Hiko Seijuro - Incomplete

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Hiko Seijuro - Incomplete

Post by Hiko Seijuro on Thu Nov 04, 2010 1:28 pm

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Name: Seijuro, Hiko

Nickname: Sei(Informal),Seijuro-sama(Formal),The Demon of the North

Age: 2,306

Visual Age: 26

Gender: Male

At first glance, Hiko is an intimidating figure. Standing at 6'4, his 230 lb. frame is comprised entirely of well defined and densely packed muscle. Despite his menacing stature, Hiko carries himself with a certain grace that often escapes one of his size. A marvel of athleticism, he moves as if he were 100 lbs. lighter, often showcasing his dexterity in his confident stride. The dark black "mane", for lack of a better term, falls loosely about his face. Strands of hair often fall in front of his eyes and cover a portion of his face, and he has the remainder of his hair tied back in a ponytail as shown in the picture. Stern and striking jet black eyes sit in stark contrast to his surprisingly soft face, taking into account the years and battles endured. Fairly handsome by any definition of the word, Hiko retains a boyish charm in the majority of his facial features save a strong chin and prominent jawline. He can usually be found wearing a loose fitting black and gray shirt with a red hakama. His overcoat is red and white with a collar that extends far beyond normal sizes, also being extremely weighted to keep his body trained at all times. He wears a ring on his left middle finger that is a memento from a long since forgotten life, and although he cannot remember its meaning, Hiko feels compelled to wear it at all times.

Personality: Hiko Seijuro is the embodiment of ruthlessness. His cold and calculating nature in conflict is the thing of legend to those that are aware of his existence, deriving from hundreds of years of training and application in assassinations and covert operations as a member of the 2nd Division and Stealth Force. In times of peace however, Hiko can be quite kind and cordial. This dichotomy could be due to the fractured stake of his soul, but there is undoubtedly two sides to the man. He is very analytical in all situations, sometimes overly so to the point that simple tasks become complex within his mind. An intelligent man with a passion for learning and literature, often having one of his novels close at hand. Always in control of his emotions, he can at times be seen as heartless those this is far from the case. While relaxing he enjoys a cup of tea over a game of chess, or the occasional sake with comrades. Though the depths of his emotions lie hidden behind a cold gaze, his actions repeatedly show him to be a compassionate and patient man.

  • Reading

  • Training

  • Drinking

  • Chess

  • Intelligent Company

  • Loud People/Places

  • Cowardice

  • Persistent Idiocy

  • Pointless Actions

  • Dishonorable People

Special Characteristics: Expert Chess Player, Scholar

Previous Division: Ex-Captain 2nd Division, Ex-Captain Division Zero

History: In progress..

RP Sample:
Hiko Seijuro
Hiko Seijuro

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