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Fullbring Template

Post by The Russian on Fri Nov 09, 2012 4:03 pm

Fullbring Template

Name: What is the name of your Fullbring?

Fullbring Object: Each Fullbringer has an object that they have an affinity towards, what is yours? Jackie had her boots, and Ginjo’s was his pendant on a chain. Please also describe

Fullbring Object Appearance: Please describe what your Fullbring Object looks like. We like as much information as possible.

Fullbring Type: Clad Type or Free Form?
Clad Type: Clad Type Fullbrings are those that shrouds their wielder in its power. Much like Ichigo’s or Jackie Tristan’s Fullbring.

Free Form: A Free Form Fullbring are the types that gives you an item or weapon to fight with. This is seen with Tsukishima’s sword, Yukio’s Gameboy, or Moe’s Knuckle Dusters.

Fullbring Appearance: Please describe what your Fullbring looks like once it has been activated. We would prefer a much in depth description.

Fullbring Ability: What is the main ability of your Fullbring? Please be as detailed as possible so that we can understand your abilities.

Techniques: Please list your techniques below.

Enhanced Fullbring Appearance: Please describe what your Fullbring looks like in its enhanced state. Think of this as when Ginjo stole Ichigo’s powers and shared it with the other Fullbringers, which in turned caused them to become stronger.

Enhanced Fullbring Ability: What abilities does your Fullbring gives you in its enhanced state?

Techniques: Please list your Techniques that you may have gained in your enhanced state.


[center][color=orange][u][size=24][b]Fullbring Template[/u][/color][/size][/b][/center]


[b]Fullbring Object:[/b]

[b]Fullbring Object Appearance:[/b]

[b]Fullbring Type:[/b] Clad Type or Free Form?

[b]Fullbring Appearance:[/b]

[b]Fullbring Ability:[/b]


[b]Enhanced Fullbring Appearance:[/b]

[b]Enhanced Fullbring Ability:[/b]


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