Mai, Kuya; Vizard of Pride

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Mai, Kuya; Vizard of Pride

Post by Kuya Mai on Tue Nov 02, 2010 4:42 pm

Vizard Template

Name: Mai, Kuya | Originally; Tatsumi Mai.

Nickname: Mai-chan/san, Uya(-chan/san/sempai/kun).

Age: 1697

Visual Age: 23

Gender: Female

Appearance: A gentle, but yet rough looking woman in her early-twenties. Black, but yet tinted brown also hair stops right at the shoulder blades, giving her a professional appearance. Her eyes, just like everything else. Is a strong mixture of coal onyx and chocolate brown. They seem to hold a lot of information, they hide emotions that no one has ever seen before. They've seen life being born, and death brought to others. A old white/red/blue scarf wrapped around the neck of the woman is always seen, flowing gently in the breeze. Kuya continues to say its the last living piece of memories that tell the reason of her being. The piece of clothing that Kuya wears is a very short type of dress. Pale gray with buttons going up the center, a belt keeps it snug to her body, as also that's where her sword's steath belongs. It normally is located on the left side of her hip, as Kuya is right handed. She continues to wear a sleeveless black vest that is never buttoned, unless she is out in the freezing cold weather. Kuya wears black leggings that are surprisingly not-seen through once the person is wearing them. Kuya's feet are shielded by black leather boots that go little below her knee. Sometimes, Kuya is seen wearing shorts. Some of the male population that Kuya hangs around prefer to be in the simple button up dress. To one final addition, Kuya wears the same type of coloured gloves that her 'dress' has.

Personality: Coldness, that's one word to describe Kuya. She had excluded herself from many people upon her transformation. From a normal Shinigami to a Vizard within two days. She simply ignore most people that come to speak with her, unless they are Vizards such as herself. She has a deep understanding of those who have been mistreated, or have been judged - as others think they are something that they aren't. This comes from the same fact that she doesn't socialize with many people, giving her little inside into the life that she once never saw until this time. When it came time, Kuya also learned how to gain self-control over he temper,a nd among other things. She learn that she would need to keep her more 'Hallow' side under control so that no one would think of the worst, or that a near by Shinigami would know that Kuya was a Vizard. It is also the reason why that Kuya seems so calm and peaceful, even during the most toughest of times. Like many Vizards, she continues to struggle with the monster that lives in the core of the living soul that she is. She tries not to allow it to come alive to take over her body and seek revenge against the Shinigami that treated her differently, even before her transformation.

    ♠ Lazy Afternoons
    ♤ Ramen
    ♣ Sleeping
    ♧ Sketching
    ♥ Training

    ♠ Unneeded Blood shed
    ♤ Espadas
    ♣ People who think they're better then others
    ♧ Graveyards
    ♥ Weak Vizards

Special Characteristics:

Simple Cooking - Kuya is able to just simply make a meal for herself or others if not able to find a good place to eat, or if low on money. Normally, it's not normal to be seeing her cook.

Lying - Over the past few years, Kuya is able to hide the truth from people, there is nothing that someone can spot to notice if she was lying or not.

Previous Division: 3rd

History: Is was a long time ago. So far that even at this point of living, Kuya couldn't remember the very beginning. The onyx haired woman remembered waking up in the most strangest of places. There were people, people that she knew, but that had died years ago. It confused her greatly, why that they were all live. She was confused, confused and scared of such. She started to run away from the people, away from everyone in the area. She remembered though, seeing eyes rest upon her young body.

Kuya had found herself at a crystal clear lake. A lake of such that reminded her of the pound in her own backyard. It seemed like forever, that Kuya was just sitting there, just thinking about her life, or unknowingly to her was her life. Through rain and shine of the new found world. Kuya found herself getting closer, and closer to something that was deep within herself. She remembered seeing the quick glimpse of something, or someone standing there, a warm smile - but yet the way they stood, it seemed as if they were mad, or at least seeming cold like.

At one point, when the young girl was about to move out of her spot that she had been for days. She saw someone coming closer towards her. It was a man dressed in white and black. He said that he noticed something different about her, and would like to get to know her better. Although, she thought other wise. She didn't want to know him, something about her gut - sixth sense - told her that this man wasn't someone to be trusted.

Forcing a smile, from what Kuya could remember, she told the man to continue to meet her here everyday, to learn something new about herself - while she learned something new about him, and where she was. Every single day, they continued to meet. She learned that the place she was, had been what she knew as the After Life. Soul Society. Kuya would learn that he was a captain in something called the thirteen court guards. He told her nothing about his name, as she never asked for it.

One day, the man returned - but this time with two other people. They seem very tough looking, and way stronger than herself. She listened to the man she always spoke with, talk. He said that she had something called "Soul Pressure." And that it was stronger than most of those that they recently felt in over a five year span. They wanted her to join the ranks as a seated officer. Although, they weren't expecting something. Kuya rebelled against them.

What made contact with one Shinigami was a thin, but yet a long piece of metal. What Kuya been doing, days and days of - was actually getting closer and closer upon reaching her Sword's Spirit. The spirit of her sword noticed what was happening to her, and return had her sword come to being early, far too early for a newly born Shinigami. This had spiked her soul pressure to sky high, a type that wasn't ever seen among young souls.

Although, the man that she had always spoken too, was able to calm her as others placed something upon Kuya, con-sealing her Spirit. They had taken her to the squad that would be helping her control her new power. As the captain of a certain squad went to speak with the "King". The Captain of Squad four explained to her what was happening to her, was 'common'. Even though Kuya knew it wasn't normal herself.

Time had gone on as she remembered, she was being taught how to control her new found soul, her power, her sword itself. The captain that she had met years ago took her under his wing, even then, she continued to feel unsafe. It was towards the end of her years of learning how to control everything that she would need to know. That is.. until her captain had gone against her.

One day while she was visiting the lake, her captain came along with her. He spoke to her as if he never every single thing about her. To back when she was younger, back when she just came to the S.S. She listened to him, hearing his rich voice hit her over and over. She wasn't expecting it, but it was then when she felt something stinging, it burned inside of her body. It was taring her apart. She looked to her captain to see him holding something - she couldn't see anything. Her vision was blurring. She felt something else, it was.. monster, it was a demon that was locked away in her soul. Sins, it was all of her sins coming together to take over her.

Kuya remembered seeing people, many Shinigami gathered around her, her captain acted as if he hadn't done a thing to her and held his sword against her. She stared out of something, she remembered feeling it, it was a mask of some sort. The seal that they had placed on her years ago was being broken down thanks to her new found 'powers' of sorts. Her Sins opened a portal that threw her into the world of human, to her home. To her birth world.

She remembered waking up, floating in water this time. Numbly her hands was holding two different items. Her left hand was holding a cracked mask, another one was holding her sword. Body soaked in water as dull, lifeless eyes stared up towards the sky. The burning in her body was still there, although it was faint. Kuya remembered next having someone pull her to shore, she learned it later be Dimitri. He, was just like her.

She remembered her onyx eyes watching such a fox sly grin mask shatter. Cutting her hand and wrist. Dimitri said she was strange, that he never saw anyone hold onto their mask for as long as she had. He felt proud of her for some reason. She then questioned him what that mask meant, and what it was. Dimitri explained to her it was a Vizard mask, or it was now her Vizard mask. She questioned him further about what a Vizard was.

Kuya figured out it was her soul melting together with her sins, with the hallow side of herself. It created that being of a Vizard. She asked if there was anyway for her to return to the S.S. Region. Dimitri told her she shouldn't bother, that they'd kill her without mercy. She felt sick to her stomach, wishing that this hadn't happened. Dimitri though told her not to be scared, that many Vizards were showing themselves to Bounts, Quincies, and to other Shinigami.

Kuya gave him thanks before she told him she would be reutnring back home, to Japan where her home still was. Kuya, even to this very day as she stares out to the morning sun. The reason behind her being different. The reason why her EX-Captain did this to her. He wanted to control her, he wanted to do something, use her like a puppet. A wicked grin grew upon a normal emotionless face.

The Seven Deadly Sins of Vizards. That's what most of them would become. Her group of seven Vizards gathered together by one thing - They're Sins turning them into Vizards. Now as the boat docks for Japan, for her to leave on to find her old town. She hopes to find some people, who would love to help her.

RP Sample:
It was spitting rain. It came down as if it was pelting hail. The grand moon hidden behind blankets and blankets of clouds that allowed no light, for there was always darkness now.

Although, even with the pelting rain. There were people who continued to walk through the muddy forest. They wore the deepest of darkest clothing on them. As the once dry fabric clung to their skin and body with force.

Four, maybe even eight of them walked together through out the forest. All that was there to know they weren't dead was the clap of thunder, the streaks of lightning and the melody of pelting rain.

Hair dark as the night, but skin bright as moon shined as the streaks of lightning continued to pulse throughout the sky. They spoke, but in a different type of laguage. It came out fast, but not in haste.

Each spoke over the nature that was brought down upon them. One of them though moved their arm, their hand to their eyes. The next streak of lightning, the light showed metal in almost slow motion fall to the muddy ground. And there they were..

Devil red eyes, sickening and twisted emotions hidden behind those eyes. Evil and disbursing to look at. The hallow chuckle roared over the thunder and rain. The chill ran down, colder than rain...

Eyes snapped open, wide open. Those same devil demon eyes staring up at the ceiling of a home. It was raining, just as hard here in her village. The rumble of thunder was hard to hear over the raging falls.

Air in the room was thick and tense, as if that exact moment happened within that room. Streaks of lightning that's light found itself in the village brightened up the room.

Scrolls, old ninja items, clothes and just all other items littered the floor of the room.

Although, that didn't matter. All that did was the female who's hair was a mess, who's eyes were still wide. Who was shivering non-stop from the cold layer of sweat that was on her. As it lead to her clothes to cling to her skin, to her very soul.

Those same devil red demon eyes cut through the room, through the very darkness that was all over her room. She only stared there, right at her hands. She didn't want to look up, she never wanted too until morning came. She thought if she did, she'd see that person.. that monster, that demon!

The thought of both red eyes clashing against another. One sick and disturbing, against those that were Twisted and emotionless. It struck fear.. fear deep within her body. She thought that he was a legend, the only legend that was told in her family.

The reason it grew, the reason that her family, her people had to suffer. Everything in her mind was growing against her. Against everything she grew up knowing.

Body going numb fell back against the bed, the sheets then too clung to her body. Choppy white hair laid out under her head as she turned her head towards the wall that her bed was pressed against.

Even in the walls, did she see him, him of all people who had died, who had walked this earth. Demon eyes going against demon eyes.

Virus against Virus. She wanted to tell herself, out of all clan members, she didn't want to be linked to him. She didn't want her Virus, her virus within her to be the same as his.

She didn't want to end up becoming like him. She felt sick to her stomach, so sick it hurt. Everything in her room started to become red, as she started to see red.

"Don't you see? The demon inside of us all. It stands there in a cage and awaits for it to be born. Don't you see, we are the demon people, we are just here now to show the humans what we are!"

The voice of that man from her dream, she finally understood what he was saying. The creater of the Virus, the same man who was doing this to her, to her body, to her mind, to her emotions.

Demons, Viruses... they weren't human. He too, was then to blame for everything that was happening to her!

The white haired woman sat up again, even though her mind was against it. Her long legs swung over the side of the bed as she stood up numbly. Those same demon eyes staring into the dark abyss.

Her mind was screaming not to do a damn thing, but she herself didn't listen. The first born slowly started to walk into the hallway, and then down the stairs. The wood against her feet.. felt so hot to her, as if she was walking on fire. Nothing felt cold to her, not until she numbly walked out into the pouring rain. The rain that was pelting every house, every home in the compund, every house in the village.

Eyes glowed brighter when they caught sight of someone in dark, someone in black. "You! You! You damn demon!" She knew it was him, he was here, he wanted to torture her.

The 'Demon' turned to stare at the white haired woman who was infected with the Virus. They let out a hallow, a deep dark hallow laugh over the roar and claps of thunder.

And so, there was the race. The man in black ran throughout the compound, being trailed not far behind by a Namazaki woman. If it was possible the rain came down harder, everything to both of them was becoming red, and redder with every passing moment.

Everything was red.. until they both saw nothing.

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