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Souseiki Shouten- WIP

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Arrancar Template

Name: Souseiki Shouten

Nickname: Death

Age: 2033

Visual Age: Late teens or early twenties.

Gender: Male


Souseiki, despite being named after the horseman of the Apocalypse (Death) wears very formal clothing. He typically wears a suit with a nice shirt and tie. He has medium length black hair with extended bangs along with his red eyes.

Personality: Souseiki can generally be an outspoken person. Cruel, Sadist, Monster. These are only a few words that can be used to describe such a bold character. He can be quite the sadist at times, but at others he can be funny, fun-loving, calm and generous. He is loyal to his friends to no limits and will fight to the end to keep them. During fights he can be very intelligent and not strike until he knows when to. But, at other moments he just acts stupid or makes rash decisions.

Likes: Heavy metal, violence, fun, women, pornography, sometimes fighting, small numbers and being simple.

Dislikes: Mostly humans, spiders, ignorant people, strict people, people with no sense of humor and many other things.

Special Characteristics: Even though he is an Espada, Souseiki seems to have completely removed his Hollow mask in his standard form.



Growing up, Souseiki never had many friends due to autism, He had a very hard time communicating and socializing with the other kids. But during a freak accident at the age of seven, he was left permanently disfigured. His school (he was in the second grade) stretched all the way to the eighth grade. One of the students was getting bullied frequently. After a few weeks of this the kid came to school with a MP5 and started a school shooting.The kid came down the hall shooting the gun randomly and one of the bullets flew into Souseiki's classroom. The bullet hit him in the leg causing him to fall over and smash his face into a desk and then onto the floor. It had broken several bones in his face and left him disfigured.
The Cruelty of Kids
Years later, as a Freshman in High School he was tormented for his freakish face. Every kid bullied him. They had physically and psychologically inflicted pain to him. But one day, the kids took it too far. On mischief night, before Halloween they had egged and TP'd his house while he was riding his bike for grocery's for the family. One kid threw a rock, which landed square at his head, knocking him out for several hours. His home had one of the outdoors electrical outlets, which one of the eggs broke on. It caused sparks and set the ass tissues on fire. The flames grew and grew, eventually suffocating his home in them. When he woke up, he was confused at first but remembered what he had to do. He had went to pick up the grocery's for his family. When he came back he had come home to ash, bones, and police. This was devastating, as his family were the only ones that cared for him. He was traumatized and sent to a foster family.
The Descent
One night, he snapped. He found a hockey mask in the new family's basement and put it on to hide his disfigurement. He went to the tool shed and hid a machete in his schoolbag before walking to school. Once at school, the day passed by casually. He had stalked the kids home after, however. He saw the first kid, and no one was home when he got there. As the kid was opening the door he tapped on his shoulder. When he turned around he whispered, "Souseiki" before stabbing the kid in the face with the machete. He had also killed a majority of the kids in their own rooms. The police inspected but found no trace of who it was whatsoever.
The Last Enemy That Shall be Destroyed
About a month later, Souseiki decided it was time to kill the one that burnt down his home, as he heard him talking about how his parents were not going to be in town for the weekend. He stalked him from school and hid in his closet when given the opportunity. When he got out of the shower and opened the bedroom door to get him, Souseiki pushed him to the ground immediately. The kid was shouting angrily at first, demanding to know who it is. Souseiki told him to stay silent. He immediately knew who it was when he spoke, But before he could react, Souseiki punched him in the side of the head, knocking him out cold. He then tied him up and propped him up on a chair. When he awoke, he wondered what to do with him. He the dipped a match into kerosene and lit it. The kid, now becoming frightened asked what he was going to do with it. He only chuckled from behind the mask. He stuck the lit match into his eye socket, causing an intense pain and irritation behind and under his eye. Souseiki then took the machete and slit the kid's arms and jabbed him repeatedly in the legs. The kid screamed in agony as his body was being mutilated. Just as the kid was begging for forgiveness, he went to cleave his head off with the machete. But just before the blade struck, a SWAT Officer had tackled Souseiki to the ground and handcuffed him. A neighbor had heard the kid's screams. Souseiki cursed himself for his foolishness.
Cure For Most of What Ails You
They had never linked the murders of other students with his failed victim. But they never jailed Souseiki for his attempted murder because they questioned it and the kid said that he was the one that got the house burnt down. The kid was sent to the hospital for several years and Souseiki was sent to life in an insane asylum. He was on heavy lock down but one day a Hollow crashed into the asylum. All of the guards were distracted by the unseen force which gave him the chance to escape. He was scared himself, but he was able to think clearly. He tackled a guard out of his way, while in his straight jacket. The invisible force was causing mass destruction and red clouds where the guards were supposed to be. But, in time Souseiki escaped, albeit some injuries of shrapnel. The injuries were mostly softened by the jacket, which was now mostly torn. It's gashes were enough to let him literally tear the jacket off of him as he ran and take off the restraints. After a few blocks of running, he hid in an alleyway to catch his breath. He waited there for a few hours, in shock but remembered his main goal..Kill his bully. It took him a while, but he made it to the hospital where 'the kid' resides. It's been a few years, but the kid is still haunted by the memories of Souseiki. It was night time at the hospital, and the lights were out in the kid's room. To mess with him, Souseiki laid low to the floor breathing heavily to scare the kid. To freak him out, he dropped a folded piece of paper onto the kid's lap. As he unfolded it and read it, he looked up as lightning flashed, only to see Souseiki approach him. With his hands around his neck, the kid pleaded and cried to be spared, only to be ignored. When he was done, he cut out and consumed the heart of the kid. "You know, when the human heart stops, the brain keeps you alive for seven extra minutes. So we still have six minutes to play." The kid was horrified, slipping out of consciousness and into death. With that, Souseiki began to flay the kid for the remainder of his life. As he left, the note fell to the ground and soaked in blood reading, "Remember my family."
Into the Sunset
It took the staff a while to come to the kid's room, but when they did they immediately noticed the corpse..and the note. From the information they were given, they knew exactly who did this. But now Souseiki was on the run, the sun beginning to rise. He knew a place. He broke into an abandoned home and stayed there for a few days, surviving on that of which he peeled from the kid. It seems someone spotted him coming here, however. He heard sirens blaring outside of the house and a voice telling him to come out on a megaphone. He sighed and moved over to a briefcase under a table and clicked it open. In it he grabbed two silenced M9 pistols and opened a side window. He leaned out of it and began shooting at a group of officers. There were more than he had expected. He quickly shot back into the house as they were firing back. He heard them say over the radio that there was a man down. There was an answer he hadn't expected to hear back. They gave them permission to do what what necessary to dispose of him. He heard glass break and there was a Molotov on the floor, spreading fast. And more. Where did they get these? He had no time to figure it out, the home was burning. He rushed out the back door and sprinted across the back street. He heard several police cars behind him and he sprinted faster, He flew into an alleyway, but it was a dead end. Behind him, the police cars blocked off the only exit. He turned around to face them. Above the police officers, about five of them, he saw the sun set. He smiled from under his mask, and took it off. He reloaded both pistols and stared at the officers. He knew it was his time. He had murdered nine students and killed six police officers. It was his turn. But he wouldn't go down without fighting. He sprinted at the police, shooting the M9's. He must of killed two and injured another two, maybe they'd die without quick enough help. But, he too was shot at and slammed onto his back. The officer's guns were empty and they assumed that they killed Souseiki. They went to pick up his corpse, but as a final stand he shot the remaining ones dead in their attempts to collect his body. He coughed blood and squirmed over to lay his back against a wall.
...And the Truth Shall Set You Free
Souseiki passed out, soaking in blood. Not all of it his..but most of it. When he woke up, he KNEW his time was up. He groaned and looked around the dark alley way. He smiled, a small tear going down his face. He was happy, he avenged his family and himself. He tried getting up from the wall, but couldn't muster up the strength. So, this was really it. He had fought literally to the death with law enforcement and ended up surviving. Well, not for long anyway. He reflected on his past life and seemed contempt, not happy, but contempt. He felt his eyes begin to give away. They weren't closing, but fading. This was when something supernatural began to happen.
It seems he was knocked out again. When he awoke, he had a mask, and was composed of a dark substance. He wasn't even human anymore. Was in in Hell? Or was this a twisted paradise? He wasn't sure. All he knew was that he wanted food. But what would he eat? Instinct showed him the way, and he knew he must feast on human souls.

RP Sample:[/b]

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