Barzod, Hiei Vizard of Wrath

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Barzod, Hiei Vizard of Wrath

Post by Demoneyeshiei on Sun Dec 05, 2010 5:55 pm

Vizard Template

Name: Barzod, Hiei

Nickname: Demon Eyes Hiei
Age: 545

Visual Age: 19

Gender: Male

Appearance: Jet black Hair that sometimes falls over his eyes, 5'10, slim but a strong build the body of a runner, Pitch black eyes, has a big scar the shape of a cross on his back, slightly tanned. He wears black gripping boots that buckle, black pants with a sliver strip running down the side of his legs, held up by a belt that has a skull on it, He has white bandages wrapped around both arms stopping at his elbows. He wears a black muscle shirt. His mask has 3 short horns where his eyebrows would be above his left and right eye, Two large, long fangs border four slightly smaller fangs all extending past his chin. (Profile pic is almost perfect example)

Personality: Hiei is happy-go-lucky and always has a smile on his face. Kind to all unless given a reason not to do so.
Hiei loves a challenge especially when it comes to fighting, though oddly he doesn't like to hurt people. Still he can't resist pitting his best against someone Else's and winning. Cheerful as can be he is fiercely loyal, Hiei will do anything to protect his friends. Destroying hollows is his greatest hobby.

Likes: Fighting, Books, Weapons, Training to get stronger, and Girls

Dislikes: Hollows, useless Violence, rude people, people who enjoy others pain and suffering, and Cats

Special Characteristics: Speed and Agility- The early years of his life helped him build up the endurance needed to be quick and agile, mixed together with his rigorous training schedule Hiei became amazingly fast, excelling in Shunpo he takes pride in his speed.
Perseverance- Hiei works very hard to accomplish anything needed of him. Whether it be training to get stronger or going out for errands Hiei keeps going no matter what. His unwillingness to give up and ability to do hard work is only exceeded by his loyalty.

Previous Division: 11th

History: Hiei was born in soul society with nothing. Abandoned as soon as he could walk a few people had helped him giving him scaps of food and sometimes a place to stay. But sometimes he had to steal to live. Though the kindness that people had shown him helped paved the way for his road to help people and destroy hollows. Learning a few tricks for the local thieves, they had him try out with a few small jobs.
He was always fast, never getting caught. He was the perfect thief with agility and speed he evaded his would be captors. He met the love of his life Stella while foraging for food. Together they started a small band of thieves. Things were hard but it just made them stronger and able to deal with the harshness of life. Hiei fell madly in love with her and decided to become a shinigami in order to provide a better life. So he entered the academy there, he aced the exams and excelled in battle. He loved to fight and destroy hollows telling his adventures to Stella every night. He trained as hard as he could and often till he passed out. He studied destruction spells and learned the theories and history of kido. He loved to using his Zanpakuto to impress Stella. Nothing could make him feel down as long as she was there.
Sadly happiness would fade. One day Hiei found her dead, slain trying to save their supply of food. In his blind rage he hunted down the thieves who had killed her and killed them as he would a hollow. Painfully. While he was stricken with grief the hollow inside Hiei took advantage and tried to take control. Hiei fought and overcame his hollow unlocking the ability to bring out his Mask. His face was covered with the mask yet he held a human form and still had his zanpakuto. The mask looked like that of a demon. It increases his strength and speed many times over, allowing him to use ceros and has turned his eyes permanently pitch black. Knowing the deed he had done was not likely to be forgiven and the fact that for some reason he had a hollows mask, he ran.
Hiei found the Vaizards and felt at home, glad to find someone, anyone like him. He learned to better control his inner hollow, training hard he is able to maintain hollow form for 45 minutes straight though he's trying to extend his time.
Hiei had no idea of what it was that had happened to until he met the Vaizards and had his condition explained to him. Hoping to find some friends he kept his beliefs strong and never let anyone take him from his life's mission. Keeping his head up every day he vowed to make the world a better place just as he had promised Stella.
After years of mourning for her, he resolved to never be sad again. He was an ocean sadder and had enough sadness to last him a life time. Each time before battle Hiei touches each side of his face with his zanpakuto where he had shed tears for his lost loved one and whispers "Prey for mercy..."

RP Sample: Standing in the rain soaked grass Hiei waited as he watched a caravan of people pass him by. Despite the shivering cold Hiei stood in the drenching rain without so much as a twitch to show if the weather bothered him. He would find those murdering sacks of meat and when he did pain would be the only things that their mind will be able to grasp. Clenching his Zanpakuto Ame-no-nuboko he ignored her pleads to calm him. Finally spotting the three men who fit the description that his neighbor had given him he started to follow them home, blending in with the crowd he walked at a steady pace. After he had successfully followed his prey to various establishments, he finally stopped at what he guessed was their hideout. Standing on the corner in the rain Hiei took a breathe and said clearly with no hint of murder in his voice "Shatter them...Ame-no-nuboko." A dark blue almost black spear with a twisted point formed in his hands. Brushing the sides of his face with the spear he whispered "Pray for mercy...". The screams that night could be heard all around, they sounded almost inhuman, but one voice was louder than all the others. The people described it as the laughter and yells of a demon.

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Re: Barzod, Hiei Vizard of Wrath

Post by Demoneyeshiei on Sun Dec 05, 2010 6:41 pm

Zanpakuto Information:


Zanpakuto Type: Ice/Water

Shikai Name: Ame-no-nuboko

Shatter Them, Ame-no-nuboko

Shikai Looks:
A spear with a twisted point. It is dark blue almost black.

Shikai Abilities:
If an enemy dodges Ame-no-nuboko the breeze of it passing by freezes that part of the enemy that felt the breeze.
Can create a shockwave that is 10 meters in diameter.
Controls all types of water and ice to a certain degree.
Can attack without Hiei using it though only if it is within a 10 foot radius of Hiei.

Looks like the lady of the lake. Pure white skin and hair, with the bluest eyes. Clothed in a white silk cloak.

Bankai Name: Mangna-Ame-no-nuboko

Bankai Looks: A giant 9-headed Hydra made out of Ice and Water.

Bankai Abilities:
Controls all water in every form. Creates an Ultimate attack and defense, very tough to get pass.
It enhances the wielder's ability to perceive the opponent's intentions. It inflicts wounds that will not stop bleeding unless covered with earth or mud, like a river can not be stopped unless dammed. It's ability to use water is only limited by the users imagination.

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