapon, as well as his opponents' own energy. He learned several new combat arts and abilities, such as how to use a Quincy Cross to form a bow and other weapons, and the Quincy equivalent to Kidō known as Gintō. Saiya merged this new part of his powers with that of his Shinigami powers, and in doing so caused a change in his Zanpakutō. His Reiatsu now gave off a different feel to it, and even the abilities and form of his Zanpakutō changed. Spending time with the Quincy also allowed Saiya access to a treasure trove of new information and databases. With his new abilities, his personal knowledge and combat ability skyrocketed. However, like before, he soon began to feel that the Quincy no longer served any usefulness to him, and he began to look elsewhere for more power.

Saiya next began to look at the possibility of gaining the power of Hollows. Using the science of the Quincy before cutting ties with them, he devised a means of creating a temporary gateway between the living world and Hueco Mundo. Using it to travel to the land of the Hollows, he set out to find the strongest Hollows around. He had no means of crossing the boundary between Shinigami and Hollow himself unassisted, and for once Saiya was at a halt in his progression. For the time being he began to stalk the Hollows he found, studying how they behaved and operated before he slew them. Eventually he came to notice that Hollows would devour each other in order to raise their own power. Saiya began to mimic this behavior, striking down Hollows just enough to cripple them without killing them, then feeding on them whole to take their essence into him. Eventually their dark essence began to merge with him and change him into something new, not quite Hollow or Shinigami, but something in between. His Reiatsu began to change as it did when he started to gain Quincy powers. His physical form remained the same, but his essence was something completely different. It was similar to that of an Arrancar or Vaizard, but not quite. It was something more pure, more balanced and complete. Thus Saiya began to gain the powers of a Hollow. He needed to neither utilize the mask of a Vaizard to call upon his new powers, nor change his body into something more Hollow-like such as an Arrancar does. So drastic was the change in him that it seemed that he naturally had been part Hollow his entire existence. However, gaining such a pure form of Hollow powers began to corrupt Saiya even more in his quest for more power, the endless hunger of a Hollow pushing him to new lengths. Saiya wandered the vast deserts of Hueco Mundo endlessly, seeking out the strongest Hollows and devouring all he came across, including a few Vasto Lordes. Eventually a balance was reached within him, and he no longer experienced an uncontrollable drive to feed. However, his drive to gain more power and knowledge had risen even more, and like before, he grew unsatisfied with his current levels. Saiya returned to the living world to observe once more, seeking a new way to better himself.

Before long, Saiya reestablished contact with the Quincy community he had joined before. Using their resources, he learned of a relatively unknown type of power in the world. That of a Fullbringer. Learning that the Fullbringers were able to use their powers because they possessed part of the essence of a Hollow within them, Saiya once again abandoned the Quincy that took him in and set out for this new subspecies of human. Eventually he came across of gang of Fullbringers that were using their powers secretly to get about in the world. Saiya revealed that he too possessed the essence of Hollows, and they were quick to accept him, seeing him as one of their own in a world where their numbers were already few. The more experienced Fullbringers taught him how to draw out the soul in an object and use it to his advantage, while the more junior Fullbringers served as training partners. His ability to quickly grasp new concepts allowed Saiya to fully realize his own Fullbringer powers. Like some other Fullbringers, Saiya possessed an affinity for more than one object, namely his Zanpakutō, the Quincy Cross he obtained from the Quincy, and his own body. Using his new abilities, he was able to draw out the hidden potential in these items and make himself a more effective combatant. Mixing this new ability with those he already possessed, he was able to strengthen and alter each of the spells and techniques he already knew. Saiya spent months just seeing what potential he could draw out of every object he came across, furthering his knowledge and mastery over the art. However, like before, he eventually found his current abilities were not fulfilling. He began to look to one final source of power. That of Hell itself.

Saiya realized that for him to get into Hell, he would have to die. Not only that, but he would have to commit truly evil acts before doing so to be specifically sent there. He had no problem with this. Saiya cared nothing for the life of others, and everyone was merely a tool to his own progress. The first atrocity Saiya committed was to slay all of the Fullbringers that helped him realize his own Fullbringer powers. Their complete trust of him left them fully unprepared for his murderous quest. These were people that came to fully trust him, including children. He next sought out the Quincy who had trained him in their ways and slew them too. He usually tortured them slowly before ending their lives in as cruel and violent a way as possible. He then traveled back to Soul Society and set about the destruction of Rukongai. This act only served as a diversion to draw out the Shinigami in large numbers. With many of their numbers looking for him in Rukongai, Saiya secretly infiltrated back into Seireitei and approached the Shinigami Academy. Knowing full well that the undeveloped powers of the academy students would not be enough to defend against him, he set about ending their lives, leaving their corpses arranged in sadistic ways to further add to his evil image. Once the actual divisions were alerted to his presence in the academy, he fortified his location to make a final stand. The Shinigami came at him in massive numbers, now fully aware that they were dealing with a traitor and each wishing to meet out justice. Even the Captains came out to battle him. The combination of the different abilities he had gained since his departure put him on a much greater level than most of the Shinigami. Holding his ground, he slew a great number of Shinigami, including all three of the Captains he previously served under. Eventually, once he felt he had dealt enough damage and cemented his damnation, Saiya allowed himself to be killed. His soul was then sent to Hell, where he became a Togabito.

Once in Hell, Saiya immediately set about to slay the Kushanāda. Having already possessing enough power to easily escape, he shattered his own chains that binded him to Hell, leaving a significant length of each one attached to him so that he may utilize their durabilty and strength in combat. Upon finding the Kushanāda, he set out to defeat them like he did the Hollows in Hueco Mundo, crippling them enough to where they could not attack him or escape, then devouring them live. Saiya committed this act for many years, roaming Hell and absorbing its miasma into himself while searching for Kushanāda to devour. The process was much slower than it took for him to gain Hollow powers, but signs of him drawing the power of Hell itself into himself were beginning to show. Already more powerful than before due to his new Togabito nature, the evil feeling of Saiya's Reiatsu was becoming stronger. He began to be able to detect each of the Kushanāda individually and hunt them down, tracking them with a sort of internal spiritual radar. As the essence of Hell grew stronger in him, his Zanpakutō and Reiatsu once again completely changed. Now with all of his powers completely fused, he gave off a completely unique feel that had never been seen before. Though he still appeared as a normal Shinigami, the feel of his Reiatsu was nothing like one. Nor was it the same as a Hollow, Quincy, Fullbringer, or Togabito. Having grown satisfied with what he could gain from Hell, he used his new powers to rip open a portal to the living world. With the shattered chains no longer binding him to Hell, and the Kushanāda powerless to capture him anyways, he was free to escape and roam the world as he saw fit.

Now free to roam each dimension without restraint, Saiya wanders the world on the never ending quest to improve his knowledge and abilities as before. He studies every subject that he can find to sharpen his mind, and trains to raise his already vast limits and find new uses for his abilities. Having already exhausted the uses for each of the races, he no longer actively seeks out individuals and only comes across them by chance, when seeking information on a new subject or ability, or when an order is sent out for his extermination. He usually spends his time in complete solitude, studying texts and information as well as developing new uses or modifications to his abilities. He is a hated enemy by almost every faction, and almost each one has a "kill on sight" policy regarding him. He owes allegiance to no person or organization, and can only be persuaded to join a side through the offering of some rare knowledge he is not privy to or some new technique he has yet to encounter. Even then, he is likely to switch sides after he has received a payment if the other faction can make an interesting offer as well. As such, the different factions are hesitant to employ him lest they find themselves at the pointy end of his blade instead.

RP Sample:
Once again, he was being hunted. Though it was something he was used to, he found it quite the annoyance. It was Shinigami again. “As usual”, he thought to himself. Though he supposed it was his fault they were hunting him this time. Likewise, they possessed an equal share of the fault. They had been hunting a specific Hollow that had been plaguing them with problems recently. Unfortunately, Saiya had been observing that very same Hollow, studying its abilities and observing its behavior patterns, hoping to replicate its powers later. He would not abide someone killing his subject while his business was unfinished.  These Shinigami didn't quite see things his way however.
He had hoped to pick them off one by one. Hiding above in an old tree that had seen many years, Saiya quietly waited for the squad of Shinigami to pass by his position, making sure to blend in so as to not give away his position. He waited for the squad to pass by until the last one in their ranks was just below him. Whisking down silently as if a spider on its thread, Saiya quickly wrapped his hands around the man’s neck and proceeded to snap it, then yanked the fresh corpse back up along with him to hide the body. Surprisingly to Saiya, it was a good ten minutes before the other Shinigami realized their comrade was missing. Saiya felt that the Shinigami were poorly trained these days if it took them this long to notice something was wrong.  The Shinigami split up to search for their missing brother, something which Saiya thought was absolutely stupid. “Surely they would fare better as a whole”, Saiya thought to himself. After a short moment of pondering this, he shook his head, realizing it wouldn’t matter against someone such as him.

He spotted his next prey searching alone in a dense thicket of trees.  He crept up silently behind him, fully enjoying the situation, feeling like a beast hunting its meal. This Shinigami had no clue his death was about to arrive. Saiya did not,  however, count on the twig beneath his foot to snap and give away his position as it did.  The Shinigami immediately spun around and realized he was face to face with the infamous Traitor.


Saiya would not give the Shinigami time to finish his outburst and warn his comrades. He immediately reached out with his hand and grasped the Shinigami’s face, keeping his mouth shut.

“There will be none of that.”

Saiya’s next move was to crush the man’s face with his bare hand, silencing him forever. The man’s body went limp, being held up only by Saiya’s grasp. Saiya deposited the body in a hedge of bushes, whilst contemplating eating it later. It wasn't long before the others realized yet another friend was missing, and they were seeming to wise up. The remaining eight Shinigami came looking for him all at once. Saiya quickly retreated back to the trees above, really wishing he did not have to deal with these interlopers. They were wasting valuable time he could be spending observing his target instead.

Saiya eyed the Shinigami from his perch in the above canopy. He could have easily finished them off all at once instantly, but he was hoping to let at least one survive, instilling within him an intense fear that he would deliver back to his division that would let them know never to come to this area again. It was Saiya’s territory, and he strongly disliked trespassers. Creating a sense of dread of the area for other people would ensure that he wouldn't have this problem again.

As the group of men passed just below Saiya’s position, the tree he was in decided that this was the moment it would stop liking him. The branch he was on gave out from his weight, dropping him down right in the center of the remaining Shinigami. Saiya went through no trouble landing gracefully on his feet, but that did not negate the fact that he had just lost the element of surprise. Almost instantly each of the Shinigami realized just who had dropped in amongst them. All except for one, who seemed fairly young. Saiya figured this particular Shinigami was too young to have heard about the infamous Saiya as of yet. He chose this young individual to be the survivor of the massacre he was about to enact. He would take the honor of instilling true fear within this youth that had yet to know any.

As Saiya was deciding on this, one of the Shinigami behind him was starting to draw his Zanpakutō. This man had a face Saiya found displeasure with. He had an air about him that seemed to give off an arrogant attitude. Luckily for Saiya, this man volunteered to be slaughtered first. At least, this is how it appeared in Saiya’s eyes.


Saiya had not given the man time to finish. Just as the Shinigami was halfway through his words, Saiya had swiftly drawn his own Zanpakutō and sent the blade through the man’s mouth. The end of it exited out the backside of the Shinigami’s skull, covered with the man’s red life.

“You people talk too much.”

At this point one of the other Shinigami felt that he could get a strike in on Saiya while his back was turned. This was not to be, as Saiya’s perception and reaction time were far superior to this lowly Shinigami. Saiya did not bother drawing back his blade from the corpse’s mouth, which had remained standing due to being supported by the blade. Instead, he simply turned the blade sideways, exiting the skull via slicing through the face. In one single movement his blade went from the dead man and into the neck of the attacker. In an instant the Shinigami shoulders was bereft of its head. The movement had been so fast that it had seemed as if Saiya had performed a quick Shunpo. The body slumped to its knees for a moment, spilling blood out of the stump that was just a moment ago its neck, and then proceeded to fall to the ground upon its chest. This swift and precise act of carnage was enough to stun the remaining six Shinigami in disbelief. They had never seen anything so brutal happen so quickly before.

One of the Shinigami still seemed to maintain some sense of spirit. He quickly snapped to reality and charged at Saiya with his Zanpakutō held high, letting out a brave battle cry as he ran. He had some speed on him, and was quickly able to close the gap between Saiya and himself. Saiya was slightly impressed, for the man had still had guts after what just happened. Only slightly. As the Shinigami struck straight down with his blade, Saiya caught it with just his fingertips just in front of his face, not moving an inch. The kinetic energy of the blade was dispersed around them, kicking up dust all around them. The offending Shinigami was clearly shocked into fear once again.

“Shinigami these days just don't learn.”

The Shinigami was shaking with fear. The Zanpakutō he held was violently rattling in his grasp. All of the confidence he possessed a moment ago was completely gone. One of the remaining Shinigami, a man who was quite possibly a veteran due to the look of his age, charged from behind Saiya in order to cover for his comrade. Saiya would have none of this. He released a significant amount of his Reiatsu as pressure and directed it at the aggressor. The force was enough to knock the wind out of the man’s lungs and bring him to his knees. As this was going on, Saiya raised his own Zanpakutō and placed it against the eyes of the Shinigami who still stood before him, trembling with despair.

“Cry for me.”

The Shinigami instantly grasped what was going to happen. But it was too late. Just as he had understood the situation, Saiya had sliced his blade along the man’s face, destroying the man’s eyes. He had made sure to cut shallow enough so as to not kill the man, but deep enough to cause immense bleeding and rob the man of his sight. The man had indeed begun to cry, at least metaphorically. It was tears of blood that ran down his face as he screamed in agony. He flailed about, clutching his face as he bellowed.

The other Shinigami had finally started to come to their senses. Their thoughts boiled with rage and shame, for they could only stand by and watch in fear as their brothers were being cut down. All except for the youngest one, whose inexperience betrayed his terror. They were each readying for their counterattack. They were not quick enough to act however. Saiya had used the moment it took for them to focus their thoughts to make his escape. Without using the incantation, Saiya quickly placed his palm to the ground and cast Bakudō #21: Sekienton, creating a large cloud of smoke to obscure the vision of the Shinigami. Temporarily blinded and unable to see amongst the smoke, the Shinigami did not notice as Saiya used a Shunpo to escape back to the canopy. As the smoke cleared, the Shinigami looked about to find their hated opponent, the vile traitor who was once known as Redinamus Saiya to them. Not finding their enemy in sight, and unable to track his Reiatsu as he kept it to a minimum level to avoid detection, the Shinigami gathered their dead and moved to find him, with one of the survivors helping along their brother who had been robbed of his eyes. They could not allow one of the most hated enemies of the Shinigami in history to escape. As of now, Saiya was the one being hunted. Or so they thought, as he quietly watched them from the trees. At least he had managed to take them off the trail of the Hollow he had been observing.

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