Ichinose Akihiko

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Ichinose Akihiko

Post by Guest on Sun Feb 22, 2009 8:53 pm

Character Name: Ichinose
Age: 17
Gender Male
Height: 6 foot 1 inch
Weight: 170lbs
Eyes: Lazily half opened gray eyes
Skin: White skin

Bow's Name: Akihiko Sagi (Bright Heron)

Description: A typical short bow made from energy it a blue color. By flicking his wrist the energy gathers around his hand forming his bow. The string is visible and is made from energy so there is nothing to pull back on just making the motion is enough. It is a simple bow given to those younger Quincy when they start out.

Cross: A Silver Cross called El Candido

Family: Born into the Akihiko family. The Akihiko are well known as a very prominent and powerful sect of the Quincy. Since he is a Akihiko he has a chip on his shoulder and great potential.

Appearance: 6 foot 1 inch with black hair, gray eyes his face is small and covered slightly by his flowing hair when he is relaxed. In battle he ties up his hair to keep his vision clear from any obstruction. His body is not buff but is rather lean and slightly muscular, having long arms and legs gives his the appearance of a willow tree when the wind blows. His face usually shows little emotion. It could be compared to Buddha's, maybe because he has found enlightenment. He usually wears khaki pants and buttoned down shirt nothing really flashy except for his battle gear which is a sky blue robe with a white cross on the front and silver lines running across the one piece, no cape...yet

Personality: His once smiling face is now changed to that peace. You cannot really see any emotion on his face. He likes anyone that is entertaining, he dislikes bossy people since they give too many orders. Being touches is also angers him. He doesn't like to drag out fights and goes for a quick kill, if he ever does take his down then it is to get information from the target. He can be kind and helpful but when people become clingy he will leave then alone until they return to normal. Around people he isn't the life of the party but he has his moments where he gets lucky and says something funny. Besides his hair covering part of his face nothing stands out about him.

History: Ichinose was born in the Akihiko family of the Quincy bloodline. One of the most well known Quincy families known for their intelligence and power. From and early age of 6-8 Ichinose was given a teacher Kuzen Senshu. His sensei was a great teacher and friend helping Ichinose learn how to handle his Quincy powers to a level where he could become a legend. Unfortunately their relationship would be cut short, Kuzen was teaching Ichinose how to increase his spiritual pressure and hide it as well. His master's power began to attract hollows to the training site. Ichinose and Kuzen began to fight off the hollows easily taking care of them and with his master around it was like slicing through butter with a warm knife, nothing could go wrong. Ichinose began to feel a spiritual pressure different from his own and the hollows. In a flash a man in black robes appeared and he began to charge at Ichinose with his sword drawn. Kuzen rushed out to protect Ichinose and with that the man in black robes died. Ichinose walked over to thank his sensei but realized that he died his master was stabbed in his heart. A few months later while Ichinose was in his home a hollow came up too him, paralyzed by fear all he could do was stare at the monster, he thought he was going to die. The hollow just stared at him as well, Ichinose began to feel trace amounts of his sensei around him, could this hollow be his sensei? He began to make his way to the hollow but it ran away.

10-12: Ichinose developed a deep resentment for shinigami, he trained intensely every day with his new master to become strong enough to be able to beat all shinigami in a fight. With hard training and innate talent he became the strongest out of the novices. His family could sense the changed in their son so they decided that he needed to go somewhere to find peace within himself.

13-14: His parents sent him to a Buddhist monastery to learn to forgive others. After a year of meditation and martial arts training he came back from the monks as a new Quincy. During his stay the monastery his attitude changed dramatically. A majority of his anger had passed away and he began to be nicer and open to people instead of his old reclusive self. He was still a tad wary of who he talked to or what he said but he was friendlier.

14-Present: He was old enough to be enrolled into high school like any other human. His high school days were easy, his grades were at a steady A and he had a few friends but he didn't like to hang out with them a lot. He liked to train after school and on weekends instead of socializing with his buddies. One day him and his friend where hanging out on the roof and one of them asked him why his face was calm and never showed emotion, Ichinose turned around and smiled. His friends noticed flowers behind him and his face became covered in sparkles. The girls around him fainted from nosebleeds and the guys had to shield their eyes or risk blindness. From that day on they never asked Ichinose about his relaxed expression ever again. When it came to practice and killing hollows he did this on the weekends increasing his skills and speed even more, he had to find that hollow that felt like his sensei and figure a way to save him.

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