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Koishiwa Hoshi

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Character Name: Koishiwa Hoshi (full japanese name)

Age: looks like a 14 year old, but is actually 99 years old

Gender: Female

Height: 120 cm

Weight: 95 lbs

Rank: Medical Shinigami -10th seat in Squad 4-

Character Looks: A petite girl with short black hair with a red ribbon in it and wears a black jumpsuit underneath a dark blue kimono robe. Wears two katanas strapped on her back.

Personality: She is very cheerful and a bit tomboyish. She is also polite and courteous. She can be very kind and gentle at times, but when angered, she goes into a very dangerous rage and will destroy anything in her path.

Zanpakuto Information:

Unreleased looks: Two long katanas, and the hilts are in the shape of a star

Zanpakuto Type: Wind


Shikai Name: Sora

Chant: Rise and Fly, Sora!

Shikai Looks: a long, gleaming scythe

Shikai Abilities: can summon some strong winds, but still in a first level stage; powers some spells like Rising Star Attack or Shrieking Star

Spirit: A tall, dark-haired woman in flowing black kimono


Name: Rising Star Attack
Type: Kido
Number: 10
Description: A large wind-infused star that whizzes towards an opponent, seriously injuring him/her.

Name: Tsuriboshi
Type: Kido
Number: 37
Description: A star-shaped cushion of energy that acts like a saftey net for falling objects, or people.

Name: Shrieking Star
Type: Kido
Number: 5
Description: A star-shaped whirlwind that's blasted towards an opponent, blasting them off of their feet.

Name: Kaze Strike
Type: Kido
Number: 6
Description: Tiny wind blades that can shred anything to pieces

Name: Star of Hope
Type: Kido
Number: uh..i don't know
Description: A bright blue star that is placed on a wound to heal it


Hoshi grew up and lived for 10 years in a peaceful village with her two loving parents who were bodyguards for the royal. But then, her peaceful life was instantly shattered when marauders raided her village and killed her parents and her older brother. She tried to heal her parents, but couldn't. Her whole family and the village was destroyed. She ran away, trying to protect herself with her father's katanas. But some marauders outran and killed her. Then her soul went to Soul Society, where she entered the academy at the age 14.

Shinigami Arc:
When she first entered the academy, Hoshi's master came to her and handed her two katanas. They were her father's katanas and her master told her to train with them. When Hoshi started her training, she saw a tall female spirit constantly following her everyday, and Hoshi started to wonder who she was. When Hoshi got badly injured while fighting with hollows, she unconsciously released a half shikai and the mystrious spirit came and healed her wounds. The mysterious spirit whispered, "I'm Sora and the spirit of your katanas. Please be more careful, Hoshi." After that, the spirit stopped appearing and Hoshi was able to control her katanas' power and was able to overpower some of her opponents.

For the next 8 years, Hoshi trained hard, training all day and night, without taking a break. Then one day, when she was training, Hoshi suddenly was finally able to release a full Shikai, and her katanas changed into a scythe. She saw the tall, dark-haired woman, Sora, appear again and the spirit congratulated Hoshi for achieving full Shikai at the age of 22.

For the next 75 years, Hoshi took lessons about the Healing arts and trained very hard, learning how to perform autopsies and how to heal her and others' injuries even when in battle. She also fought off hollows as a part of her training. She finally mastered the element wind. After a long training in the Medical arts, she finally got accepted into Squad 4 and became a full-fledged Medical Shinigami at age 97. She was sent on her very first mission as a Medical shinigami, and her abilities were put to the test. She traveled to the forest of hollows with two other shinigamis, who were not trained in the medical arts, and the three of them were attacked by two powerful hollows. Hoshi was overwhelmed by the frightening power of the hollows, but recovered her composure when she saw that her teammates were getting brutally injured by the hollows. Hoshi quickly avoided the hollows attacks and healed her teammates' injuries so that her teammates could fight against the hollows. Finally, Hoshi called out her Shikai and with the help of her teammates, was able to overcome the hollows. After she fully healed her friends' wounds, Hoshi and her team traveled back home safely. Hoshi got an award for succeeding on her first mission as a Medical Shinigami. In the next two years, Hoshi got a 10th seat in Squad 4 at age 99. Currently, she is working at the 4th division and is helping the wounded.

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