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Kamakage Tushio

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Character Name: Kamakage Tushio

Age: actual age- 10,000 and physical age-21

Gender: male

Height: 6'

Weight: 190 muscle

Squad and Seat: Captain of the Tenth Division

Character Looks:

Personality: he is very polite and honorable man but as another side of him in which he can get very angry and rude and can go very berserk in which only a select few can control him by thumbing his forehead very lightly which makes him calm back down. he talks but keeps important things secret even when among the most trustworthy of friends or his captain.

Zanpakuto Information:

Unreleased looks: Standard Issue Zanpakuto

Zanpakuto Type: Earth


Shikai Name: 地球Shatterer (Earth Shatterer)

Chant: 地震, 地球Shatterer (Quake, Earth Shatterer)

Shikai Looks:

Shikai Abilities: it can create cause the earth around Tushio to break up making it hard for the enemy to move around; it can do this up to 15 feet around Tushio which gives Tushio a major strategic advantage while his opponent has to fight to keep his/her balance

Spirit: it looks like a giant lizard with green skin and rocks and stone mixed with its scales; the create is 28 feet tall, which is were the its head reaches when on all fours, and is nearly 39 feet long from head to tail and weighs over 100 tons.

Only available to Captain's and Lieutenants, Lieutenants have a 10 post limit.

Bankai Name: タイタンクラッシャー (Earth Crusher)

Bankai Looks:

Bankai Abilities: it is a long sword that doesnt do much except for when Tushio releases it and stabs it into the ground he can manipulate the ground around him in a 75ft radius all around him; allowing him to use that area to attack the enemy in which he can create: spikes, domes, pillars, cages, or anything made of the earth. This weapon has made people laugh at Tushio when he releases it but once it's power is revealed it causes them to be in shock and awe as pillars and other things pop up from the ground

This is where passive traits, kido, and release abilities go

Type: kidou
Number: Hadou 4: White Lightning

Description:A powerful attack that uses Kidou in the form of lighting.


Biography: Was born during the warring era of the different empires in Japan and was born the son of a farmer in which his farm was on valueable land where four warlords wanted badly so one day all four brought their armies to the land and surrounded it and fought around it until eventually the fighting was brought onto the land itself. One day his father decided to fight the warlords off but perished causing the four warlords to unleash a bloody battle so massive that even to this day you can smell the blood and sweat of the armies; his mother persihed just shortly after his father did because she wouldnt allow herself to be taken all the while he ran away from this when he was 9 years old. While running away he got into a fight with several thugs and was badly injured but luckily a traveling doctor came and healed him up and took him in as his son/student for the doctor wasnt just a doctor but an ex-samurai. While traveling with the doctor he began seeing spirits and talking to them and helped them pass on until one day a Menos Grande came and attacked the village the doctor and he was at; the doctor handed Tushio his katana (which was a Zanpakuto) and Tushio defeated the Mendos Grande after battling with it for hours. Thats when the doctor told Tushio he was destined to be a Soul Reaper and then the doctor revealed himself to be a Soul Reaper and took Tushio to the Soul Society to get into the Academy, by slaying Tushio by shoving his Zanpakuto's blade through his heart, where he trained day and night to perfect Hadou 4 and right after graduation he mastered releasing his Shikai form of his Zanpakuto; he joined the Tenth Division where he slayed many Hollows and after his captain learned that he slayed a Menos Grande he put in the forms for Tushio to be Fourth Seat of the Tenth Division. Then after being Fourth Seat for a few years his captain and him went to slay a Menos Grande in the human world and during the mission his captain was slain by the Menos leaving behind nothing to bring back to the Soul Society and Tushio barely escaped by releasing his Bankai form for the first time but wasnt able to slay the Menos but badly injured it; upon his return the 4th Division healed him up for months and then he was appointed Captain of the Tenth Division after he was able to show he could release his Bankai.

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