Helel Philemon Application (WIP)

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Helel Philemon Application (WIP)

Post by Helel on Tue Oct 30, 2012 4:42 pm

Arrancar Template

Name: Helel Arturia

Nickname: Mesetsuki

Age: 7031

Visual Age: 21

Gender: Male

Appearance: Philemon's appearance attempts to project his personality; dispassionate and lazy. He has a slim build with wiry arms and tightly pulled skin that flares his muscle. His torso is covered in a standard sleeveless Arrancar Jacket coupled with white hakama. The only deviation from normal on his person would be the gray sash tied around his waist; He most often uses it to hold his Zanpakutou. He holds his hair down past his shoulder blades, yet tousled and lazily reorganized. His mask conforms to his uninterested actions by hiding his lower face; allowing him to give no emotion to those he interacts with. Lain over the wrist of his right arm is the number 0 signifying his right as the strongest of the Espada and their leader.

Personality: Helel is a psychopath, his naturally manipulative nature allows him to fake the emotions he cannot feel while enabling him to easily decode the emotions others feel. When he is not falling to his own psychosis he interacts with a calmness about himself; his eyes rarely transforming from their stoic position. The sole quirk about his personality is the use of quotes while in discussion.

Helel is a meticulous killer; planning ten moves ahead of his opponent to optimize the fear he can create in his enemy. His inability to feel emotion has given him a new form of appreciation for pain, and through this he has learned to enjoy pain dealt by himself or his enemies as it makes him feel. While he does enjoy seeing fear it is a preference for him to kill an opponent silently so it will not hassle him later.

Helel tends to act indifferent despite the person confronting him, ally or enemy, though he will often resort to using his ability of faking emotions to tend the social links between himself and fellow Arrancar. His own view being that it would be wasteful to allow those under him to waste away.

Likes: Reading, Sleeping, Killing, Fear, Chess

Dislikes: Christianity, People, Bugs, Escalators

Special Characteristics: Through his phenomenal acting abilities, Helel can read the emotions of others.



History: Helel's humanity began in the end of the Late Jomon Period of Japan when the beginning of the Shinto religion truly took hold, and the west slowly began to invade the island nation with rice and metallurgy. His own birth was to two rice paddy farmers in a small village at the northern most point of Japan. The economy of this small village represented what would become the socialist ideal in its own equality amongst parties. His childhood was blessed with the peaceful feel that most in Japan prayed for nightly. His life only began to take a true turn whence a monk brought religion to northern Japan; this monks' name was Unkei.

Unkei had asked for a volunteer of the village to join him in praise of the gods along with the God which his temple was devoted to, Bishamonten. Bishamonten was originally a Buddhist God, but was transferred into the Shinto religion as the great god of war. His followers collectively resembled warriors who fought in the name of their country and his own. Monks and those in-training were expected to read the teaching of Buddha and learn the art of the sword so as to please him in battle.

Helel grunted as water laden bamboo sticks slapped onto his back; his young body close to buckling from the combined weight and force. His vision faded in an out with the blood that washed over his eyes. Labored breath wheezed from his chest, yet a stoic resolve bore from his half-lidded eyes. Normal people would feel an intense fear from such routine beatings, but the boy felt nothing. A bare foot slapped onto the ground in front of his vision. Struggling to lift his head to see who he knew to be his master; Helel took in his form. A white hakama enclosed his legs before leading to his blue chest plate, plated pauldrons hanging loosely off of his shoulders. Black stubble coated most of his face, ending a piercing blue eyes and a shaved head. A frown was currently situated onto him, staring holes into Helel's own eyes.

The boy contemplated their contest, he felt no intimidation to this man, yet he should not in any form. This Unkei was a perverted drunk who acted more as a stern father to the acolytes within. His disappointed frown assisted in hiding his satisfied smile. Without sparing a word Unkei left, leaving the boy to have his broken body drug into his room to heal. Through a swollen eye he saw the stars from the window to his left disappear behind a cloud. He understood what had just happened. He was becoming stronger through this pain. With each session he resisted more pain, with each practice his blade became sharper.

Throughout all of this time Helel commonly took his orders in stride. From being separated from his parents at a young age to the brutal training under Unkei. Never showing a reason to doubt him nor many other emotions. His only spurt of emotion happened in battle, his violent reactions to opponents and his need to systematically eradicate those he opposed. The first day this accumulated to any significant event was in his third year of worship under Bishamonten. It was the murder of one of the newer acolytes, a young woman around his own age. At the age of Sixteen he had murdered the girl for his own twisted need to see in her face what would complete him. He had found that fear gave him the only emotion he could feel, excitement.

"Helel-Senpai!" A melodious voice echoed across the courtyard of the temple grounds, the target merely meters from the woman addressing him. A teenage Helel gazed upon the speaker, his now shoulder length red hair covering his left eye to add to the mystique he propelled with a face mask he wore in cold weather. The speaker, he noted with a stoic gaze as he studied her, was what he had heard many describe as the perfect woman. Knee length blonde hair coupled with purple eyes and prominent breasts, her body wrapped in a red hakama with a white robe tucked into it. The typical Miko dress. A broom was held in her hands as she participated in the daily chores; which she often took breaks from to bother him. He pondered on why she felt the need to secure him as a mate.

"Kiyomi-kouhai." He acknowledged with his usual dispassionate voice. She smiled pleasantly at him, her radiance would make most men buckle. He was unaffected and dispassionate as ever; he could very well be the only to resist her with such a natural ease. Screwing up her face in mock disappointment from his tone she laid a hand on her chest and faked a whimper. Scoffing at her the boy turned to leave; annoyed with her actions already. Feeling a catch on the back of his shirt Helel twisted his over his shoulder to look at the aggressor.

"W-wait! Senpai! I-I had something to ask you!" He actually believed the watering in her eyes could be from real tears. Offering a simple nod to Kiyomi, who smiled with all trace of sadness gone. She absently twirled a lock of hair while rubbing her sandal into the sand, "I uh was wondering if you uh would meet me at the lake near the temple...?" He inspected her face for a hint of manipulation from her part, but there was none. Almost anxious to be rid of her, Helel nodded before turning and tugging the shirt away from her grasp. In retrospect he knew he would have to deal with her later, but that was then when he had fewer things to do.


The cool air relaxed him from the non-existent stress built into his body, years of practice to appear stern or stressed honed into making even the most introspective trust him. Currently Helel sat against the trunk of a tree, his robe brown from the hour already passed. He had arrived early for mere reflection of the day and to escape the nonsensical dribble.

"Senpai?" The Miko stumbled from the brush that led to the lake, her normal boorish and oblivious expression plastered over her face. It was obvious that she had run here; sweat coated her brow and her normally stately attire was ruffled. Stepping from his spot with unnatural grace Helel made sure to crunch leaves and sticks to catch her attention. Though something caught his attention, like an aura had taken her, the miko seemed different. Almost enough to make him feel caution from her mere presence.

"Kiyomi-Kouhai." His voice almost sounded exasperated with her, a rare fatigue weaving throughout his body. The girl, who had more than enough energy for both, spun around with a gleeful squeal and barreled into him. Catching her shoulders and squaring them both her grunted, "I have come as requested." The girl nodded into his chest, her arms tightening even more around him. A strange feeling began to overtake him, not an emotion but more along the lines of instinct, he felt the need for sudden caution.

"Hm~ I thought you would!" The sudden malevolence in her voice tipped him off, a dagger pressed from her wrist to his side. He had been fooled. The caution felt earlier was thrown on a foolish underestimation. Now he stood with a dagger pressed to the back of his spine, "I can kill you right now Senpai~" He found it almost sickening with how she ended her sentences in an upbeat lilt. His left hand twitched almost imperceptibly with restrained intent to ring her neck and rip it apart. The knife pressed to his back held this action from taking form.

The next series of actions happened within a time frame of mere seconds to Helel. The knife pressing into him slowly slid through his robes until it met skin and air, his body had moved to the side; forcing her stab to slice open his side, and luckily miss his vital organs. His hand had already lifted through the air and met her neck with a crushing force behind the catch. If she was luckily she would have missed the nearly manic grin plastered onto the normally stoic face as he crushed her wind pipe. With darkness clouding the girls eyes she made one last attempt to free herself and stabbed into his arm; going through his forearm and clearly out the other side. Twisting the weapon in the wound as she stabbed only increased the fear and pain now stunning her. His strength was monstrous and the killing intent felt palpable.

Feeling air course back into her lungs, Kiyomi almost felt relieved. Until a fist smashed into the side of her skull, dizzying her and knocking the miko to the dirt as a foot slammed into her back. The crushing blows forced the air from her lungs once again. She had little time to think as she felt more blows pummel into her, random locations on her body caving in under the intense assault.

In the moments that followed a man left the forest, devoid of blood and a glimmer of content stuck onto his face.

This act of killing and savoring the fear began to consume over the short years he stayed at the temple until the young age of Eighteen when he could leave the temple and begin his life as a traveling Monk. He used this to his advantage to manipulate people to give him their faith before killing them. He kept his kills to a low number to not arouse suspicion.

His eventual death came at the bittersweet age of Twenty-one. It had been three years since he began his pilgrimage across Japan, killing those of little worth along the way to fill the void that had slowly begun to empty his heart. The event happened upon Mount Hokkaido as he traversed through its' forest. He was killed by a carnivorous monster within the forest and his death was not known of until a passing militia found his remains. By the time he was blessed it had been to late and his soul was assimilated into Hueco Mundo.

His first actual memory of awaking in this new and strange world was of screams of fear and madness, howls of beasts and cries of anguish. The mental stimulus proved effective for one such as him and he jumped into his surroundings with a blind fervor, his own eyes still catching up before he could catch sight of his fellows. His mouth clamped tightly around the neck of a beast beneath him with a claw wrenched into the gut of another. His own surprise was of his appearance, red fur like bone covered the majority of his body, the feet he could see were paws and down his nose was a snout; teeth stuck out from under this strange anomaly at odd angles, each eagerly drinking the blood of his victim. Six protrusions waved lazily behind him, each acting on instinct to slay that which threatened him.

Not taking care for his new form he began again his meal, blinded by an unjustifiable anger. The blood of his enemies was sweet and filled him with strength, each eaten gave him clearer thoughts, though unknown to him his words were still roars. The man who had spent his life a monster had finally become a monster in spirit. During this battle royale a strange happening occurred in which the hollows began to meld, the energy he felt from them coalescing into one being. He was eager to control this power and jumped at the blob; his own energy and being absorbed.

Thirst called to him; hunger ravaged his mind. A cold etched itself deep into the marrow of his bones. A shaking paw slammed into the ground, the powerful limb disrupting the surrounding area as a beast howled.

'Eat Eat Eat Eat Eat Eat Eat Eat Eat Eat Eat Eat Eat Eat Eat Eat Eat Eat Eat Eat'

A singularity formed within it's mind as it savagely beat at the surrounding, either the sand or trees escaping it's maw, the drive to devour those around it. It hungered and rent into the sand, and felt nothing as it slowly lost form. Had it been sentient at the time then it would consider becoming apart of a collective was somewhat painful. Thoughts, dreams, opinions and truths ran through it and thousand others. It's next thought would consist of more rage and anger, tempered with patience to rule of those lesser than it.

He awoke next in a black void, thousands of voices around him raged while he only felt to rest. Knowledge rammed its way into his mind, forcing apart his defenses and informing him of this world. He was a Hollow and he had gained reishi from those beasts, other hollows. He was currently apart of a Menos Grande and was becoming the dominant personality. His eyes opened blurred and a fox masked Menos roared while lifting from the forest floor.

He continued his life in such a state for many years to come, eating and killing when he could, attempting to run from the tormenting voices that threatened to take his control lest he eat more. His eventual evolution led him to the perfect answer for his dilemma of losing control, to become a Vasto Lorde. This quest would lead him across the land of Hueco mundo, eating and killing hollows as they come. His next step to evolution would become accomplished with the death of a Vasto Lorde to launch himself higher.

A beast jumped from a cliff landing into the white sand below with a soft thud, six tails waving lazily behind it. Stoic green eyes scanned over the pass it currently stood within. Helel had traveled here in rumor of a colony of adjuchas, and with hopes of devouring the tribe. Sighing softly he pawed his way through the desert, his keen nose locking onto no beast. He worried of the possibility of a powerful hollow being here, a modern concern. The likelihood seemed small when he had begun to travel but it now seemed possible.

“It is best to capture an enemy to add to ones own army then to fight and lose men.” He recited the quote almost pathologically while thinking of where they could hide. He saw only one place of entry that could lead to the colony but worried of traps that the locals could easily place inside of it. The colony itself was in a large dug out area of the desert with high walls to ensure those who jump in will die.

Deciding to chance it the beast strode over to the entrance, eroded rock standing twice his size. The inside reminded him of hold caverns he found near lakes, but with less water. Grain sized pebbles slid around his paws as he trotted into the cavern, signs of traps already activated spotting his path. Quizzically sniffing the air for the scent of prey which fell to the primitive devices within the cave. He caught the faint scent of hollow, old and decayed. The plain smell of the void the encompassed this land. Huffing he continued further, the light at the end of the proverbial tunnel not far off.

It would not be for another thirty minutes and a great plethora of sensing later for him to catch the faint smell of reishi, the sweet tantalizing smell of energy. It was accented with the undeniable sound of wailing. Helel knew what had happened even before he could consciously recognize it as he leapt through the exit in the cavern.

A Vasto Lorde stood tall and proud over the desecrated bodies of the Adjuchas which had called this land home. The hollow was lanky with bone like appendages, its' face was blank save the eyes piercing yellow into his own. Its torso was a meld of white and black ending in tentacles slithering off of its shoulders. Deadly claws laced with blood drip onto the sand.

Run Run Run Run Run Run Run Run Run Run Run Run Run Run Run Run Run Run Run Run Run Run Run Run Run Run Run Run Run Run Run Run Run Run Run Run Run Run Run Run

His heart beat, his legs quaked, the overriding fear of needing to run from this being was tearing at him. He couldn't run. The gaze locked onto him kept him still, the swaying yet locking motions as it twisted towards him. An arm lifted and lunged forth, spear like fingers digging into his side as movement resumed and he retreated. A cero already charged and thrown at his mouth only for the beam to bounce off of the hide.

It turned in a quick motion, body contorting in an unnatural angle as it once again resumed chase. The claws swiping as his tails shoot forth sparking and colliding with it. The tales of a battle formed, Helels' body riddling with cuts as the Vasto Lorde stays pristine.

It went on in this manner for hours more, Helel forcing the strange Vasto Lorde back with a hit and run tactic until finally subduing it through its previous wounds. His new formed allowed him the gift of a mask over his face and long red hair with red bony material over his body. It would be some time later that Helel would eventually force off his mask while in Las Noches and taking his place as the Cero Espada.

RP Sample:

A monk sprinted through trees, his body bloodied and his breath ragged. He had been running like this for almost two hours, running from that thing. He had just wanted to take a retreat, to heal his aching mind. The forest of Higashiizumo was meant to be under heavy protection by the monks that lived in this area, their constant use of scripture was meant to enhance and endure the seal over Yomi. He had arrived to a scene of devastation. The fabled entrance open and a beast tearing the spiritual monks apart. He had tried to run, he really had, but that thing was too fast, too strong. He felt hopeless.


The sound! He had heard it before! Near the temple. It was here, watching him, waiting. The sound grew louder and closer the faster he ran, a white mist descending upon the forest. His heart constricted as the feeling gave way to an emptiness which he could barely fathom. His body felt cold and warm at the same time. He felt a large bony hand clasp around his shoulder and root him to the spot he stood on.


Thousands of whispers floated around his head, bombarding him in an endless cycle of words. He would have screamed and grabbed at his ears if he could still move, but the cold had overtaken him. The world darkened too soon for the man who felt the hand begin to spin him. The last glimpse he had was black.

Three Days Later


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