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Vizard Template

Name: Fereydun "Tharwal" Massry

Nicknames: "Crowfather", "Horseman",
Age: approximately 100,000 years

Visual Age: 28; late twenties to early thirties

Gender: Male

Appearance: Fereydun is of Arabic(Or middle eastern) Descent, and has an abnormally tall body build. Fereydun stands in at nearly seven feet tall. He is fairly muscular and thin; with most of his weight being contributed to his bone mass. His most noticable feature would be his snow white hair, and his deep red eyes that seem to go on forever. His hair goes down to his midsection of his back, and is also seen in his eyelashes and eyebrows. he wears an Inverted haori, with no division number or division flower as an overhaul and underneath wears arabic style clothing which is comprised of silken linen pants and elegant topwear. Oddly, He wears heavy duty boots underneath his linen, which weights roughly around nearly 15 pounds to carry. He carries his Zanpakuto at his hip where his white waistshawl meets his pants, hidden under. He is covered in an assortment of tribal tattoos; one most noticably being his chest. He does have an oddity amongst him: his left arm. His left arm is completely black, and his nails are very long to almost 6 inches and three quarts. On the back of his blackened left hand, there is an almost undetectable line going horizontally all the way to both ends.

Personality: It is difficult to precisely identify how he acts. He is not the strong silent type, as he can be seen talking and befriending those that come up to him; Albeit the few. Generally, he is a social person and will attempt to talk to those he trusts. In battle however, he is cold, level-headed, and analytical. He is very silent(with the exception of kido and other named techniques) and will observe his opponent; he is crafty, and will often use the environment around him as a stepping stone as well as certain diversions. He can also be seen as a humanitarian, and has a deep respect for those who fight, no matter how weak. He has a tendency to "Go solo" or "Be a Lone Wolf" in general. He has a firm belief in order, and cannot stand the sight of senseless chaos. Practically, he is impartial on many things and often remains unbiased unless the situation demands that of choice and decision. He absolutely detests and hates any "Godlike" beings.

Likes: training, food, order, Intelligence, sleeping

Dislikes: Chaos, any "Rulers" or "Gods", laziness, procrastination, ignorance.

Special Characteristics: He may conceal it, but he is actually a master survivalist. Sometimes in secret, Fereydun will go at months at a time in the mountains ore deep forests to train and live amongst there before returning to his castle at Mount Damavand.

Previous Division: Division 0, Division 1(temporarily)

History: (Header)
Fereydun Tharwal Massryفريدون ثار-وو) المصرى) is a First Generation Shinigami that has undergone Hollowfication and has become a Vaizard through extensive reiatsu molding and underwent the specialized training most other vaizards have went through. With the exception of the Spirit King, Fereydun is the oldest Shinigami to have ever lived. He is very famous in the middle east, and is considered an aristocrat there.

As a human, Fereydun was known as "The Boy hero who slew the Dahaka". The Dahaka is a monstrous creature who formerly was human, and went under the name of "Zahhak". Zahhak was born as the son of a ruler named Merdas, He was handsome and clever, but had no stability of character and was easily influenced by evil counsellors. Ahriman therefore chose him as the tool for his plans for world domination.

When zahhak was a young man, arhiman only appeared as his glib, flattering companion, and by degrees convinced him that he ought to kill his own father and take over his territories. He taught him to dig a deep pit covered over with leaves in a place where Merdās was accustomed to walk; Merdās fell in and was killed. Zahhāk thus became both patricide and king at the same time.Ahriman now took another guise, and presented himself to Zahhāk as a marvellous cook. After he had presented Zahhāk with many days of sumptuous feasts, Zahhāk was willing to give Ahriman whatever he wanted. Ahriman merely asked to kiss Zahhāk on his two shoulders. Zahhāk permitted this; but when Ahriman had touched his lips to Zahhāk's shoulders, he immediately vanished. At once, two black snakes grew out of Zahhāk's shoulders. They could not be surgically removed, for as soon as one snake-head had been cut off, another took its place.

Ahriman now appeared to Zahhāk in the form of a skilled physician. He counselled Zahhāk that the only remedy was to let the snakes remain on his shoulders, and sate their hunger by supplying them with human brains for food every day otherwise the snakes will feed on his own.From a psychological point of view the snakes on Zahhak's shoulders could represent his lust for killing or a form of sadism which if left unsatisfied would torment Zahhak. Also when Zahhak is defeated by Fereydun, he cannot think of a better fitting punishment than to simply bound him in cave where the snakes (not being fed) will eat Zahhak's own brain symbolizing his inner agony and unsatisfied homicidal lust.

This story is of reconciling the descriptions of Dahāka as a three-headed dragon monster and those stories which treat him as a human king.Zahhāk is originally human, but through the magic of Ahriman he becomes a monster; he does, in fact, have three heads, the two snake heads and one human head; and the snakes remind us of his original character as a dragon. Zahhāk's two snake heads still craved human brains for food, so every day Zahhāk's spies would seize two men, and execute them so their brains could feed the snakes. Two men, named Garran and Lonto wanted to find a way to rescue people from being killed from the snakes. So they learned cookery and after mastering how to cook great meals, they went to Zahhāk's palace and managed to become the chefs of the palace. Every day, they saved one of the two men and put the brain of a sheep instead of his into the food, but they could not save the lives of both men. Those who were saved were told to flee to the mountains and to faraway plains.Zahhāk's tyranny over the world lasted for centuries.

But one day Zahhāk had a terrible dream – he thought that three warriors were attacking him, and that the youngest knocked him down with his mace, tied him up, and dragged him off toward a tall mountain. When Zahhāk woke he was in a panic. he summoned wise men and dream-readers to explain his dream. They were reluctant to say anything, but one finally said that it was a vision of the end of Zahhāk's reign, that rebels would arise and dispossess Zahhāk of his throne. He even named the man who would take Zahhāk's place: Fereydun.

Zahhāk now became obsessed with finding this "Fereydun" and destroying him, though he did not know where he lived or who his family was. His spies went everywhere looking for Fereydun, and finally heard that he was but a boy; A Pariah child.Zahhāk now tried to consolidate his rule by coercing an assembly of the leading men of the kingdom into signing a document testifying to Zahhāk's righteousness, so that no one could have any excuse for rebellion. One man spoke out against this charade, a blacksmith.Against the whole assembly, The blacksmith told how Zahhāk's minions had murdered three of his four sons so that Zahhāk might feed his snakes' lust for human brains – the last son had been imprisoned, but still lived. In front of the assembly Zahhāk had to pretend to be merciful, and so released The blacksmith's son. But when he tried to get him to sign the document attesting to Zahhāk's justice, the blacksmith tore up the document, left the court, and raised his blacksmith's apron as a standard of rebellion. Soon many people followed The strange blacksmith to the Alborz mountains, where Fereydun was now living.

He was now a young man and agreed to lead the people against Zahhāk. He had a mace made for him with a head like that of an ox, and with his brothers and followers, went forth to fight against Zahhāk. Zahhāk had already left his capital, and it fell to Fereydun with small resistance. Fereydun freed all of Zahhāk's prisoners. Zahhāk when he heard this at first dismissed the matter, but when he heard that Fereydun had seated himself as the Ruler of the Middle East, he was incensed and immediately hastened back to his city to attack Fereydun.When he got there, Zahhāk found his capital held strongly against him, and his army was in peril from the defense of the city. Seeing that he could not reduce the city, he sneaked into his own palace as a spy, and attempted to assassinate Fereydun

Fereydun struck Zahhāk down with his ox-headed mace, but did not kill him; on the advice of a shinigami in a gigai.he bound Zahhāk and imprisoned him in a cave underneath Mount Damāvand, binding him with a lion's pelt tied to great nails fixed into the walls of the cavern, where he will remain until the end of the world. Thus, after a thousand years' tyranny, ended the reign of Zahhāk. After about 13 years, Fereydun fell upon an illness. It paralyzed him, and eventually caused him to die, regardless of the amount of medicine he obtained. Fereydun died at the age of 28, near a riverbed which served as cemetery for zahhak's sacrifices. He was buried near Mount Damavand, at the summit. He wandered the land, lost as a spirit. He was later Soul Buried by an unidentified member of the First division in the gotei 13, and wandered. He quickly rose through the ranks and became the Spirit King's chief royal guard; Or the captain of the Zero division. After a long, yet unknown amount of time Fereydun suddenly vanishes completely from soul society, leaving only a cryptic message behind.
Life as a shinigami.....
Unable to accept that he died from an unknown and impromptu disease at the age of 28, Fereydun wandered the world aimlessly. After what seemed to be at least two months, Fereydun is discovered by a group of old men in black shinigami obo. They soul buried him, and sent his soul to the rukongai. They were very surprised he had survived this long without being eaten by hollows, which Fereydun had noticeably killed and partially eaten in a heaping pile. He was no ordinary human soul; he was a serious hardcore survivor, using only the meager tools the environment had given him to kill these foul beasts.

Fereydun was soul-transferred into the 74th district of the rukongai. At the time, the rukongai was a very small land of reishi, no bigger than at least 30 acres and was more of a huge encampment than an outside place. The districts went from 60 to 80, and did not have a west or an east, only a north and a south. Fereydun had offered to protect the citizens in the rukongai from Hollows as a debt of gratitude towards the shinigami. Normally, they would have not allowed this but seeing as how they were short in both soldiers and skills, They overlooked his status and conscripted him into the official militia protecting the rukongai. His combat skills were well-known, and he held a respectable status as a head battalion soldier of the heavy squad.

After 30 years, the Spirit King came out of his realm and paid a visit to the rukongai under a guise. He met Fereydun and they eventually became close friends over an extended amount of time. The Spirit King would secretly relay messages to the newly founded central 46 to keep an eye on Fereydun. Fereydun, eventually caught on and much to the King's surprise, had no negative feelings to it. Fereydun trained, and grew stronger to protect the rukongai. A couple months passed and Fereydun was entitled full protection of the rukongai, as its size grew ever stead and began to develop out of the sides in the seireitei.

The Central 46 paid very close to Fereydun in particular, and pulled him out of the militia, much to Feryedun's annoyance. They wanted to offer him a position in guarding the spirit king, which Fereydun begrudgingly took, but then later came to forgive as he was with his closest friend. Shortly after, the shinigami academy was officially founded by none other than Genryuusai Shikigune Yamamoto. More and more, the rukongai and inner seireitei developed in the course of 900 years. When those years finally passed, The Spirit King had made a decision with the central 46: the creation of the goteijiusentai. These thirteen captains would serve as the government and enforcement of the entire sereitei. Ironically, the first ever captains, were Rukongai thugs and criminals along with Fereydun. They were immensely strong, and were ruthless like no other, yet Fereydun still treated them as family. Fereydun took the title of Sotaicho, and leaded the thirteen captains of the advancement of their society.

200 years later, Genryuusai had become very well known, and talked with Fereydun for the first time. Genryuusai was surprisingly nervous when he talked to Fereydun, and Fereydun simply accepted him as he was, without discrimination of his character. Fereydun ultimately believed that Genryuusai would be his successor in maintaining the first division. Once again, much to Fereydun's dismay, he was pulled out of his division by the central 46. Fereydun angrily approached them, and they vaguely told them that "they had plans" to make for him. Fereydun was re-assigned to the Royal Guard, or the Zero Division in the Spirit King's realm. The Central 46 did this because they felt a crisis were to come in a very short amount of time, and they needed their best to suppress the impending danger before it grows out of proportion. Genryuusai was offered Fereydun's old position as sotaicho, and he took it however Genryuusai felt ashamed in taking his precursor's title, as he felt he did not deserve it for all that Fereydun has done for the entire seireitei.

Fereydun lived in the Spirit king's realm for over 60,000 years along with the other members of the small yet ridiculously strong Zero division. As he became used to the Spirit King's Reiatsu, it started to become part of his own. being exposed all the time to such dense spiritual pressure that was also vast in capacity altered Fereydun's own reiatsu and multiplied it nearly a hundredfold. Shortly after, a civil war broke out inside the seireitei. A plague was spread across rapidly all throughout the plane, and it effected some of the higher ranking individuals in the goteijiusentai. The disease effected people mentally. It made them develop severe paranoia, the loss of motor function, the loss of basic instincts, and severe spasms of violence ultimately leading to a rupture in organ tissue which lead to death. The Central 46 Deployed the Zero Division, as the disease already effected almost two thirds of the captains and they were exterminated by Fereydun.

The Plague passed, and The rukongai along with the inner Seireitei began to flourish once more. Fereydun spent most of his days contemplating why the disease did not effect him. After what seemed to be weeks, Fereyun made a horrifying discovery. Fereydun was not only the one carrying the plague, but it was also apparent in him when he was a human. He began to remember his human memories. He remembered how he died, He remembered everything. He remembered waking up covered in dry blood that was not his own. Fereydun, when he was human was effected by this disease and killed everyone near to him, along with succumbing to the disease eventually itself. This realization poisoned his mind. It wracked him with guilt and sorrow, along with frustration that he was under the false pretense that he was protecting people when instead he was inadvertently harming them. Unable to live with himself, and the fact he would be hunted down by the seireitei, Fereydun left without a trace, going AWOL. Fereydun to this day in the seireitei is considered a folklore, and a myth used to improve the morale of depressed soldiers on the field of battle that he would come from nowhere and dominate.

Fereydun left only one piece of evidence of his absense, a cryptic poem that is titled "History Circling Back Upon Us":
History circling back upon us.
You asked me once, what happened to those who vanished?
You asked me, why did you survive where your fathers such as I fell?
You wished to know how we ever let it happen
A scourge that consumed the Sereitei
And the cure that was worse than the cancer
You asked me once about my intent
And the spot that would not wash out
I promise you the answers lie in the Marks
Find me there in the dark
For that is where I abide
History circles yet again back upon us.
"What has taken you thousands of Millenia to create, I erase in mere seconds."- Fereydun

RP Sample: The Civil War of Chitoshi.....
Fereydun was out in the front lines, as always the chief was. He killed Generals quickly from the opposing side and picking them off from allying soldiers having difficulties and being in the firefight for an unknown amount of time. His speed and attack force in battle are well known; Taking out many heavy-duty warriors and specialized soldiers from the opposition. He grew to that fighting style for a very long amount of time. When he fought, he sometimes remembered fighting for scraps amongst the other pariahs when he was human long ago in the middle east. He was used to survival-conflict, but wars that were impromptu just seemed to annoy him to a moderate extent. His training in Mount damavand which he currently resides in has bolstered his resiliance and endurance against harsh conditions such as blizzards and droughts, and allowed him to stay in said conditions for abnormal amounts of time. Fereydun notices a stalker trying to sneak up against him and quickly grabs him from his feet and forces him to the ground. Taking out his Eulochar instead of his zanpakuto, he stabbed the assassin in the mouth; The double pronged weapon going straight horizontally through the mans face into his cheekbones. Fereydun pulled it back out and watched the lifeless body thud against the stone cold floor. He had no time for half-baked assassins who could barely do their jobs; he had other matters to attend to such as supporting and reinforcing the other soldiers before they get completely slaughtered by the rebels waiting to ambush them on the other side of the city. Fereydun shunpos from rooftop to rooftop, scaling whole skyscrapers and lighting towers until he reached the zenith of the city's summit. Out in the far distance, he could see the enemy forces gearing up for a sudden assault barrage; a typical ambush manuever. Fereydun drops from the skyscraper and takes out the footsoldier all the way behind the ambush party. The silent kill goes unnoticed as the Eulochar was a silent, curvy double pronged weapon he kept with him for just an occasion. No noise is heard, and he goes assassinating and picking off the rest of the ambush party until the ones up front begin to catch on. The ones in front begin to search for their dead allies as Fereydun hides in the brush; the foliage from the recent siege did not burn away all the plant life, it seems. Fereydun waits until one of them leaves and pulls the aimless one into the brush with him. Fereydun strangles him and crushes his spine in seconds; Fereydun's abnormal body build allowed him to do things on a very strange and peculiar level. He begin to chuckle silently to himself as he figured,"What kind of person does not notice a seven foot tall man in a bush?" He said to himself but then quickly got serious again. His recent kill seems to have alerted the last member of the ambush squad. The Leader comes in breakneck speed to find out all the noise. Fereydun jumps, making a noticable shadow and sound as he falls right next to the leader and shoves the Eulochar right into his stomach. Fereydun pushed it all the way to his brainstem and spinal chord; He holds the body up, still hanging onto the Eulochar and presses the button on the hilt, making it retract. The body falls instantly, lifeless on the hard concrete ground as the heat from the energy the Eulochar emitted burned his entire major organs and vitals. After a while, the rescue party from the allying force comes along and starts to become puzzled looking at all the dead enemies. They ignored it, albeit significantly repulsed by the wounds and cause of what they died from, and carried the injured soldiers to safety. "I'll never leave anyone behind. Never again." Fereydun stated as the medical rescue team evacuated the soldiers. Fereydun's red eyes hollowed in the distance with his billion-mile stare as the sun begins to finally set after a long day of chaos.
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