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Kenkishi Ronan

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Character Name: Kenkishi Ronan

Age: 5000 (appears 20)

Gender: male

Height: 5'11

Weight: 170

Squad and Seat: Squad 6 Captain

Character Looks:

Personality: I'm live a very peaceful life i spend most of my time talking to everyone in my squad or other squads it doesn't matter, always fooling around, going to parties, drinking a lot and sleeping and because of that many of my fellow captain's don't think i should have my rank but on the battle field i am quiet ruthless and not so peaceful. I prefer not to fight but will when ordered to or if someone or something in dangers me or my subordinates.

Zanpakuto Information:

Unreleased looks: Standard Issue Zanpakuto

Zanpakuto Type: Darkness and Lightning


Shikai Name: Kurotenka(dark lightning)

Chant: destroy from the heavens Kurotenka

Shikai Looks: its the sword in the avatar picture

Shikai Abilities: I can use dark lightning to attack and i can defend with my left hand because of the special gloves i wear in shikai that generates a shield.


Only available to Captain's and Lieutenants, Lieutenants have a 10 post limit.

Bankai Name: Kurotenka-kusari(dark lightning chains)

Bankai Looks:

Bankai Abilities: the black sword becomes larger and chains come out from all over the ground to me then i can use them to control shadows
This is where passive traits, kido, and release abilities go

Name: normal sword style
Type: sword skills
Description: its a basic sword style

Name: quick draw style
Type: sword skills
Description: a sword style where the user keeps his sword sheathed then with a quick and skillful motion slashing almost to fast to be seen only the most skillful masters can use it well.

Name: slash wave
Type: sword skills
Description: using the quick draw style the user can generate a wave of energy at the target.

Name: shunpo
Type: movement
Description: allows the uses to move around the field faster

Name: dark energy shield
Type shikai defensive ability
Description: a shield forms around the users left arm and protects from all outside attacks and can reflect most energy attacks.

Name: Raikouhou
Type: kido
Number: Hadou No. 63
Description: Fires a massive wave of electrical energy at a target.

Name: Hiryugekizokushintenraiho (Flying Dragon-Striking Heaven-Shaking Thunder Cannon)
Type: kido
Number: Hadou 88
Description: Fires a gigantic blast of spiritual energy resulting in an truly enormous explosion

Name: Kurohitsugi (Black Coffin)
Type: kido
Number: Hadou No. 90
Description: Forms a box of black energy around a target, which is then pierced by dozens of energy "spears", lacerating the one inside from head to toe

Name: Darkness lightning
Type: shikai and bankai attack
Description: uses darkness and lighting fused together and comes from the sky

Name darkness or lightning wave
Type: shikai sword skills
Description: using the quick draw style in shikai the user can generate a wave of energy with either darkness or lightning added in it for a more destructive affect on the target.

Name: Darkness
Type: shikai and bankai attack
Description: its a like a very strong acid that eats flesh

Name: larger darkness or lightning slash wave
Type: bankai sword skills
Description: a more powerful slash wave with either darkness or lighting added in

Name: Shadow chains
Type: bankai attack
Description: uses the chains from anywhere around the user to try and control shadows or can attack with the chains

Name:Shadow Control
Type:bankai ability
Description:can take control of all shadows of things without intelligence and use them as weapons by using the shadow chains to grab onto them

Biography: I joined the Shinigami Academy by myself because i had no one left everyone i grew up with were all killed by hollows so i joined the academy to get revenge. So i first went to where i was to be evaluated to see where they would put me and i passed for the Elite Class with perfect marks and as i was leaving i almost ran into the Captain of Squad 6 He quickly looked at me and said. "Move out of the way boy." Then he walked away i liked his attitude and the way he held himself and i could tell that he was really strong then i walk to my dorm. Seven years later i graduated at the top of my class with very high marks in all things and they gave me the 3rd seat in Squad 6 which was a first for someone my age and the first two to welcome me was Captain of Squad 6 and the Lieutenant. His eyes widened a little then said. "Its you from 7 years ago you almost ran into me after the evaluation? You are a lot more talented then i thought for a boy." Then he walked away then the lieutenant looked at me and said. "You graduated top of your class like me you don't see that everyday? Well im your lieutenant whats your name." Then i replied. "I'm Ronan Kenkishi nice to meet your." Then i shaked his hand then he said. " Welcome ronan forgive our captain he is always like that." Then i said. "Don't worry about it." then he walked away so i explored the Squad 6 barracks before night then went to sleep. The next day i had the day off so i went and looked at the history of the squad and i stayed there for most of the day then night came and i return to my room and went to sleep.

1000 years later I've been on countless missions and became friends with the Lieutenant and earned the Captain's respect which wasn't easy not even by a long shot and i mastered my shikai and the three of us where to meet up with squad 11's captain, lieutenant and third seat at the entrance to the soul society it seems that in the world of the living there was a lot of high level hollows and a few Arrencar running around so we were ordered to go and kill them so when we meet up with the others we left for the world of the living as soon as he arrived we were ambushed by 20 hollows and had to act quickly we easy took out the 20 hollows then 20 more hollows show up we all went to shikai and took out the 20 new hollow 20 of them then 2 Arrencar showed up 30 more hollows and kills the Squad 11 Lieutenant and 3nd seat then the Squad 11 Captain flys into a rage after the deaths of his members killing all the hollows and the 2 Arrencar then out of nowhere a Espada appears right behind the Squad 11 Captain then kills him easily my Captain went into bankai and challenges the Espada as 20 more hollows showed up i so i run into the crowd of hollows and started killing one after another then i hear a yell so i look back just as the espada pulls his sword out of the chest of my Captain then cuts my Lieutenant head off i screams. "CAPTAIN." Then i kill the last hollow then charge at the espada then i jump up and slash at him but he quickly cuts a hole into my chest. Then throws me away then sunidos away as im laying there dieing the squad 4 members show up then i pass out. I awake to the sound of the Soitaicho's voice he asks me to tell him what happened so i told him everything he shakes his head in grief then says. "You did a good job under the circumstances? You will be the new Lieutenant and we will have to find a replacement for your Captain." Hangs his head low as he leaves the room then i fall asleep. For then next 4000 years Ronan trains until he becomes the new captain because they couldn't find a replacement and after his promotion he continues to train hard so that he can kill the next arrencar and so he won't be as useless as he used to be.

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