Hiei Barzod's Mask

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Hiei Barzod's Mask

Post by Demoneyeshiei on Sun Dec 05, 2010 6:06 pm

Vizard Mask Template

Name: Kiminoro, Diaz

Personality: Diaz is very ruthless and violent, believing in only strength and power, he resents Hiei's love for friendship and companionship. Though he does grudgingly admire Hiei's willpower and strength to overcome him. Diaz brings to light every dark thought Hiei ever has, he is completely filled with hate and rage that times of peace actually cause him to be ill.

Description: Diaz has long Black Hair while his eyes are vivid violet. He wears black jeans with a chain as a belt, his shirt is a black ragged muscle shirt but with the words Rage Becomes You on the back. He does not wear any shoes.

Mask Description: Profile and website.

[b]Special Characteristics: While wearing his mask Hiei can use Ceros, his speed and strength increase several folds. And when it is mixed with his bankai something interesting happens...


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