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Arrancar Template

Name: Pecado Cervantes

Nicknames: Sinsonte, El Maligno, Pesadilla del Yermo, Resultado de un Dios Adormecido

Age: Roughly seven thousand five hundred eighty.

Visual Age: Early to mid twenties.

Gender: Male

Pecado Cervantes Welsch_laffarou__segunda_by_nexusyuber-d3rmt1o
He stands at six feet, one inch and has a body weight of one hundred sixty pounds. His hair is a vibrant shade of lime green. In proper light the incredibly light shade of color in hair hair could reflect light in minor amounts. His bangs end in a point, sometimes swept to the side covering an eye. There have been times, however when it's been shown hanging straight down. Around the middle it's lightly spiked up, something similar to a mohawk. His face can share the story of his troubled past, hardened and at times cold. His bright green eyes that match his hair, condescending as they may seem are full of pride, though it's only to mask his mild dementia and bouts of mania. His figure is deceivingly weak, as his frame is slender. Though atop his slender figure, he has managed to build up a fair amount of muscle tone. The remnants of his Hollow mask are meager, and are often gone unnoticed. They take the form of small spikes coating the outside rim of his left ear. His attire greatly resembles the Espada issued uniform, clear symbolism of his ignorance. It's white and very form fitting, with the outlines of it being black. The top he wears is sleeveless, though on occasion he does wear a jacket to cover his arms. Around his waist is a dark grey cloth, wrapped around acting as something similar to a belt.

Personality: Pecado's experience has left him dark; cold and callous. He rarely gives a second thought to those around him, often cutting them down if he doesn't deem them worthy enough to stand near him. Pecado is also a proud man, boasting a greatly inflated ego, though he doesn't over advertise it. He believes it to be a rightful stature, a result of his tremendous power. His experience has also caused Pecado to grow insane, or at least to some degree. He suffers from severe paranoia, untrusting of just about all of those he's come in contact with. Pecado has also shown signs of dementia, often rambling and talking about things that couldn't even begin to make sense, and mania, rarely going out of character and becoming energetic borderline psychotic to a rather high degree. His years of experience have taught him to subdue the latter parts of his insanity, keeping them in check unless he gets too carried away. When he lets himself go and his insanity shows, he's a wrecking ball of destruction; an architect of pure malice and slaughter. Both inside and out of his darker persona he seems to be incredibly fond of felines, especially house cats. The reasoning isn't quite known, not even by him as it just seems to be a quirk. He has the tendency to refer to others as cats, mostly while on the hunt. The few close to Pecado should be considered lucky, as they see a much lighter and warm hearted side to them. He often remains eerily calm, even in some of the most dire of circumstances. He rarely allows anyone to get close to him, and will often dodge or altogether avoid questions. His older age has caused Pecado to look down on those younger than him, or at least the ignorant ones. The intelligent and open minded ones he could tolerate.

Likes: Being alone, spicy foods, bloodshed, dark colors, dim lights, cats, fire, and anything destructive.

Dislikes: Most people, loud noises aside from the destruction he's caused, questions, animal abuse, errors and enclosed spaces.

Special Characteristics: His paranoia and psychotic behavior has left Pecado devoid of most attachment, rendering him much less vulnerable to mind games and loss. His psychotic behavior gives him something of a cliche, as he's very observant, capable of noticing minor mistakes and also allowing him to learn a plethora of things rather quickly.

Class: Ascendant

History: Pecado was born into an ancient Mayan civilization, and his timing was unfortunate. The country was in the middle of a civil war, so even as a child he had to learn how to defend himself. His family was far from wealthy, so as the years progressed he had to make do with the little he could salvage. Pecado decided to join the military force for the city state he lived in once his family had died. Their home was raided, and being a young pre-adolescent, Pecado was scarred when his family was slowly and brutally tortured before his eyes. His father was a soldier for the same city state, though he'd defected to protect Pecado and the family more securely. The enemy force was misinformed, believing Pecado's father had any information regarding the city state's status causing the family to be tormented and killed for no reason. One by one they had slowly killed his brothers and sisters, even his mother before young Pecado's eyes. Eventually, it came as Pecado's time to be brutally tortured to get his father to speak. Just in time to save his life, the small fleet of soldiers were informed of their misinformation and they had left as if nothing happened. Within the next week or so, Pecado's father was so mentally scarred that he ended his own life, unaware of being in Pecado's line of sight.

Years had come and gone, Pecado feeling empty due to his losses. Once he was old enough he decided that he wanted both companionship and revenge, knowing the only way to accomplish these goals were to fight for the same city-state his father had. He was soon enlisted and he began his quest. He was assigned to a fairly small group pf soldiers where he quickly found that he was naturally adept with a blade. With his small squad they began taking out enemy soldiers at a fast pace, completing all of their assignments. It took quite some time, but eventually they found themselves quite fond of each other; great friends. Over time they became a very close knit group of brothers, protecting each others' backs at all times. Their joy and serenity, one could say was soon halted. During a reconnaissance mission they were ambushed by a fleet of enemy soldiers. Some were killed on the spot, but Pecado and the others were captured and sent to an enemy base.

The enemies wanted intel, and they'd do anything they could to get it. Tying up Pecado and his squad, they began to torture them in a very small, dark room. One by one his brothers died slowly and painfully in front of him. Some due to injuries from the torture, others dehydration and starvation. They never gave up information pertaining to their cause, though. They were strictly loyal to their city state, honor bound. In addition, Pecado had another motive, one fueled greatly by recent events; revenge. He knew he must avenge his fallen brothers, and his blood family as well. Though if he didn't act soon, he'd die of starvation or dehydration as well.

The enemies still hadn't gotten what they wanted, and they knew that of all the others, Pecado was the one they wanted. They would need him alive and put him through unbearable torture. With time, he was slowly considered useless. He was kept in the small room with the bodies of his teammates, starvation setting in. Eventually, if Pecado wanted to survive he'd have to consume the flesh of those he once cherished. He'd also drink copious amounts of the blood remaining in their bodies to stave off dehydration. It worked though, he managed just enough strength to subdue a guard and make his escape. Little did he know, because he physically left the torment, it'd still haunt him regardless of where he went.

Whether blinded by revenge and bloodlust or malnutrition, it's not known, but Pecado rushed into the enemies' base. He'd attempt to kill the warlord of this sector, to satiate his lust for revenge, even if momentarily. Pecado was weak, his body couldn't handle much combat and this was quickly proven. In a blind fury, Pecado would rush into the warlord's guards and quickly be struck down. Before he could even get a glimpse of the chieftain, a bladed weapon was impaled just below Pecado's neck. He wouldn't die instantly, rather slow enough to recognize his failure, how he'd let himself and everybody down. His own quest swiftly became his own downfall, but this was only the beginning.

Even death couldn't relieve Pecado of his pain and rage, as his next memory was painful. Still driven by revenge he was forced to remain in the world of the living, but as a Hollow. The only true memory he had right then was that he wanted revenge, especially against humans. His thirst for vengeance was greatly fueled by his hunger for souls as well, so the feast began. As he died in the camp, thus he was born into it. Without them even capable of seeing him, he mercilessly slew the humans and consumed their souls. The purity of the souls was like heroin to an addict, intoxicating and necessary, but lacking. As addicted as he was to consuming the souls of humans, it seemed purely for pleasure and flavor as it hadn't satiated his gluttony. This time, there was no real established Goteijusantai, meaning Shinigami were rarely sent to kill him, and the few that were he had either barely fought off or narrowly avoided. Enough rational sense was made in his mind and he began hunting those like him, Hollow.

He'd viciously and ravenously consume the other Hollows, slowly gaining their powers in the process. Pecado would quickly make the correlation to his escalating power and his new diet which caused his lust for power. Not only did it fuel his power, it would also satiate his hunger. Or at least much more than human souls could ever do. Pecado would roam the human world, hunting down and consuming all of the rogue Hollow. Not much was know about Hollow and their powers at the time, so Shinigami just saw him as doing them a favor, little did they know. Eventually Pecado grew massive in power, at least by lesser Hollow standards. He was capable of easily taking out most other Hollow in the same form as him. It happened purely by luck, but a Menos Grande had happened to be located near Pecado's location one day. After a battle that was by no means long, nor was it quick, Pecado managed to consume it. Along with the Menos Grande came all of the Hollow it had once eaten as well.

Pecado seemed to be stuck in this form for quite sometime. As the Menos Grande seemed mindless on the outside, on the inside it consisted of countless Hollow fighting for internal control. Pecado's mind just happened to be the strongest, fueled by an insatiable hunger for power and revenge. Now in control as the Gillian Hollow he began hunting down others like him, rare as they were in the human world. After consuming a few, Pecado realized he had the ability to travel to a new world, Hueco Mundo. There, it didn't take long for him to find more Menos Grande and consume them. With his mental control of the countless amount of spirits composing him, and his physical power Pecado was able to reach a new stage of evolution, one far more powerful. Now Pecado was an Adjuchas-class Hollow, capable of dispatching standard and Gillian class Hollow with little to no difficulty.

As an Adjuchas, Pecado regained full control over his body. As such, he'd be hunted by other Adjuchas in attempts to gain his power. Luckily, Pecado was tactful and powerful enough to defend himself and consume the offensive Hollows. As he regained all of his original memories and thoughts, he would recall the events of his human life. Plagued once more, he grew rampant. Pecado, in a frenzy would attempt to kill all life around him and consume it. Few could withstand his rapidly growing spiritual power, as it greatly hindered the lesser Hollows. He constantly hunted down all he could, filling his gluttonous rampage with the souls of those inferior. His lust for vengeance knew no bounds, he was greatly envious of the few stronger than him. This envy fueled him further, driving him to a deep obsession with power. Constantly he'd hunt down not only those weaker than him, but those stronger but weakened. It'd been a few thousand years since he'd died, and his lust finally began to die down as an Adjuchas. He believed this to be the final form of a Hollow, with the vast amount residing within himself. The Adjuchas he'd hunt down and consume would hardly grant him any power, nothing substantial at least. This was until one day, he spotted a Vasto Lorde. He was in awe of the magnificent beast, he could hardly breathe in it's presence.

It was to this Hollow that Pecado offered his deceitful loyalty to, in exchange for his life. It was Pecado's intention to become this Caesars' Brutus, plotting his treachery. At the time, this Vasto Lorde seemed to be the only, and was greatly envied. It's power was thought to be something of legends, and many thought unobtainable. Nearly every day Pecado would defend his new 'master' from all of those trying to absorb him for their own gain. Many had thought they could over power this supreme being, and consume him for their own gain. Their own stupidity had led a majority of Adjuchas to believe a simple ambush would overpower the Vasto Lorde and his protector. During the ambush Pecado feigned death, though in reality he had been hardly injured. Believing his guard to be incapacitated, the Vasto Lorde was forced to fend for himself and fight off the ambush. Their numbers weren't the highest, but they were some of the strongest Adjuchas in the area so they did pose a something resembling of a challenge for the Vasto Lorde, some had even gotten in a few good hits. When the last of them were killed, the greatly weakened Vasto Lorde came to check on Pecado. As he came closer, Pecado fired off a Cero towards the Vasto Lorde's feet. Stunned and injured by the unexpected attack, Pecado managed to sneak behind his former master. With a wicked grin, Pecado swung his arm back before plunging his hand deep into the back of the Vasto Lorde's rending him paralyzed. He looked up at Pecado, eyes confused and threatened, even traces of fear could be seen from him. Alas, Pecado had no hesitation when it came to consuming this powerful Hollow. As he consumed the Vasto Lorde Pecado felt a great surge of power, stronger than anything he'd ever felt as he quickly gained a more humanoid form.

With his new found power Pecado greatly abused it, mercilessly slaughtering those around him. He wasn't as foolish as the one he once served, he wasn't going to allow anyone getting close to him. The combination of his paranoia and intellect wouldn't allow that. It seemed with this new form he gained quite a bit more reasoning, possibly a result of the Vasto Lorde he'd consumed. Perhaps he was quite knowledgeable and some of the traits had passed to Pecado. He no longer sought revenge on mankind for their sinister acts on him as a human. He would still kill them, however. Just not for vengeance. This time around it was rather for joy and sport; a good time. The same went with his treatment to lesser Hollows. He'd no longer exclusively eat them, he'd also kill and simply torture others. Vasto Lordes were incredibly rare, it was uncertain if there were any more than just a handful roaming around at all. This was against Pecado's odds as he attempted to grow in power, mere Adjuchas hardly giving him anything. It'd take nearly hundreds of them to make him feel any difference in his power, but he knew there had to be a way to get stronger. There was an emptiness within him, one that was far more powerful than emotional loss. Being a Vasto Lorde he had been given a taste of pure power, but even he knew something was missing and there was much more to gain.

It was one day, by chance that Pecado's luck spiked. He came across another like himself. They both understood that there were few Vasto Lorde in the world, so they took no hesitation resorting to combat. It was a long, tedious battle yet exhilarating and thrilling. There were very few that would be able to handle either's presence for the amount of time that they fought, but there they were striking at each other for what seemed like hours on end. It had finally come to an end when Pecado dealt a devastating blow to the enemy Vasto Lorde. However, in retaliation the Vasto Lorde swung at Pecado's mask, cracking it in the process. He was lucky, any further and it probably would have spelled death for him. But he was lucky enough to drive the other Vasto Lorde away with his own powers, so he wasn't screwed entirely. Days went by and the cracks in Pecado's mask began to spread even further. Curious and irritated at it, Pecado would begin to slowly pick at his mask, unaware of the consequences.

As Pecado picked at his mask it cracked even further, revealing more of what was behind. Unaware of the potential lethal consequences of his actions he wouldn't cease. After a few more days, he was finally able to grab a fair portion of his mask. Believing in the secure feeling it gave him, he began tugging on it for salvation. He'd been mortified of his actions as a Hollow, now realizing how deep into his revenge he'd sunk. It took hours of pure agony for him to finally rip off his mask, becoming what he truly was. Ripping off his mask had left him as a new race entirely, something incredibly unique at least for that time; Arrancar. His appearance was far more Shinigami than Hollow now, aside from a remnant of his Hollow mask.

His power was so massive as a Vasto Lorde turned Arrancar that his own body couldn't handle all of his spiritual spiritual power, the remainder of it residing within another being, his Zanpakuto. Donning his new appearance Pecado was incredibly, and foolishly ostracized by the other Hollow. Able to contain his old anger and emotions far greater, he didn't think twice of effortlessly slaughtering all of those that cracked wise about him. His acts as an Arrancar have given him the nickname El Maligno, or the Wicked One. Years went by as he attempted to master his new form and the powers it bestowed. His reiatsu was vastly improved, and his control over it was upgraded greatly as well as he grew capable of firing off multiple attacks without much drawback. In passing years, more and more Arrancar and Vasto Lorde began to show up, allowing him thoughtful conversation with them. His disrespectful attitude to others and his keen observation which allowed him to copy his opponents fighting styles gave him the nickname of Sinsonte, or Mockingbird in Hueco Mundo.

Pecado Cervantes in the recent centuries has stayed very calm, unusual for most Hollow even Arrancar. This has led him to staying more of lawful and sometimes chaotic neutral personality. His strict neutrality has helped him keep away from needless confrontation, many a time as he'd never taken a direct side in the conflict of Hollows and Shinigami. However, his twisted and psychotic behavior has known to take it's dominance on occasion, the effects being so catastrophic and malicious that he's also been known to others as Pesadilla del Yermo, the Nightmare of the Wasteland and El Resultado de un Dios Adormecido meaning the Product of a Sleeping God.

RP Sample:

It was a quiet evening in Hueco Mundo, the setting sun causing a massive area of the wasteland to be tinted a bright red. Oncoming gusts caused giant waves of sand to be sent flying in the air rather gracefully. Massive structures of bone-like trees decorated the distant background with fringed edges. As the sand was sent into the air, the loudest sound in the area was the whistling of the wind. A single black figure may be seen, contrasting the vibrant white sands of the desert. This figure was no more than a Hollow, resting in the barren sands of Hueco Mundo. The Hollow wasn't massive but his spiritual pressure was fairly powerful, more so than the average Adjuchas. The tranquility was soon put to an end as the sound of large footsteps approached the Hollow. It seemed he had company, another Hollow much larger in size though roughly equal in spiritual pressure. They seemed fairly acquainted with one another as they made idle chit-chat. It didn't take long for the larger one to seem angered and threatening. There was a short silence in the midst of their growing argument. During that silence, a light pitter-patter sound atop the sand. If one listened carefully, they could tell it were footsteps. This is where a much more powerful being made it's entrance. It was incredibly similar to Shinigami in appearance, fairly tall with thick shoulder length green hair. Lightly feminine in appearance, he was still easily identified as a male with a slender frame.

"Who goes there? the smaller of the Hollows spoke loudly.
"Huh? I don't hear anything..." exclaimed the larger of the two.

The smaller Hollow held out his arm, pointing in the direction of Pecado. The other, larger Hollow turned and looked at Pecado's growing figure in the distance. The larger one broke out laughing, unable to contain himself.

"Why are you laughing? What do you find so funny?" The smaller Hollow asked, rather concerned with hints of fear in his voice.
"Look at the freak Shinigami, with his bright green hair!" The larger one shouted midst laughter.

Pecado grew closer, finally approaching the two Hollow.

"Freak Shinigami?! Are you insane?! That's El Maligno, Pesadilla del Yermo!" the smaller Hollow panicked.

Before any of the Adjuchas were able to react, Pecado had disappeared in a mere fraction of a second before appearing right behind the larger Hollow. It took roughly the same amount of time for Pecado to pull his left arm back and thrust it forward, impaling the back of the large Hollow with his fist. He made sure the Hollow wouldn't die instantly, only quick enough to realize his errors and regret it.

"You insignificant fucking worm, how dare you mock someone of my stature?" Pecado was clearly caught at a wrong time with the Hollow's comment.

The Hollow whined and squirmed to face Pecado, stuttering in fear. "I-I-I-I'm sorry sir. I-I-I-It won't-t-t happen again! Please let me live!!"
With a small chuckle, Pecado leaned in closer to the Hollow's face. "No."

Before the other Hollows could react, Pecado ripped his fist to the side with such force that it nearly severed the Hollow's torso entirely. If the death wasn't instant, it would creep up in only a matter of a few seconds. The smaller Adjuchas' face squirmed and contorted with fear seeing his comrade, as idiotic as he was mercilessly slaughtered in mere seconds. A small grin crept along Pecado's face as he saw the blood fly from the severed Hollow's body. Some of the blood made it's way just below the Arrancar's lip. Pecado's tongue slowly slid from his grin, licking the blood off from his face. Before the Adjuchas could make a comment, Pecado was already behind him and using his right shin he'd kick at the back of the Adjuchas' right leg causing him to collapse to his knees. Pecado leaned in toward the Adjuchas, whispering something inaudible to him causing the small Hollow to shriek with fear. Only a few moments had passed before Pecado wrapped his left arm around the neck of the Adjuchas kneeling before him. In one quick moment he'd crack and snap the Hollow's neck with his arm before effortlessly ripping off it's head. As the bloody sprayed through the open orifice like a fountain, it lightly covered the blank white robes on Pecado and staining the even white sands a deep red.

Pecado sighed, "Such filth shouldn't have even been granted a human life. A simple waste of my time, they were."

Pecado stood at the bloody scene he'd created, a small smile cracking his otherwise stoic face. It wasn't all bad, he thought to himself. He did shed some blood, something he'd always loved. Pecado turned to look at the horizon, the sight of the bone-like trees getting dimmer with each minute of the passing sun. In a single step, Pecado would disappear leaving behind nothing but a faint sound of static. The once serene sight was now tainted with decay and loss, though the bodies wouldn't go to waste. At some point some smaller Hollow would feast on the remains and the blood stained sand would be scattered and covered by the endless white sands. Soon enough, there would be nothing remaining of these Hollows, they'd be forgotten and leave nothing behind, such an absence of tragedy that time would effortlessly overcome.

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