Melody Kari Starlight

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Melody Kari Starlight

Post by Melody on Sat Nov 06, 2010 1:16 pm

Quincy Template

Name: Melody Kari Starlight

Nickname: Mel Chan, Shiro Neko and Kitty Chan

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Appearance: Weight: 5 stone

She has a X shape scar on her right side of her face. This will be told how she got it in her past.

On her back are nothing but scars, whip marks and three deep scars where her older brother had attacked her and something or rather someone had saved her.

She also has a birth mark on her right side of her rib cage, that looks like the crest of light, which to me look like flower petals. (From Digimon) (Think of it as a tatto)

Her hair is pure snow white hair. She has one red eye (Right) and one blue eye (Left), unlike the rest of her family which all have brown eyes. She is tall standing at 5"2 with pale almost white skin. Her frame is slim almost twing like as she is a little under wight if one was to see her. However her waight is that just she doesn't eat much.

She wears Kimonos the most one that she seems to wear is a purple on with lilc flowers on it as a patten. She dosen't wear shoes and is always seen bare foot. She likes to wear dressess and skirts as well as jeans. Her tops are almost all Chinese looks and some have a Japanses look to them. Melody colors for her clothes are black, red, bule and purple. Mostly in her clothes that she wears.

She always has her hair tied up and only wears it down when out at party's and other places where it has a party or event type of place. Her wight is 7 stone and her hips are in just the right place as they show off her loks to some point where she looks like she is a model. However she has never had any modeling done before in her life.

Personality: Melody acts calm and cool. And at times she has shown that she can be cold, she is only cold when she can take no more. Yet she is really a calm and kind hearted person if you don't get on her bad side. As well as her caring nature towards strangers at the first time when meeting them, she is not aware that she could be in danger until a fight break out.

Oblivious to danger sometimes and other times she is not Melody seems to be a loner. Before she was chaged, Melody appeared to be an average girl. she was very loving towards her friends and family. And even to the ones who raised her. and treated all of her fellow friends with much respect.

When her family died she became withdrawn for a while and even blamed herself. She still blames herself even though she knows it was not her fault.

Melody was even a little shy at times. Melody is a very gentle girl. She is very sensitive and you can tell her sister loved her very much. She is really cute and its unfortunate she is considered evil due to her eyes. One being one color that is not the same as the other.

Melody is a very friendly person, and cares about human life. Melody is portrayed as being optimistic, and she loves and cares for any human or even Vizards and shinigami friends that she makes. Almost as if they are family to her. Melody is depicted as a kind, overwhelmingly intelligent, and fun-loving child.

Melody is very quiet, secluded, and shy. She usually avoids social events, and she has a large affection for a boy called Ikuto which is sadly, not returned. (Or is it?) Her older brother hates her and has tried to kill her because she is the one her family seemed to believe in. In hateing her he killed their farther and step mother as well as the rest of their clan.

Melody seems to have weak Starlight blood in her as her older brother is by far stronger then her, and she has not yet mastered the secret arts of their clan, unlike her brother who has mastered it. Her older brother was only unable to kill her due to some coming in to save her.

She dislikes fighting and is very shy. She also developed a crush on Ikuto which causes her additional shyness. She knows a lot about medicines but she is not confident of her abilities. With the encouraging words of her secret crush, Ikuto, she gains more confidence and even stands up to some gang memebers who have been picking on her.

Melody is an extremely shy and timid Quincy whose one goal is to be strong. Her inspiration is mainly on Ikuto who is from the streets like she is. And whom she has a huge crush on. Although she is a little meek, she has learned to control how she acts round others. Making most think she is not shy unless they pick up on her shy habbits.

A lone wolf. In the begining, she remains detached from the world round her. Off in her own world as she seems to not really care about much. Other times she's behind a non-emotional mask, one that reveals nothing. Her eyes are cold.

Likes: Woodlands, shopping even if it is window shopping and playing the piano.

Dislikes: Those who hurt others.

Special Characteristics: Melody is smart always getting A+ or B+ she is always working hard but there are times when she seems to go into her own world.

Class: an elite Quincy

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Re: Melody Kari Starlight

Post by Melody on Sat Nov 06, 2010 1:38 pm

History: Those possessed by the Starlight curse are born two months early. This alone put a great amount of pressure on Melody's mother to the point that when she gave birth she died, and to make things worse, when her grandpa tried to hold her she transformed. After this, Melody's grandpa "broke". He was unable to smile, and he would snap when ever he saw her. It became so bad that they had to erase Melody's grandpa's memory of Melody ever being born. Melody believed that, no matter how awful a memory is, it shouldn't be erased, but in order to help her grandpa recover, she agreed to have Li a boy in the family also cursed, to erase her grandpa's memories.

Afterwards, her grandpa recovered, and Melody was not allowed to see him or her little step brother Koda. Her Grandpa knows that Melody is part of the Starlight family, but believes she is someone else's granddaughter. Because he is not supposed to know her, she watches both Koda and her grandpa from afar.

The curse was place on the Starlight family the day Melody's great grandpa was born. It is a family curse so when he had his kids they to got the curse, however it only cursed anyone with the last name Starlight, as Melody's garndpa's last name was not starlight he was never cursed. His last name was Maxwell. Yet the curse has a dark side to it, not only does it make someone from the family who is not called Starlight like Melody's grandpa would not be curse, yet if that family member went to hug the cursed child/adult the cursed one would change into one of 12 creatures. In Melody's case she was turned into a white wolf. And also if anyone say, that is not the same gander as the one who is cursed, then she would also turn into a white wolf, if they hugged her. And not only that one member from the family is born evil and when that member dies then the family would have to wait 50 years until a new evil child is born. The child would want to kill and not just the family but anyone. In the case of Melody's brother he was killed by a shinigami. Thus they now have to wait 50 more years until a new evil child is born. And anyone with the curse has a need to drink blood. The drinking of blood helps to calm down the creature within as to speak. So if Melody was to change into a white wolf then in that form she wouldn't bite or feel like killing. Much like vampires do so does the ones with the curse.

The truning into a creature was created by the one who cursed the family. Although this was made in a lab that person, had not thought it would ever become a curse to anyone. Then one day something bad happened and the lab blew up. Much like how a bounto was made this curse went to find the any Quincy's that was nearby. It just so happen that the first one it found was a male Quincy with the last name Starlight, and thus it cursed him. Not that the one who created it never knew that the curse came into being as he died in the lab being blown up. He had never seen the curse or what he had made due to his death. And so he died in the lab being blown up and had not even knew how much trouble he had caused to a family that had not ask for it.

As well as having a little bit of overly grown nails that are shaper then most. To some who has met anyone with the curse they see them as bad eggs and most have nothing to do with them. Yet some don't see that and try to make friends. Yet this is not the case for Melody. She was called a bad egg and trouble maker and more things.

when Melody was 6 years old Melody's dad and big brother went to visit their grandpa and drop Max who was 16 at the time (Melody's older brother) to summer camp, Melody was left behind, as she had been at home with the flu. What Melody didn't know was that her family was not coming back for her. Well all but her dad and old half sister. She was unaware that her brother was evil. Even though her brother was like her in type of race he was not a kind person. Unlike Melody, Max was more cold and darker thus he was being to become evil. Max killed his own grandmother but not his grandpa, this was due to the fact that his grandpa was not in the house. He was out shopping for the day and wouldn't be back until the night. Then he went and killed his uncle. Once Max was through he came back to Melody. He tried to kill her by setting the house on fire. Melody had gone out before her brother came for her. So at the time the fire had started she was at the doctors to see if she was feeling any better and if she need any medice. But Max was unaware that she had got away from the fire due to her being at the doctors at the time. When Melody came back to her house she found it to be gone. Her older sister had taken Melody to the doctors and that is why she was alive. As it so happens her grandpa had been saved from being killed by soul reapers yet no one could have seen Melody's older brother become evil like he did. Her grandpa even though he didn't know he had been saved by the soul reapers had came home to find his wife killed. The Quincy extermination was over and Melody lived with her other grandpa who didn't know about the curse. She was unaware that a soul reaper had killed Max. Just because he was a soul reaper.

Melody was born in England. In the remote part of the UK called Heaven's well, she then at the age of 7 moved to Japan where her new adpoted dad married and had a son, her little step brother whom they called Koda seeing how her brother had died. Melody grew into a nice 8 year old child. She had a new dad and a new older sister called Angel as well as her new little brother Koda. Where as in the past her real mother died giving birth to her and she blamed herself for it as her new Grandmother had told her why she didn't have a mother. The grandmother had done a back ground check on her and had found out all she needed to know about her mother and her dad who had died. She was trained by both her grandmother and her older sister to fight. Although she was being taught how to fight at this time she didn't have any powers only the power to see ghosts. At least at the time that was. Her real grandpa had asked that he be cared for by this new family and they had agreed to it.

Then one day when she came home a hollow that had the power to control it's prey controlled her and made her kill her dad and grandmother. But her older half sister who could also see ghost came to her aid and broken the link and thus saved Melody from being controlled. However it was not the end as the hollow attacked Melody's older half sister and killing her while Angel (Melody's older sister's name) was holding onto her. Before Angel died she said "Melody you must live" Then she died arms still holding on to the little girl. Koda at this time had gone to stay at his grandpa's house.

Melody passed out and woke up in a lab not sure what had killed the hollow but happy that it was gone yet sad to have lost her whole family. She cried until a man in black came and started to do his evil experimentation on her. He was the reason her powers (Spiritual Pressure and her Quincy Abilities) was brought out. He had unlocked them in hopes of her being bale to lead him to find a shinigami, a hollow and an arranacr. He had chosen her not for the stealing and killing but in hopes that she would led him to both and shinigmai and a arrancar, with her spiritual pressure, yet she never did. He then forced her to kill and steal he even made sure she was never caught. But anyone who was say a soul reaper always saw her as evil but some soul reapers knew she was not. Most had thought the girl had gone mad and that is why they never came to see what was wrong. And yet Melody never saw the soul reapers. Nor did the man in black who was called The X-Reaper. X-Reaper then gave her a scar on her face in the shape of an X, saying that she was good for nothing. She was forever then had that one scar as a reminder of him. At the time she was being experimented on she was about 10 years old.

Then one day she killed the X-Reaper, by using her own powers. She shoot him through the back when his back was turned the arrow had went right through his heart, and seeing as he was a human he died as soon as the arrow had hit his heart Melody then got away. Her hair had changed color due to what the man had done. Her hair became pure snow white and not only that her once brown eyes had changed one was red (right) and one was blue (left).

And so Li, who had the same curse and had the power to take memory's away and heal anyone in the family only, took Melody's grandpa's and Koda's memory away so they never knew Melody. He is the Dog or at least if someone hugged him he changes into a dog. They say that Li was not a Quincy yet his last name was Starlight. He fell under the curse due to his last name being Starlight. He is human and not a Quincy, yet he had powers like some humans had and they was to take memory's away and heal others. So he was not really like Melody in what he was born as. They only shared the curse and nothing more.

Mark who was the head of the family, was also cursed. He was not one that would change but one that held the god like role which is to watch over the other curse ones and it went well with how cold he could be. Anything that the family with the curse did he would know about it. Melody had hated him as he had never shown any kindness towards her. Yet he was not evil as he never had any killing intent like Melody's brother had. On a Monday Melody asked him if it would be alright if she went to the park with a boy from school. Mark knew the risk, what if this boy hugged her and saw her change? And with that Mark got mad. He didn't know that Melody had only made a friend out of the boy and had not fallen for a boy. But Mark being Mark didn't see that. He forbid her from going. But she went anyway and when he found out he was beyond mad. He attacked Melody's eyes making her barely able to see, Li healed her eyes but she was still barely able to see out of them. She couldn't see humans or anything alive. All she saw was their shape and that was all. Anything that was not alive like a book she could see fine. As for Melody she run off and went to keep an eye on them from away. Although her eye color stayed bright and the same she still couldn't see like she use to.

She found herself at age 11 with no home and no hope for a life that she knew. She only kept her eyes on her once kind heart-ed family. With her new powers she wandered off and came across a group of males plus one female who like her lived on the streets. Or a run down house that had no one living in it. She joined them and kept to stealing but this time she was only the one who distracted the person so her new friends who had taken her in could do all the stealing. And to this day she still lives on the streets with her new friends. She has became close to one but only sees him as a little brother, his name is Toboe. The leader of this human gang who are not even aware of her powers and skills, is called Tsume. He had the run down house but Melody was unable to go to school and so she never went. She found books to read and she had read some school books that she had found laying in the bins. She has got a good brain as she is very smart due to what X-Reaper did to her even though at the time she is unaware that is why she is smart.

One day when on her 14th birthday she met Ray who is a soul reaper. Ray takes a friendly liking to Melody when he meets her. At this time Ray is trying to find out about where a cerntin hollow is, yet his skills are lacking. Melody on the other hand is just having a rough time. Ray believes that Melody may be able to led him to this hollow that is causeing trouble. Melody just think's that Ray only wants to be friends and makes a friendship with him. Ray has only a month to find this hollow. He only makes it a month for any hollow. Melody he sees is the key as he can sense that she has some powers in her. Yet he is unaware of the curse and such and is never made aware of it. Melody follows Ray when he asks her to. He asks her if she has ever seen anything strange, and Melody noids saying that she can see hollows. When Ray asks if she has seen a hollow that looks like the photo he has she nods as she has seen it once before but luckly for her the hollow had not seen her. Soon she agrees to help him much to Ray's happiness. And so she joined him, for this one month. He would call her Zen at times and Melody didn't mind as she thought the name was cute.

The two soon find the hollow and Ray beats it. As he still has a month he stays until that month is up and he leaves. Leaveing Melody a note telling her where he sometimes stays when he is in the area as he calls it. He has one other place that he is living in.

Melody had left the place where her family had been killed as she sees nothing due to the fact that no one seems to even notice the poor girl. Following Ray's note she stayed where he normaly stays as he had also left a spare key. By the time she was 15 years old she is still staying at Ray's two bedroom flat and she has became more then just attached to him, as he would at times when on a job in that area would pop in. And yet when Ray is not round she stays at the gang of thiefs that she 1st met. She was always unaware of what was happeing about the world. More into leading her own life then anything.

Melody also can not swim and she also has a weak heart and needs to take her medice. She also has a breathing problme and needs to also take her pump as she has ashsma.

RP Sample:

The men was trying to kill Melody but Melody had a good chance as she could fight. But one caught her off guard. He picked her up and threw her against the wall. He drew his sword and stabbed Melody in the shoulder while he was aiming for her heart. But Melody had seen it coming and had moved. Blood slowly came out. Melody had no weapons on her as she had left them back at home. She moved back and soon the men that she had defeated got back up and had made a circle. They went to attack and Melody knocked the same ones out and dodged the one that was last. He stood there and seemed to be the strongest. "So little girl you are very skilled without a weapon. However I will kill you." He said coldly as he went to attack and Melody stood there ready for him with her shoulder bleeding. Her eyes looked so cold.

As he draw nearer she kicked him hard in the balls and he fall to his knees then the leader of the gang that Melody, was in came and smiled at her. He said to her softly, "Come Toboe was starting to get worried." She smiled up at Tsume and walked off with him. All the way back to her little run down home. Unaware that a shadow was watching her and that a hollow was also nearby.

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